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April 5, 2011. Read “America’s High School Drop Out Crisis” Agree or Disagree?

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1 April 5, 2011

2 Read “America’s High School Drop Out Crisis” Agree or Disagree?

3 How do you hope your incoming Freshmen will be different as a result of H.S.I. Day? What components do you believe are essential in making a positive impact on Your students? How will you know whether or not you succeeded?

4 Welcome prospective freshmen to their new school Assist students in developing a sense of belonging Assist with a smooth transition to high school Provide students with information and support that encourages academic success Provide engaging, participatory experiences for incoming freshmen Provide opportunities for incoming freshmen to develop relationships with upperclassmen and at least one caring adult that will help them through the transition process Understand the high expectations for a successful freshman year. Generate excitement about starting high school

5 9 Steps for your incoming 9 th graders (p7-16): 1. Review Enrollment Patterns 2. Convene Meeting of Building Groups 3. Develop a Communication Plan and include it in your Implementation Plan (submit online) 4. Convene a meeting between building Principals 5. Select a program for the day 6. Complete a plan for the day (including attendance) 7. Recruit and train Student Leaders 8. Record the Day’s events 9. Follow-up and Final Report activities (submit online)

6 Coordinators Checklist Student Leaders must play a central role!! Event Forms – DATA is your friend Pre/Post Test, Evaluation form, Exit slip, etc… Process, Perception and Results Data Activities/Icebreakers Sample Programs

7 Attendance must be entered on the Choose Your Future website Click on “View Reports”, then click on “Student Detail Reports” Enter your CPS User Name and Password, then Click on the “Log In” button Click on “HSI Attendance” from the left navigation menu


9 You will be given a list of students projected to go to your school To mark a student as Attended, simply click the checkbox associated with their name


11 After you click the checkbox you will receive a confirmation message that you have “Saved” the data. No further action is required to mark the student as Attended


13 To add a student that is missing from your list, click the “Add a missing Student” button.


15 You will receive a simple form for adding missing students to your list


17 Click the Last Name textbox and begin typing the last name of the student Select the appropriate student from the automatically generated list


19 Note that the students information is automatically filled in Note that the student is marked as Attended by default


21 If the students school is incorrect, simply delete the school name, and enter the correct name Choose the appropriate school from the automatically generated list


23 Click the “Submit New Student” button to add the student to your list


25 You will receive a confirmation message that you have “Saved” the data.


27 The page will automatically reload, and your student will appear on your list No further action is required to add the student to your list.


29 Sharing of best practices What components do you want to include in your H.S.I. Day – Make a list!! Begin work on implementation/communication plan – submission deadline is next Friday, April 15, 2011

30 Attendance should be entered and H.S.I. Day Final Data Report should be submitted online by- Wednesday, June 8 th, 2011 High Schools should also still provide 8 th graders with a certificate of attendance which they can bring back to their elementary schools

31 Freshman Connection Counselor Training -Tuesday, May 10, 2011 (8:00a – 12:00p) Location: TBA

32 See H.S.I. Day handout for Final Data Report, OSS flyer, and sample H.S.I. Day programs Reach out to your incoming freshmen – NOW!! Use you Student Leaders – before, during, after (SL hours) During your event, hold a parent session/breakfast Make sure to include a School Counselor component Remember that most elementary schools do not start until 9:00 a.m.

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