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CD2HS EWI Presentation Vy Vu Manager, Applied Research and Data Support 1.

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1 CD2HS EWI Presentation Vy Vu Manager, Applied Research and Data Support 1

2 Context setting General background about EWI The ABC’s Introduction about Diplomas Now? BPE, Vy Vu for CD2HS Presentation2

3 Why focus on attendance? Because research shows it is critical for success … By 9 th grade, missing 20% of school is a better predictor of dropout than 8 th grade test scores. 1 Attendance is 8 times more predictive of course failure than prior test scores. 2 Attendance is also the strongest predictor of course grades, although prior academic ability is also very important for high grades. 3 Bottom line: Students can’t learn if they are not present in school. 1 Kennelly, L., & Monrad, M. Approaches to Dropout Prevention: Heeding Early Warning Signs with Appropriate Interventions. Washington DC: National High School Center, 2007. 2,3 Allensworth, Elaine. The On-Track Indicator and the High School Transition. The Consortium on Chicago School Research, PowerPoint presented at the University of Chicago symposium, May 2009. 3

4 Research shows that Freshmen Year absences correlate with high school graduation. Source: Allensworth, Elaine and John Easton. What Matters for Staying On-Track and Graduating in Chicago Public High Schools. Chicago: Consortium on Chicago School Research, University of Chicago, July 2007. > 91% attendance > 80% attendance 4

5 Research shows that Freshman Year course failures correlate with high school graduation. Note: Core courses include math, English, science and social studies Source: BPS Internal Data In a presentation prepared by The Parthenon Group in September 2007 for BPS, Strategic Planning to Serve Off-Track Youth, the data confirmed the strong correlation between freshman year course failure with high school graduation. 5

6 Early Warning Indicators: The ABC’s and data sources ABC’sWhere can teachers find this data? Comments Attendance ASPEN (Attendance tab) Data Warehouse (Leading Lagging Indicators or Attendance Reports) same data, but in different formats ASPEN has the more polished “ready to print” reports Data Warehouse has “raw data” that you can pull and work with both systems will give you student level and homeroom level data (at least for your students) to get grade level or school level data, you may need the admin level of access BehaviorASPEN (Conduct tab)Only as good as schools are willing to enter in data Course gradeASPEN (Grades tab) Data Warehouse (Student Reports) ASPEN Grades portal serves as a grade book for teachers (can enter in homework, quizzes, participation component of grade etc.) can get quarterly grades from both ASPEN and Data Warehouse can get GPA data only from Data Warehouse for now can only get school-wide grade and GPA data with admin access 6BPE, Vy Vu for CD2HS Presentation

7 Leading Lagging Indicators A comprehensive report of all students in your classroom – Demographic data: age, gender, race, SPED, LEP/FLEP, low income status – Last year’s and current year’s attendance and discipline data – Last year’s final grades in core courses – Last spring’s MCAS and MEPA scores Can be found in Data Warehouse Most helpful at the beginning of the year (late September) to see who are the students in front of you Intended to be updated quarterly with course grade data 7BPE, Vy Vu for CD2HS Presentation

8 Leading Lagging Indicators Demographics 8BPE, Vy Vu for CD2HS Presentation

9 Leading Lagging Indicators Attendance/DisciplineCourse Grades 9BPE, Vy Vu for CD2HS Presentation

10 Leading Lagging Indicators MCAS scoresMEPA scores 10BPE, Vy Vu for CD2HS Presentation

11 Best practices around EWI Examine data in a team. Data has to be examined in a team setting to yield the most high-leverage interpretations for action planning (an admin team, the ILT, a grade or content level team). Use protocols. To spend your time most efficiently, employ protocols to look at data together, so you don’t have to think about the how of reviewing and talking about data. Avoid analysis paralysis. In looking at grade-wide or school-wide data, you may see a lot of interesting patterns, but be sure to action plan only around one or two things that your team has the power to change. Make data public. It’s important for the team and school community to see the data in some visual form, so that everyone can track progress on goals. Celebrate progress. Changing behavioral and academic patterns in a classroom or a school is incredibly challenging. Celebrate not only the attainment of a goal but also improvements toward that goal to motivate your students and peers. BPE, Vy Vu for CD2HS Presentation11

12 Data Protocol Example BPE, Vy Vu for CD2HS Presentation12 Source:

13 Attendance Visual Example BPE, Vy Vu for CD2HS Presentation13

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