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New college English Book One.

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1 New college English Book One

2 Unit Four Fresh Start


4 III Further Development IV Translation & Writing
Unit Four I Preparation II Reading Activities III Further Development IV Translation & Writing

5 Part I Preparation 1. Group Discussion 2. A letter from College

6 Activity 1 Group Discussion
What’s the difference between High School life and University Life? Your discussions should be based on the following questions. 1) What’s the purpose of learning in high school/university ? 2) How do teachers teach and how do you learn in high school/ university? 3) Who is/are usually responsible for the planning of your time in high school/university ? 4) In high school what do you usually do after class and after school?

7 Sample Answer

8 Activity 2 A letter from College
Directions: Read the following letters. Then work in pairs to discuss the questions. Letter 1 Dear Mom, $chool i$ really great. I am making lot$ of friend$ and $tudying very hard. With all my $tuff, I $imply can’t think of anything I need, $o if you would like, you can ju$t $end me a card, a$. I would love to hear from you. Love, $u$an

9 Activity 2 A letter from College
Directions: Read the following letters. Then work in pairs to discuss the questions. Letter 2 Dear Susan, I kNOw that astrNOmy, ecoNOmics and oceaNOgraphy are eNOugh to keep even an hoNOr student busy. Do Not forget that pursuit of kNOwledge is a Noble task, and you can never study eNough. Love, Mon

10 Why did Susan write the letter? How do you know?
Activity 2 A letter from College Questions: Why did Susan write the letter? How do you know? What’s her mother’s reply? Explain.

11 Sample Answer The letter from the daughter is intended to tell her mother that everything is OK in school, but money is badly needed by dotting the letter with a lot of $s. It can be seen from the second letterthat the mother has seen through her daughter’s trick. In a similar way she dots her letter with NOs,suggesting that she turns down Susan’s request and encourages her to study hard.

12 Part II Reading Activities
1. Pre-reading Questions 2. Text Organization 3. Sentence Study 4. Words & Phrases


14 Pre-reading Questions
Fresh Start Pre-reading Questions

15 Pre-reading Questions
Do you remember your first campus visit, registration (注册) or the first day of classes? How did you feel? And why did you get that kind of feeling? I felt excited when I came to the campus for the first time. It was so big and beautiful  tall buildings, lovely flowers and trees, and grand lawns. Welcoming slogans could be seen here and there. And inspiring music from the loudspeakers added to my excitement. Spacious as it is, the campus was crowded with freshmen like me, their busy parents, teachers and students who were helping with our registration. Suddenly I felt that I was no longer my mom’s baby; I was an adult! I was overwhelmed with pride and excitement.

16 Fresh Start Text Organization

17 How I felt the first day on campus.
Text Organization Para.1 How I felt the first day on campus. Para.2-7 Mistakes I made on my first class day and my reaction Para.8 The mistake made by another college student: he also dropped the food tray and fell to the ground. Para.9-12 My reflections on making mistakes .

18 Sentence Study

19 Sentence Study 1. I decided I wanted nothing more than to find my way safely to my dorm room. (Line 2) 【句型】 want nothing more than to do… 只想做······ e.g. Now, I want nothing more than to study English well and pass the CET-4.

20 Sentence Study 2.   I piled my tray with sandwiches and was heading for the seat when I accidentally stepped in a large puddle of ketchup. (Line16) 【语法】 when在此句中表示 “这时 (突然)······”。 表此意时,when 往往放在句中。 e.g. I was walking along the road when suddenly someone patted me on the shoulder from behind.

21 Sentence Study 3.   I looked up to find that another poor soul had met the same fate as I had. (Line 33) 【语法】 不定式的主要功能之一就是作结果状语,这时不定式表示的动作往往在谓语动作之后发生。另外,不定式前也常加only引出结果。 e.g. A few days later he came back only to find that the troops had left.

22 Sentence Study College, I decided, was probably the only time I would be completely forgiven for any mistakes.   (Line 47)   【句型】 e.g. It is the only time + 从句 (唯一)做······的时间/阶段 Presidency was the only time he would rather never forget.

23 Words & Phrases

24 1. Words & Phrases 1. await (Line 7, Para. 2)和wait的词义辨析 两词均含有“等待”之意。
wait (vi.) 着重指静候于某处,直到期待之人、物或事物的来临或出现。很少用作及物动词。 【例句】 1. Success never comes to those who await it idly. 2. Many enthusiastic fans were waiting for famous singer Jay Chow to arrive at the airport.

25 Words & Phrases 2. break out (Line 10, Para. 3)
suddenly become covered (especially with spots on the skin) 被突然布满······ 【例句】 She broke out in cold sweat after hearing the horrible news.

26 Words & Phrases vi. feel with the hand 摸索
3. grope (Line 10, Para. 3) vi. feel with the hand 摸索 【例句】 1. She groped for her cellphone in her bag. 2. Batman groped around in the dark, trying to find the button of the exit.

27 4. tip (Line 18, Para. 5) Words & Phrases
vt., vi. & n. slope (使)倾斜,(使)翻倒 【例句】 While listening to the President’s speech, he tipped his head to one side to show his scorn.

28 Mrs. Gao Yaojie adopted and reared countless AIDS orphans.
Words & Phrases 5. rear (Line 18, Para. 5) 1.n. the back 后部,背 2.v. bring up 抚育,培养 【例句】 Mrs. Gao Yaojie adopted and reared countless AIDS orphans.

29 Part III Further Development
Group Work ------Offering tips for freshmen

30 Offering tips for freshmen
Group Work Offering tips for freshmen Directions: John, a freshmen of class 2007, finds some problems in his first year college life. Would you help him out of his troubles by offering some tips for him. 1. He wants only to have fun in college. 2. He doesn’t get good grades even if he works hard. 3. He often skips class or dozes off in class.

31 Sample Answer1 Have a good attitude about college life. Know your strong points and your weaknesses, understand what a college can and cannot do for you. Take responsibility for your own education. You should realize that attending college offers you the raw material for success and education—libraries, teachers, textbooks. However, only you can educate yourself. Take advantage of what is around you and use it to your best advantage according to your own needs.

32 Sample Answer 2 Have the "know-how" to be successful. Make sure that you know how to study, take notes, take tests, and use time wisely. Be sure you can use reference sources such as the library. Develop memory skills. Try to get along with your teachers and your fellow students. You should be at ease in expressing yourself and in understanding words. Learn from experience. Always look for ways to do things better.

33 Sample Answer 3 Attend classes and be active in class. Attending class and arriving on time are important points to show that you are serious about your learning. You should take part in classroom discussions and hand in assignments on time. Speaking up in class forces you to think about what is being discussed and keeps you interested in it.

34 Sample Answer FOR EXAMPLE, Arab man often greet by kissing on both cheeks. In Japan men greet by bowing .In the Unite States, people shake hands to show "their greeting". And the gesture of putting a hand on a person' neck is different for Chinese and Americans. For Chinese, it is to say "someone will be killed". For Americans, it shows "I'm full” .And in Thailand, If you want to signal a person to come near, you should move the fingers back and forth with palm down. But in the United States, you ask someone to come by holding the palm up and moving the fingers towards our body. And crossing one's legs in the United States is a sign of being relaxed. But in Korea , it's not allowed. In Chinese, people hand everything with both hands to show their respect, but for Muslims, they think the left hand is unclean and do not eat or pass something with it.

35 Part IV Translation & Writing
1. Translation Skills 2. Writing Practice

36 Translation Skills 词义的引申

37 Translation Skills 英译汉时,有时某些词并不能完全按照字典的基本含义翻译, 如生搬硬套或逐词死译,会使译文生硬,令人费解,甚至可能造成误解。这时应当根据上下文和逻辑关系,从该词的基本含义出发,进一步加以适当的引申,选择比较适当的汉语词语来表达。在这里,我们要讨论三种方法。

38 1.将词义抽象化 Translation Skills
英语中用表示具体形象的词或短语来表示某种特性、事物、概念等,翻译此类词时,可将其作抽象化的引申,使译文流畅。请看下例: 1) Life is full of smiles and tears. 生活充满了欢乐和悲哀。 2) If neighbors have changed, neighborhoods have not. They still have the same parts. (Unit 1, Book I) 如果邻居换了人,整个街坊不会变。街坊里该有什么还会有。

39 Translation Skills 2. 将词义作具体化引申
英语擅长用抽象概念表达具体事物,抽象思维较突出;汉语更倾向于运用形象的方法表达抽象的概念。在翻译过程中,可以把英语的某些抽象词作具体化引申, 如: 1) I looked up to find that another poor soul had met the same fate as I had.(Unit 4, Book I) 抬头看见一个可怜的家伙遭遇了和我原先一样的命运。 2) I first began to wonder what I was doing on a college campus when my parents drove off, leaving me standing pitifully in a parking lot. (Unit 4, Book I) 当我父母开车离去,留下我可怜巴巴地站在停车场上时,我开始寻思我在校园里该做什么。

40 Translation Skills 3.根据语境对词义作具体化引申
1) The corrections were marked in red. 修改的地方都用红笔标出。 2) Be honest about yourself, and you won't go wrong. (Unit 3, Book 1) 对自己的情况要照实说,这样准没错。 3) How often in introductions has a name failed to stick because your mind was on the way someone looked or acted? (Unit 3, Book 1) 向你介绍别人时,有多少次是由于你在注意这个人的长相和动作而没能记住他的名字?

41 Writing Practice Directions:
Write a composition about your impression of college. In your opening sentence include one or two words to describe your feelings about college life. Then give some evidence to support your impression. You can begin your writing in this way: College life is wonderful / exciting / rewarding / tiring, etc.

42 Sample writing College life is wonderful. You suddenly find yourself in an exciting place with so many new things waiting for you. When you go to the classes, you are amazed to find the world the teachers bring to you is so different from the one you are familiar with. Wherever you go, you will meet new friends, friends who are always ready to help you and discuss questions with you. What's more, you don't have to take as many tests as you did in high school, having more time of your own. The out-of-class activities are so varied and colorful that you sometimes simply do not know what to choose. And there are so many chances for you to get to know society by doing part-time jobs.

43 Thank You for Your Attention

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