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Bryan Jones Dale Masterson

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1 Bryan Jones Dale Masterson

2 Engineering Student Services 230 Bechtel Engineering Center (510)

3 Advising Referrals to Campus Resources Academic Learning Center (Tutoring) Student Organization Advising Student Recruitment & Retention Engineering Student Services (ESS)

4 Enrollment: 4,555 –3018 undergraduates & 1537 graduate students –Fall 2010 freshmen class represents 34 states & 24 countries Faculty: 216 Departments: 7 Undergraduate majors: 18 Minors: 10 Berkeley Engineering Overview

5 Why Berkeley Engineering?  One of the best engineering schools (national and international reputation)  An outstanding education (courses taught by faculty) and excellent prep for grad school/work  Cutting edge research (brought to classroom, research money = opportunities for students) Excellent job placement in all majors with great starting salaries: –BS/BA $60K –MS $80K –PhD $100K

6 #2 in the nation! 10 programs nationally ranked: –#1 Civil Engineering –#2 Chemical Engineering –#2 Computer Engineering –#2 Environmental Engineering –#2 Mechanical Engineering –#3 Materials Engineering –#4 Electrical Engineering –#4 Nuclear Engineering –#5 Industrial Engineering –#14 Bioengineering Why Berkeley Engineering? Our Rankings Source: US News & World Report 2010

7 Why Berkeley Engineering? Our Faculty 216Faculty 58Endowed chairs/distinguished professorships 77Members of the National Academy of Engineering 33Recipients of UCB’s Distinguished Teaching Award 3Recipients of the Turing Award in Computer Science

8 Attend Graduate School at:  28 UC Berkeley  18 Stanford  11 UCSD  10 UCLA  7 MIT  4 Columbia  3 Michigan  2 Harvard  2 Cornell Work at:  Cal Trans  Hewlett-Packard  IBM  Intel  Jet Propulsion Lab/NASA  Deloitte Consulting  Oracle  Boeing  Microsoft  Google  Yahoo  Cisco Why Berkeley Engineering? Our Graduates…

9 Engineering Student Organizations (almost 40 including Academic & Professional, Honorary, Gender & Cultural) Engineering Competition Teams Summer Internships Research Opportunities Why Berkeley Engineering? Our Co-Curricular Learning & Professional Development Opportunities

10 Chabot Engineering Transfer Student and UCBerkeley Mechanical Engineering Student, Mr. Robert Irwin, Poses before “CalSol[1]”, the UCBerkeley Solar Electric Vehicle at Soquel High School on 25Apr09. Mr. Irwin Leads the Steering & Suspension Design Team [1] og/index.php

11 Chabot Engineering Transfer Student and UCBerkeley Mechanical Engineering Student, Mr. Robert Irwin, Poses before the UCBerkeley College of Engineering Graduation Ceremony 16May10. FIVE Chabot students received Engineering Degrees this day Mr. Irwin accepted a Mechanical Engineering Position with CalTech’s Jet Propulsion Lab

12 Why Berkeley Engineering? Our Stats  81% of freshmen graduate from COE (91% graduate from UCB)  93-95% of transfers graduate from COE  30% go directly to graduate school  70% aspire to earn an advanced degree in the near future

13 Why Berkeley Engineering? Our 18 Majors Bioengineering Civil Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Engineering Science majors: –Computational Engineering Science –Engineering Mathematics & Statistics –Engineering Physics –Environmental Engineering Science Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Materials Science & Engineering Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Engineering Joint Majors: –Bioengineering/Materials Science & Engineering –Electrical & Computer Engineering/ Materials Science & Engineering –Electrical & Computer Engineering/ Nuclear Engineering –Materials Science & Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering –Materials Science & Engineering/ Nuclear Engineering –Mechanical Engineering/Nuclear Engineering

14 50,000+ alumni 100 countries, 50 states Accomplished alumni including: – Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple – Diane Green, the co-founder of vmware – Andy Grove, the co-founder of Intel – Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google – Teresa Meng, co-founder of Atheros Communications – Bill Lester, former NASCAR driver Why Berkeley Engineering? Our Community

15 Have a solid foundation in math and the sciences Are analytic thinkers who want to solve problems/ develop efficient ways to improve quality of life Like to figure out how things work Enjoy utilizing technology See themselves as designers, builders, researchers, and managers of technical enterprises We’re Interested in Students Who…

16 There’s no secret of how to get into engineering We utilize the same screening process for all applicants regardless of major Students should apply for the major in which they’re moste interested We’re looking equally for competitive candidates for engineering and the likelihood of admission depends upon the quality of the applicant pool and the number of spaces available in the program Admissions “Secrets”

17 Transfer Admissions Criteria 60 transferable semester units with a strong over-all GPA (especially in required courses) 100% completion of “required” courses is a must, note: –Reading and Composition (R&C) is included in the 100% completion and we require both the 1 st and 2 nd half of R&C –Primary reason Fall 2010 applicants denied admission due to lack of R&C completion (due to following IGETC instead of –Be aware that some sister schools (e.g. Grossmont & Cuyamaca) say their R&C courses are equivalent from campus-to-campus but they aren’t articulated that way in Students encouraged to take as many "strongly recommended" articulated courses as possible so they are stronger candidates for admission and are better prepared for success in engineering Transfers now exempt from E10 (Engineering Design & Analysis) requirement Please stress the importance of the personal statement including an explanation of their interest in their chosen major

18 100% Course Completion Required Sample “Required” courses (Civil Eng) :  UCB Math 1A, 1B, 53, 54  UCB Physics 7A, 7B  UCB Chem 1A  UCB Chem 1B or Physics 7C  UCB English 1A and 1B Sample “Strongly Recommended” courses (Civil Eng) :  UCB Engin 7  UCB Civ Eng 60  UCB Engin 10 It is critical that students check for requirements specific to their intended major

19 UC annual application period for the following fall: November 1-30 Apply to any of the UC’s at: Application fee: $60 per campus Sign up to receive additional info about Cal at: How to Apply for Admission

20 COE Personal Statement  How did you become interested in engineering?  Why are you interested in the major to which you’re applying? What excites you about studying this major?  What experiences influenced your decision (i.e. job experience, discussions with faculty, professional engineers or engineering students, related projects, courses, etc.)?  What other experiences, such as co-curricular activities, have you had that relate to engineering? What non-engineering related activities have you participated in? What skills did you learn from these experiences that will help you in engineering (i.e. leadership, time management, teamwork etc)?  What are your goals, aspirations, and plans for after graduation?

21 1456 Applications received 864 Applications read for admission (3.4 GPA & higher) 509 Applications with 100% completion of required courses 264 Applicants admitted (18% of applicants, ave. GPA 3.79)* 200 Applicants accepting admission (188 Fall, 12 Spring deferred) Transfer Admission Fall 2010 * Fall 2010 admissions more competitive due to 100% completion policy required for review

22 Do I have to graduate in 4 semesters? Our program should be able to be completed in 4 semesters, but with approval an additional semester may be granted. In some of our majors a 5th semester may be needed and students should plan accordingly. If I am unable to attend the semester for which I am admitted, will COE defer my admission to a later term? No. Admission is valid only for the term in which you are admitted. Will it affect my admission if, after I’ve applied, I decide to drop or not enroll in courses reported on my application to be completed in my final semester before transferring ? If students fail to complete core courses which they reported, their admission will probably be cancelled. Transfer Admissions FAQ

23 Resources COE Guide Book: Degree Worksheets: Department Websites:

24 Contacts for Transfer Applicants Admissions Questions, Decisions & Appeals: Edwina Taylor Office of Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Course Equivalencies: Genie Foon Engineering Student Services

25 Questions?

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