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You’ve paid your deposit… Now what? Libby Alcaro, Assistant Director Enrollment Operations David Morales, Associate Director Records and Enrollment Accepted.

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1 You’ve paid your deposit… Now what? Libby Alcaro, Assistant Director Enrollment Operations David Morales, Associate Director Records and Enrollment Accepted Students Day April 7, 2013 The Office of Records and Registration

2 Overview of Join the Pride Timeline: April – August The Bridge to Orientation: Upcoming Important Mailings o Orientation Packet from the Admissions Office Orientation Information and RSVP Placement Testing Information Campus Housing o Enrollment Packet from the Office of Records and Registration Executive Director Welcome Department Welcome/First Semester Sequence Introducing Liberal Learning and FSP Enrollment Checklist Placement Testing Information PAWS Self Service Orientation Day: Welcome to the Pride! Summer Reading & Welcome Week First Day of Class


4 Read the Orientation Packet Important Orientation Information will be sent in early May! Placement Testing Housing Application (available in mid-May) Students must complete the Freshman Housing Application to receive housing. Times and Dates can be found online! MAY JUNE RSVP for July Orientation First-year students are expected to attend their major’s one-day Orientation Program between July 9-18 JUNE Read the Enrollment Packet Important Enrollment Information will be sent the week of May 20th! Acceptance Deposit Deadline Submit your $600 deposit by May 1st (if you haven’t done so already) Fill Your Shopping Cart Add your course preferences to the PAWS Shopping Cart upon receipt of the Enrollment Packet!

5 JULY AUGUST Attend Freshman Orientation Your assigned orientation date will be available in May. E-billing Fall bill will be emailed on July 11th. Fall payment is due in mid-August. Welcome Week August 22rd – 26th Meet and connect with the entering Class of 2017! Summer Reading The Big Truck That Went By by Jonathan M. Katz Health Services Submit the 2013 TCNJ Health Form by July 15th, 2013 For more information, visit First Day of Classes!! August 27, 2013

6 Important Information All newly-enrolled students are expected to attend their one-day Orientation Program. Orientation Dates: July 9, 10, 11, and July 16, 17, 18 (Dates are assigned based on major.) RSVP by June 7th for your assigned date at! D o n ’ t F o r g e t ! F R E S H M A N O R I E N T A T I O N i s i n J u l y ! R S V P b y J u n e 7 t h ! !

7 Important Information TCNJ provides a rich living- learning environment for all students. Ninety-five percent of our freshmen live in our residence hall community. Apply for housing in mid-May by visiting MyHousing at

8 Everything you need to take a Language and/or Writing Exam, how we assess your level of Math, and Exam times and dates can be found by reviewing the Placement & Assessment booklet at: Online Language test date is 5/3 to 6/3. On campus ASL test date is 5/23. On campus Language test date is 5/30. On-campus writing test dates are 5/30 and 6/1. The College currently administers placement testing and assessments in:

9 Major: Incoming freshmen are pre-registered for major courses (but please read the instructions carefully to determine if an additional course needs to be added to the shopping cart). Liberal Learning: Place your Liberal Learning selections in your shopping cart, utilizing the Liberal Learning materials in your enrollment packet. FSP: Select six from the recommended FSPs, in accordance with your interest. We will make every effort to enroll you in one of the six. IDS 102 & 103 Requirements: Incoming freshmen will be pre-registered for the IDS requirements.

10 Read the Enrollment Information mailing to assist you with the following: You will be asked to add to your shopping cart: 6 FSP class preferences 6 Liberal Learning class preferences You will be pre-registered for Major Classes and IDS 102 & 103 requirements. Preparation is Key: Familiarize yourself with PAWS & fill your Shopping Cart so that, together, we can build your schedule. Finalize your class schedule at Orientation!

11 Important PAWS Information PAWS can be accessed via: the TCNJ home pagehttp://tcnj.edu For help with PAWS, visit the PAWS Help website Here you can find: the PAWS Tutorials PAWS Help Online Form More What Can I Do in PAWS? Access course descriptions Select classes for your shopping cart Process enrollments Review your academic requirements Update personal information Review and process student academic information More Enrollment Packet from the Office of R&R

12 Placement Testing TCNJ Email Account PAWS Academic Requirements Report Shopping Cart Liberal Learning First Seminar Program (FSP) Advanced Placement Scores Final Transcript Change of Major Orientation Day.

13 What to Expect: One day event: approximately 9:00am- 3:30pm Breakfast and lunch will be included Meet the head of your department Finalize fall schedule in a computer lab with other students in the same major Build meaningful connections with new and continuing students, faculty, and staff in order to confirm each student’s decision to attend TCNJ. Visit ation/ for more information! ation/ Orientation Dates: Tuesday, July 9: Engineering, Science, Arts & Communication, Education Wednesday, July 10: Engineering, Science, Arts & Communication, Education Thursday, July 11: Engineering, Science, Nursing & Health and Exercise Science Tuesday, July 16: Business, Humanities & Social Science, Education Wednesday, July 17: Business, Humanities & Social Science, Education Thursday, July 18: Business, Humanities & Social Science

14 The summer reading activity is a part of the College’s programs scheduled every year to engage our community in discussion around a selected theme. The Summer Reading Assignment: The Big Truck that Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster by Jonathan M. Kate The book will be available for purchase at our Barnes & Nobles Bookstore during Orientation. Essay Assignment: You will be required to write an essay ( more details to come ). Summer Reading discussion group will be held during Welcome Week. Bring a hard copy of the essay to your discussion session during Welcome Week. Summer Reading & Welcome Week Theme: Constructing the Past

15 August 22 (move-in day) to August 26 Welcome Week  Introduces YOU to unlimited opportunities.  Builds a foundation that will enable and inspire YOU.  Helps YOU make friends and learn about the MANY wonderful resources within the campus community. Plan for days filled with activities, events, and presentations that will prepare YOU to become a TCNJ Lion! Most days start in the early morning and are filled with information until late into the evening. Summer Reading & Welcome Week 2013

16 August 27, 2013 The strength of the lion is in the pride. The strength of the pride is in the lion. First Day of Class

17 Check out the 2013-2014 academic calendar: http://tcnj.pages.tcnj.ed u/academics/academic- calendars/academic- calendar-2013-2014/ http://tcnj.pages.tcnj.ed u/academics/academic- calendars/academic- calendar-2013-2014/ Visit us on the web! http://recreg.pages. Like us on Facebook! https://www.faceboo fref=ts https://www.faceboo fref=ts

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