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Edmond North High School WELCOME New-to-North Night 2013.

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1 Edmond North High School WELCOME New-to-North Night 2013

2 Edmond North High School VISION “The relentless pursuit of excellence….”

3 Edmond North High School MISSION “The relentless pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service…”

4 Edmond North High School VALUES Do your best Do the right thing, even when no one is looking Treat others the way you wish to be treated

5 Edmond North High School Mr. Tom Snider – Athletic Director Mr. Mack Mitchell – Freshman Academy Mr. Chris Helling – 10 th, 11 th A-K Mr. Brian Eccellente – 11 th L-Z, 12 th Mrs. Michelle Pontikos – Curriculum & Instruction Ms. Patty Bray – Freshmen Ms. Carron Massengale – 10-12 A-G Ms. Shawna Reynolds – 10-12 H-O Ms. Stephanie Locke – 10-12 P-Z Mr. Tim Jones – Student Assistance Mrs. Krista Doll - Careers

6 Edmond North High School ACADEMICS 24.3 ACT average with 89% tested 21 – National Average 1444 AP exams given over 22 areas 66 AP Scholars with Distinction 121 AP scholars 30+ ACT score 30% of Seniors

7 Edmond North High School FINE ARTS Sweepstakes in Concert Band Orchestra Sweepstakes 11 yrs Superior Vocal Music Ratings Nationally competitive Debate Exceptional Drama program

8 Edmond North High School What is means to be a HUSKY….

9 Edmond North High School Athletic State Championships Boys Golf – 9 years in a row Boys Tennis – 4 years in a row Girls Swimming Softball Wrestling Boys Soccer 50 state titles in 20 years!

10 Edmond North High School Edmond North Parents Group

11 Edmond North High School STUCO Ty Gatewood

12 Edmond North High School Mr. Helling PIV PARKING Student Drop Off

13 Edmond North High School Mrs. Pontikos Academic Rigor ACE Schedule Change Procedure

14 Edmond North High School Schedule Changes Every effort is made to ensure students are able to take the courses requested during pre-enrollment; therefore, schedule changes are only made in the following situations: * A student is missing a core class (English, Math, Science, and History). * A student is enrolled in the wrong level of a course (enrolled in English III and has not had English II, etc..) * A student has an open hour in his/her schedule. * A student is enrolled in an incorrect sport. * A student participated in a “tryout” of a program and now needs to be placed in the class. * A student is moving from a regular core class to a Pre-AP/AP class. * A student needs a flex change (from 1-6 to 2-7).

15 Edmond North High School In addition to graduation credit requirements, students are required to pass 4 of 7 End-of-Instruction exams: Algebra I and English II Any two of the following: – Biology I-- Algebra II – US History-- English III – Geometry ACE Graduation Requirements

16 Edmond North High School Mr. Mitchell High Expectations Check-in / Check-out Dress Code Tardies

17 Edmond North High School Dismissal: Upper Classmen – Media Center Freshmen – Siberian Gym Parents Please Remain in the auditorium…..

18 Edmond North High School Closing Remarks PIV Facebook – Edmond Huskies Twitter – EdmondNorthHS Instagram - Pittengerj

19 Edmond North High School GO HUSKIES!!!!

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