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PARCC Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

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1 PARCC Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

2 WHAT IS PARCC? Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers 43 states and Washington D.C. have adopted the Common Core State Standards 12 states including NJ are using PARCC Partners include 200 higher education institutions and systems Math and English Language Arts tests for grades 3-11 Linked to what students need to know for college and careers

3 Who is taking the PARCC? Freshmen and Sophomores who have Math/English during the second semester or in a full year class. Juniors who have Math/English during the second semester or in a full year class or who have not passed any other graduation requirements.

4 When will students take the PARCC? March 23- May 1 st for the Performance Based May 8 th -June 5 th for the End of Year There are 3 days of Performance Based Testing and 2 days of End of Year Testing for English. There are 2 days of Performance Based Testing and 2 days of End of Year Testing for Math. Most students will be taking the test with their teacher during their regular class times in one of the labs.

5 How long will the test take? There are two times given for each section of the test. There is the estimated time which is how long they believe a student will need to complete the test. There is also the unit test which is how much time they tell you to schedule for a test. This includes logging in, and students who may take more time.

6 Estimated Times/Unit Times English Performance Based Test Day 1: 50/75 minutes Day 2: 60/90 minutes Day 3: 40/60 minutes End of Year Day 1: 40/60 minutes Day 2: 40/60 minutes

7 Estimated Times/Unit Times Math Performance Based Test Day 1: 60/90 minutes Day 2: 50/75 minutes End of Year Day 1: 60/40/90/80 minutes Day 2: 50/75 minutes In addition to this, students can have extended time.

8 Is passing the PARCC a graduation requirement? Not exactly, kinda It is one of the graduation requirements for the current Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. In addition to the PARCC, they can also graduate by passing the SAT, PSAT, ACT, ASVAB, or Accuplacers. Students will also have the portfolio option

9 What is passing? SAT- 400 on Reading and Math ACT- 16 on Reading and Math ACT Aspire- 422 ASVAB- 31 Accuplacer- Write Placer 6 Accuplacer- Math 76 PARCC- no ones knows PSAT- 40

10 How is the PARCC scored? The Performance Based and End of Year tests are averaged together. We will receive the scores in October of the following year.

11 Accessibility Features for All Students Blank paper Highlight Color Contrast Time and a half Audio Amplification Pop-Up Glossary

12 Accommodations: How is PARCC different? Accommodations: SE/504/ELL Presentation Response Timing/Scheduling Extended time Setting

13 English: Types of Questions Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR)- combines two traditional selected-response questions together. Second questions will ask students to show evidence from the text that supports the answer from the first question. (Part A, Part B- scoring) Technology-Enhanced Constructed Response (TECR)- uses technology to capture comprehension of texts in authentic ways- highlighting, drag and drop, cut and paste, moving items around to show relationships. Prose Constructed Responses (PCR)- how well a student can communicate understanding/comprehension in both terms of written expression and knowledge of language and conventions. Writing response to reading.

14 English Language Arts Sessions Literary Analysis Task Students carefully consider two authentic literary texts worthy of close study. They are asked to answer a few Evidence Based Selected Response and TECR questions about each text to demonstrate their ability to do close analytical reading and to compare and synthesize ideas. Students write a literary analysis about the two texts.

15 PARCC-Math All students in second semester or full year Alg1, Alg 2, Geometry and Math 1, 2 & 3 will take the PARCC exam A formula reference sheet will be provided for each exam Students will have to complete word problems, chart points, and complete multiple choice questions.

16 Calculators Students may use a graphing calculator similar to the TI-84 on the exam An online calculator is available for every student

17 Next Steps During the second semester, students will go to the computer labs so they can explore the examples and tutorials. A computer lab has been developed in H-120 and computers are being added to the Hopkins library. Small groups of computers have been established in classrooms as well. Proctors will be trained during the 2 nd semester.

18 Next Steps Continued Your child’s Math and/or English teachers will share their testing dates with their students. Juniors who are scheduled to take the test who are not enrolled in these classes, will be given dates by their guidance counselors. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own headphones to the exam.

19 Impact on School Schedule There is no special schedule on days of exams. Students will still go to all of their regularly scheduled classes. If a test takes longer than the class period, students will remain in the testing room with their teacher until the test is completed. They will be given a pass to their next period class when they are done. Period 9/10 exams will force us to swap periods 1/2 and 9/10. On Period 9/10 testing days, this will be the first period of the day.

20 PARCC Sample Questions PARCC Sample PARCC Tutorial Questions for the group? We will also be here to answer individual questions.

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