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I ncoming F reshmen S cheduling and I nformational M eeting 2019 CLASS OF.

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1 I ncoming F reshmen S cheduling and I nformational M eeting 2019 CLASS OF


3 DR. JENNIFER HAMMONDPRINCIPAL WEST CAMPUS Mr. Gary Goetzinger Assistant Principal Mrs. Christy Knight Student Advisor Mrs. Pamela Hall Counselor Mr. John HentesCounselor EAST CAMPUS Mr. Chris Belcher Assistant Principal Mrs. Patricia Poelke Assistant Principal Mr. Kevin Keilitz Student Advisor Mrs. Mary GardnerCounselor/Department Chair Mrs. Nicole KernenCounselor Mrs. Phyllis MolCounselor Mrs. Maureen NewmanSpecial Education Department Chair

4 SUBJECTCREDITS ENGLISH4 MATH4 SCIENCE3 SOCIAL STUDIES3 PHYSICAL EDUCATION½ HEALTH½ COMPUTER EDUCATION½ VISUAL, PERFORMING & APPLIED ARTS (VPAA)1 WORLD LANGUAGE Choose one: 2 credits of same World Language/1 credit of World Language AND 1 credit of CTE (Career and Tech Education)/1 credit of World Language AND I credit of VPAA 2 ELECTIVES5 ½ TOTAL CREDITS24 Additional Graduation Requirements Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP)Junior Year Career InterviewJunior Year Online Experience-Completed through computer requirement and EDP process GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS State of Michigan & Grand Blanc Community Schools

5 World Language 1. Middle School Spanish and French Count toward the GBHS graduation requirement Grades and credits go on high school transcript 2. World Language requirement for college admissions Varies from school-to-school Examples of Michigan colleges: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor & Michigan State University Look for at least two years of the same language Want at least one year taken in high school Central Michigan University & Western Michigan University Do not require for admission Check with individual colleges for admissions requirements French German Spanish Chinese American Sign Language WORLD LANGUAGE OPTIONS AT GBHS

6 ENGLISH 9 IPS (Intro to Physical Science) WORLD HISTORY MATH Placement in English 9, Math, IPS (Introduction to Physical Science) and World History will be determined by: 8 th Grade – Explore Test scores – Academic progress – Teacher recommendations Course Placement Explore Test (given at the middle schools in March) English, Reading, Math and Science College Readiness Career Possibilities Practice test for the American College Test (ACT)

7 Example Freshmen Schedule 1 ST SEMESTER Credits English 9½ World History½ IPS (Physical Science)½ Math½ Physical Education½ Elective½ TOTAL3 2 ND SEMESTER Credits English 9½ World History½ IPS (Physical Science)½ Math½ Health½ Elective½ TOTAL3

8 Freshmen Course Request Form

9 Advanced Placement (AP) Classes College classes taught at the high school High school credit Possible college credit Summer work required Must be a motivated student Advanced Placement test given in May Must earn a qualifying score to earn college credit Check individual colleges for scores

10 Curriculum Review English Mrs. Dana Bleicher, Department Chair Successful completion of one in each of the following categories: 1.English 9Pre AP English 9General English 9 2.English 10Pre AP English 10General English 10 3.American Literature Literature & Writing Survey Advanced Placement Language 4. Academic Research & Composition AP Literature Media Literacy & Composition AND ½ English elective Drama I, II, III Speech I, II World Affairs Debate Journalism Newspaper Technical Theater Bible as Literature Humanities Science Fiction Shakespeare Yearbook English Strategies Creative Writing Contemporary Writing ELECTIVES

11 Mathematics Mrs. Sarah Johnson, Department Chair Successful completion of one in each of the following categories: Level 1Algebra I with Algebra SupportAlgebra I Level 2Technical GeometryGeometryHonors Geometry Level 3Algebra II A & B (2 years) Algebra IIHonors Algebra II Semester Courses (select 2) Trigonometry Intro to Calculus (12 th grade only) College Algebra Probability & Statistics Sports Statistics Computer Science 1, 2, 3 Full Year Courses Honors Precalculus AP Statistics AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP Computer Science The fourth required credit may be earned by completing the following: Curriculum Review

12 8 th Grade Math Algebra I Support Optional Algebra I With Algebra Support A, B, C Grades D, E Grades Algebra I Honors Geometry Algebra I Support Optional A, B Grades C Grades E Grades Math Flow Charts

13 Curriculum Review Science Mr. Matt Hugo, Teacher Successful completion of one in each of the following categories: 1.IPS/FMEIPS/FME Honors 2.BiologyPrinciples of Biology 3.ChemistryHonors ChemistryPrinciples of Chemistry Earth Science Material Science Oceanography Principles of Physics PSSC Physics AP Physics AP Environmental Science AP Biology AP Chemistry ELECTIVES

14 relating to and engaging our students! comparing yesterday to today! inspiring them to greatness! student thinking! multiple perspectives! embracing technology to make connections outside of our classroom!

15 Curriculum Review Social Studies Mr. Todd Babiasz, Department Chair Successful completion of one in each of the following categories: 1.World HistoryAP World HistoryGeneral World History 2.US HistoryAP US HistoryGeneral US History 3.GovernmentAP GovernmentGeneral Government 4.EconomicsAP MicroeconomicsAP MacroeconomicsGeneral Economics AP Human Geography African-American History AP Psychology Psychology Law and Society Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) Sociology ELECTIVES

16 AP Human Geography 1. Human Geography focuses on how we make places, how we organize space and society, how we interact with each other in places and across space, and how we make sense of others and ourselves in our locality, region, and world. 2. Topics of Study Include: Population and Migration, Cultural Patterns, Agricultural and Rural Land Use, Industrialization and Economical Development and Cities and Urban Land Use. This DOES NOT fulfill the freshmen World History Requirement. Great for those students who are in the AP “track” and want to take AP World History as a junior or senior. It is a full year elective credit in Social Studies for grades 9-12. It is heavy in the area of reading and writing compared to traditional classes. Passion/Interest in Social Studies helps. It is challenging, rigorous and rewarding: college level work and possible credit. It is a great opportunity to challenge and better yourself in preparation for college. Application available online WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SIGNING UP FOR THIS CLASS:

17 Special Education Services Mrs. Maureen Newman, Department Chair Team Taught classes for most students General Education and Special Education teacher co-taught classes Class is a combination of students who receive special education support and those who do not Michigan Merit Curriculum Basic Level Self-Contained Academic Courses Smaller class size, 15 or less Different curriculum, doesn’t meet Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements Academics below grade level standards Diploma with Personal Curriculum required or some students go on to other post high school programs LINK –Peer to Peer Support



20 Curriculum Review Engineering & Industrial Technology Mr. Brad Bailey, Teacher ENGINEERING & INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY OPTIONS AT GBHS WOODWORKING (1 credit) Grades 9,10,11,12 MODERN TECHNOLOGY I (½ credit) Grades 9-12 MODERN TECHNOLOGY II (½ credit) Grades 9-12 CONSTRUCTION TRADES I (1 credit) Grades 10,11,12 CONSTRUCTION TRADES II (1 credit) Grades 11,12 CONSTRUCTION/WOODWORKING – ADVANCED STUDIES (1 credit) Grades 11,12 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY I BLOCK (2 credits) Grades 10,11,12 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY II BLOCK (2 credits) Grades 11,12 ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY BLOCK (2 credits) Grades 11,12 ENGINEERING I (1 credit) Grades 9,10,11,12 ENGINEERING II (1 credit) Grades 10,11,12 ENGINEERING III (1 credit) Grades 11,12 CO-OP OR INTERNSHIP (½ credit or 1 credit) Grades 11,12 For full class descriptions please refer to pages 39 through 43 in the GBHS Course Selection Guide 2015-16

21 Eligibility Requirements – Approved Core Courses Must take 16 Core Courses in high school Core Courses are listed in the GBHS Course Selection Guide – GPA Calculated using only core course grades – ACT Must achieve a qualifying ACT score – Graduate from high school For more information… – – See your high school counselor for questions! Division I – Central Michigan University – Eastern Michigan University – Michigan State University – Oakland University – University of Detroit Mercy – University of Michigan – Western Michigan University Division II – Ferris State University – Grand Valley State University – Hillsdale College – Lake Superior State University – Michigan Tech University – Northern Michigan University – Northwood University – Saginaw Valley State University – Wayne State University NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association

22 Testing Out of Classes WE OFFER THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST OUT OF A COURSE A test score of 80% or higher credit is awarded, but no grade is included in the GPA March 1 – Written “test out” request to Dr. Hammond, Principal April 30 – Study materials mailed homeMid-June – Students complete tests

23 Teacher Request Letter Parents may submit a written request if they would like their child NOT to be scheduled with a teacher. Only parents whose older children have had a poor experience with a teacher may make this request. All requests are to be submitted to Dr. Hammond’s office no later than May 1st. Requests will be honored if at all possible. A letter needs to be submitted annually.

24 Summer School Purpose: To improve math skills for students earning a D or E in 8 th grade math To complete PE and/or Health Two teacher-led sessions: Each session 12 days 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Can earn a ½ credit per session $150 per ½ credit Online Options Available

25 New Student Enrollment Students who attend GB East or West Middle School do NOT need to enroll. Enrollment packets can be obtained: Tonight in the Main OfficeDownloaded from the high school website In the Main Office at HS East or West Campus (Monday – Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm ) Enrollment must be complete before turning in Course Request Sheet.

26 Freshmen Orientation WHEN August 25, 26, 27 Make-Up Orientation August 31 WHERE GBHS East Campus 1. Turn in forms from summer mailing 2. Yearbook picture taken 3. Receive ID card 4. Pick up class schedule and books 5. Receive locker assignment 6. Walk through your schedule

27 May 20, 2015 Moving on Up Steps for High School Success Understanding the differences between middle school and high school Resources for success Grand Blanc High School East Campus Auditorium

28 G rand B lanc H igh S chool

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