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Living on Campus and First Year Students SOAR 2013.

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1 Living on Campus and First Year Students SOAR 2013

2 Why Live On Campus Application & Assignments Successfully Sharing a Living Space Making the most of Move-In Questions & Answers

3 More successful academically More likely to graduate in 4 years (over 6% higher than off-campus) More likely to enjoy their collegiate experience Able to maintain higher GPAs More connected to the campus and campus resources Our research shows that students who live on campus at UNC Charlotte are:

4 Living on campus helps first-years to: Orient themselves to campus Connect with other students and campus organizations Easy access to faculty and academic resources Help troubleshoot problems

5 Staff who live and work in the buildings: Residence Coordinators Graduate Assistants Resident Advisors Staff who work in the buildings and in administrative offices: Housekeepers & Maintenance Staff Security Guards Central Office Staff

6 In the halls: Building specific access Security Guards Secure key card & lock system On campus: University Police & Public Safety University announcement system Emergency text alert system The student’s role is most vital

7 High speed Internet access (included in room cost) WiFi in public/common areas (lounges, lobbies, etc.) Cable (included in room cost) All utilities (included in room cost) Weekly laundry allowance Three 24-hour service desks Proximity to classes & campus resources! Please see our website for details about computing requirements.

8 All First Year Moore Sanford Lynch Hawthorn High First Year Population Hunt Witherspoon Oak Holshouser First Year students reside in most of our buildings. However, some have intentional concentrations of new students:

9 Learning communities increase students’ academic success, learning & engagement by offering common courses, curricular innovations and co-curricular activities based on a major, theme, or interest. For students wanting a focused academic experience Eleven LCs in Lynch Hall and one in Hawthorn Cannot select Lynch or Hawthorn on Housing application… will be placed there after acceptance. LC application separate from Housing… must do BOTH!

10 Greenhouse is a program specifically designed for residential freshmen: Based on a QEP and Freshmen Residential Curriculum Staff are trained on issues unique to freshmen Intentional conversations at key times of year Approximately 80% of freshmen live in Greenhouse buildings All freshmen welcome to participate in Greenhouse events (regardless of building)

11 Once you have considered all your options and made the choice to live on campus, please visit our website, click the “Apply for Housing” link, and follow the instructions! Please note that students who submitted a completed housing application before June 1 have priority status. We will continue to prioritize students who apply for housing after June 1 st. Assignments will be made according to the date the completed housing application was received.

12 We began issuing housing assignments in late April and will continue to do so throughout the summer. Assignments are made weekly during June and July. Assignments are made based on a combination of factors including date of application, roommate and building preferences, and program acceptance (Learning Communities, Honors, etc.) Once an assignment is made, an email will be sent to the student’s UNC Charlotte email account. Students with questions about their assignment should contact the Housing Assignments Office. Students can request a change in assignment through August 1 st.

13 Roommate Agreements are completed within first few weeks of the semester We encourage students to work out conflicts through communication Residential staff facilitate roommate mediations As a last resort, we will accommodate request for room changes

14 Move-in dates: August 16, 17 and 18. Student’s specific date & arrival times are determined by hall and room assignment and will be available by July 1 st. We strongly suggest that you hold off on making travel arrangements until you receive this information from us. Check University email addresses for date and time! For the most up-to-date move-in information, visit the Housing website:

15 Beginning August 1 st, students should complete their HOMEpass HOMEpass can be accessed through the Housing website and asks that residents provide their emergency contact numbers and other information before coming to campus. When complete, residents should print out their HOMEpass document and bring that with them on their assigned move in day.

16 Move-In information can be accessed through the Housing website, which contains important information and useful tips for a successful move-in experience. Some tips to consider as you plan: Check with roommate(s) when possible about who is bringing what item (to avoid duplicates). Please keep to your assigned arrival date and time. This move- in experience is a highly coordinated event designed to move you into your new home quickly. Missing your time slot will delay you and others later in the day.

17 Packing Tips: Consult the Move-In website for a list of suggested items to bring and those that are not allowed. Try to put your items in suitcases or boxes whenever possible. Pack as much as you can in larger boxes. If you can’t pick it up, it is too heavy… please divide the items into two boxes. Label each box with your name, hall and room number, and # and cell phone. If possible, pack your TV, computer, and printer in the boxes that they came in. Hand-trucks and dollies are not provided. If you wish to use one, please plan to bring one with you.

18 Packing Tips (continued): Be careful how you pack your car, especially hatchbacks. Having items tumble out of the back of a hatchback is the number one way items get damaged. While you are allowed to bring multiple cars, vans or even a truck, you are encouraged to bring as few vehicles as possible as parking will be extremely limited. Please be mindful of how many family members and guests you bring with you to assist on move-in day. If your student cannot check-in by Sunday, August 18 th at 5:00 pm, please contact the Housing Assignments Office to avoid housing contract cancellation and financial penalties.

19 Approved Vendors:

20 If you would like more information, Seek us out during other SOAR opportunities… we will have staff at the family forum and at the resource fair Check our website and/or give us a call Join our social media sites… Thank you for attending and having your student live with us! UNC Charlotte Housing and Residence Life UNC Charlotte Housing and Residence Life UNCCharlotteHRL

21 Office Location – Scott Hall Phone Number – 704 -687-7501 Email Address – Note: This summer, getting to our office in Scott Hall will be challenging due to road closures and construction. If possible, we suggest you call or email for assistance. If you need to visit, please allow some extra time and follow the detour signs. Due to this construction as well as privacy concerns for our current residents (summer school and conference guests), we are unable to provide tours of our residential facilities during SOAR. Please Pardon Our Dust


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