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Matthew Daines, Lead Admissions Counselor

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1 Matthew Daines, Lead Admissions Counselor
-intro yourself better -stress more the "destination campus" and meaning (80% FTF) -remind them that s must be legit when you apply -mention that we are golf national champs -research parking permit -smooth out early start messaging -everyone is welcome to the CSUMBCC -be gender neutral - Matthew Daines, Lead Admissions Counselor CSUMB●EDU

2 Extraordinary Opportunity
6 hours north of Los Angeles 2 hours south of San Francisco Within an hour: Big Sur Fort Ord National Monument Pebble Beach Pinnacles National Park San Jose Santa Cruz Silicon Valley CSUMB●EDU

3 Extraordinary Opportunity
Established: 1994 Enrollment: 6,450 Average class size is 30 90% of classes under Bachelor’s Degrees 7 Graduate Degrees 2 Graduate Online Degrees 1 Undergraduate Online Degree Multiple Teaching Credentials SLIDE 1 CSUMB●EDU

4 Cal State Monterey Bay Quick Facts
Geographic Area Local Area: 31% Southern Cal: 26% Northern Cal: 19% Central Cal: 19% Signature Programs Marine Science (BS,MS) Environmental Studies (BA,BS,MS) Computer Science (BS, MS) Kinesiology (BS) Residential Life 60% on campus 90% freshman on campus Living Learning Communities Lots of Housing for Transfers

5 Getting Involved Support Services Campus Clubs CAMP Student Government
EOP Former Foster Youth SSS Student Disability Services Veterans Support and more! Campus Clubs Student Government Sports Teams

6 Annual Cost of Attendance 14-15
Estimated Annual Cost: $16,122 Housing is very affordable at CSUMB! 70% of students receive financial aid 45 scholarships ranging from $600-$10,000 CSUMB●EDU

7 Admissions Criteria-Fall 2015
Freshmen: Impaction for all counties outside of Monterey, San Benito, & Santa Cruz Website: FRESHMEN SAT/ACT Test Scores Enrollment Confirmation EPT/ELM Placement Tests Eligible by end of spring Early Start Mandatory orientation NO SUMMER WORK TRANSFERS Associate Degrees for Transfer Transcripts/Test Scores Enrollment Confirmation Golden 4 completed by end of spring Mandatory orientation NO SUMMER WORK Associate Transfer Degrees listed on CSUMB website CSUMB●EDU

8 Fall 2014 Application Pool Applications Admits Avg HS GPA 3.08
Avg SAT M&CR 975 Avg ACT Comp Admits Avg Transfer GPA 2.70 CSUMB●EDU

9 Important Deadlines & Dates
SAT/ACT Test Scores (freshmen only) January 31, 2015 Conditional Admission Notification Feb-March 2015 Official Transcripts for Transfer Admit March 1, 2015 Enrollment Confirmation $100 non-refundable May 1, 2015 EPT/ELM Tests Completed (Freshmen only) May 3, 2015 Early Start (Freshmen only) June 1, 2015 Final Transcript Submission July 8, 2015 Final Eligibility Check June-August CSUMB●EDU

10 Daily Tours & Group Tours
Come See for Yourself! University Open House Saturday, Oct am-3pm CSUMB Counselor Conference Thursday, November am-Noon Invitations will be ed soon! Daily Tours & Group Tours Monday – 11:00 Book online or (831) Slide 6 CSUMB●EDU

11 Important Contact Information Admissions & Recruitment Athletics Financial Aid Residential Life & Housing Student Disability Resources CSUMB●EDU

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