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BECOMING FRESHMEN! Class of 2019. BEFORE YOU KNOW IT… You’ll be graduating and off to new adventures!

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1 BECOMING FRESHMEN! Class of 2019

2 BEFORE YOU KNOW IT… You’ll be graduating and off to new adventures!

3 JOIN “CLASS OF 2019” ON EDMODO ❖ This PowerPoint will be made available- Edmodo and Rosslyn website ❖ Announcements/Reminders ❖ Post any questions you have ❖ Code: ahwud5


5 ❖ Drama ❖ Music/Worship Team ❖ Sports ❖ NHS ❖ SLT ❖ Service ❖ CFS

6 TRIVIA QUESTION! Students only

7 What is the name of the High School Principal?

8 Mr. Wolff

9 ❖ Credits: Yearlong classes are worth 1 credit. Semester classes are worth 0.5 credit. Some classes are worth 0.25- T.A., Independent Study, etc. Must pass the class with a D- (60%) or better in order to earn credit. An F (0-59%) is worth 0 credits and must be made up.

10 ❖ Transcript: A transcript is an ongoing record kept by the Guidance Office of every final grade you earn while in high school. Sent to universities. ❖ GPA: (Grade Point Average) Calculated average of all grades completed. Calculated at the end of each semester only

11 How to calculate GPA: {Grade Point Average} Letter GradePercent GPA A+ 93-100 4.00 A-90-92 3.70 B+87-89 3.35 B83-86 3.00 B-80-82 2.70 C+77-79 2.35 C73-76 2.00 C-70-72 1.70 D+67-69 1.35 D63-66 1.00 D-60-62 0.70 F 0-59 0.00



14 It all counts! Grade 9-12

15 Gr. 9-- TerraNova Achievement Test April 2016 Gr. 10– ? Gr. 11-- PSAT(pre-SAT)- Oct 2017 SAT- May 2018, June 2018 ACT- April 2018 Gr. 12-- ACT, SAT- (if needed) (TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language if needed)

16 TRIVIA QUESTION! Students only

17 Who is in charge of HS sports?

18 Mr. Schwandt

19 ❖ Reflect what’s taught in top introductory college courses Most 4-year colleges in the United States and universities in 60+ other countries give students credit. Many universities outside North America require AP exams. (Typically, 3 exams with a score of 4 or 5 out of 5.) ❖ Helps you stand out in the admission process

20 ❖ Improve your writing skills, sharpen your problem- solving and critical thinking abilities, and develop time management skills, discipline, and study habits. ❖ Extra Weighting for GPA- out of a 5.0 instead of 4.0 ❖ Process for taking AP classes- be listening to announcements/posts on Edmodo ❖ PDF on Rosslyn website with more details


22 ❖ 4 English Credits ❖ 3 Math Credits ❖ 3 Science Credits (Recommend 2 labs-Bio/Chem) ❖ 3 Social Studies (US History & Sr. SS) ❖ 2 CRE credits (0.5 each year) ❖ 1.5 Fine Arts ❖ 0.5 Technology ❖ 1.5 PE (0.5 must be Fitness/Health) ❖ 5.5 Elective Credits ❖ Freshman Seminar *Univ. like to see 4 math, science and social studies TOTAL: 24 Credits

23 NORMAL GRADE 9 COURSES: English 9 Conceptual Physics or Biology* Algebra 1, Geometry* or Algebra 1A * Social Studies options Old Testament Fitness and Health-required Freshman Seminar-required** Foreign Language 1 or 2 Electives/Tech credit

24 BIOLOGY AND MATH ❖ Biology- applications will be given out next week (9 Jan). Must be enrolled in Algebra 1 now and be approved by Science teacher * for those pursuing higher level sciences ❖ Math- placement is determined by your current math and the recommendation of your math teacher

25 FRESHMAN SEMINAR ❖ What?.25 credit- in depth study and application of the Intellectual Virtues- critical thinking.25 credit- Academic /Learning Skills = 1 semester long class (.5 credit) ❖ Why? Core Value: Intellectual Virtues In response to self-reported student needs- PLAN results In line with current university practices


27 How many AP classes does Rosslyn offer?




31 ❖ Lunch meetings- Week of February 16 Mr. West’s Science Classroom Lists to be posted ❖ Bring your completed Four Year Plan AND Course Selection Sheet to this meeting! You will turn them in then. If you lose your sheet, come anyway. ❖ Draft schedules will be sent home later for parent approval

32 THINGS TO NOTE ❖ PE Requirement: 1.5 credits.5 Fitness and Health 1 PE or PE Exchange What is PE Exchange? 1 season of JV/Varsity basketball, soccer, field hockey; YEAR-ROUND swimming =.25 credit Signed agreement between you, me, and coach Due beginning of the season Max. of.5 credit allowed (.25 per sport)

33 THINGS TO NOTE, CONT’D ❖ 2015-2016 Coursebook: ❖ Please check prerequisites! * is on Rosslyn Website- under “High School- Documents” ❖ Band, Rosslyn Singers, Concert Choir: ❖ Year-long Courses ❖ Because of Fresh Sem and F/H, in order to take a full year of these, you need to not take: Social Studies or Foreign Language ❖ *possible to only take 1 semester

34 THINGS TO NOTE, CONT’D ❖ Photography ❖ Application forms- for camera approval ❖ MUN- ❖ Listen for announcements/Edmodo ❖ If you plan to do this at some point, it’s highly recommended to take Intro to Communication

35 ONLINE AND EXTERNAL COURSE POLICY ❖ All graduation requirements must be completed at Rosslyn (not necessarily all classes) *currently being reviewed ❖ No course will be added to your Rosslyn Academy transcript without prior approval. Application forms are available in the Guidance Office.

36 TRIVIA QUESTION! Students only

37 Who is this person, and what is her job?


39 Ms. Bressler 11 th /12 th Guidance Counselor (also teaches Senior Sem and Western Civilizations)



42 5. Be diligent in your schoolwork 6. Get involved in extra-curricular activities: sports, drama, SLT, youth groups


44 ❖ ❖ Ask on Edmodo

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