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Welcome Freshmen Class of 2015

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1 Welcome Freshmen Class of 2015
Trivia questions: 1.What color is the guidance pass that you fill out in order to meet with your counselor? 2.What is the name of the system that you can look up your grades and attendance 24/7? 3.Name 2 reasons why you might want to see your counselor. 4.How many credits do you need to graduate? 5.Name the Resource Rooms – there are 5 6.What days do the late buses run? 7.How many credits, minimum must you register for each year? 8.How many unexcused absences are you allowed in a full year course? ½ year course?

2 A - E - Mrs. Kristin Baratta F - K - Ms. Theresa Soda
Your School Counselor A - E - Mrs. Kristin Baratta F - K - Ms. Theresa Soda L - Re - Ms. Lisa Witkowski Ri - Z - Ms. Jennifer Jordan

3 Meet Your Counselor Visit the guidance office and fill out a pass to meet with you counselor. We send the Bright Green passes. Fill in your name, homeroom teacher’s name (not the room number), an address and a reason for the meeting. Individual meetings Group meetings

4 Home Communication/Monthly Newsletters
If you need to contact us by Monthly newsletters share events and activities from guidance – important info! We also post information on the Guidance Website.

5 The Role of the School Counselor
Mentor/Student Advocate Handle issues regarding – Scheduling, Course concerns, Home Logic, Transcripts, and College Searches. Concerns with emotional, social, academic and behavioral progress as a student Confidentiality – unless danger to self or others Provides College/Vocational/Career Information/Naviance Account (Financial Literacy Classes) Scheduling – We will begin the school year scheduling process in December – We will meet again to review scheduling details. Other counselors in the building: Tara Kraatz, Dana Lachow, and Nancy Baumgartner

6 Resource Rooms Resource Rooms: History Hut (rm 239), Nucleus Science Lab (rm 259), Reading/Writing Lab (rm 106), World Language “Lingo” Lab, Math Resource Center (rm 212/215) during the school day – lunch, study hall time. Extra Help with teacher – make sure your teacher knows you are coming in for extra help from 2:25 – 3:10pm. There is a late bus available on Mon., Wed, and Thur. at 3:10. Sports start at 3:10pm. If you need to go for extra help, have the teacher write a note to the coach.

7 Organization and Study Skills
Home Logic – check frequently to monitor your academic progress, assignments, and attendance! Log onto Freshman link on the Guidance website to view tips on good study habits and organization skills.

8 Additional Info Homework requests – when 3+ days absent. Call the guidance office for makeup work or your teachers directly for work. Working papers – see the Guidance Secretaries. Communications with teachers – and phone numbers are listed on the North website at:

9 Graduation Requirements
English credits Adv. Acad. Literacy credits – 9th grade year Financial Literacy -2.5 credits – 9th grade year (starting with the Class of 2014) Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) – 15 credits History (U.S. I, World, U.S. II) – 15 credits Math (including 1 year of Algebra) credits Phys. Educ. & Health/Driver’s Ed credits World Language credits Fine Arts - 5 credits Practical Arts credits Passing the HSPA – Spring of the Junior Year Must complete a MINIMUM of a 120 credits (including all of the classes above) –must have at least 35 credits each year.

10 Attendance/Policies On the North Hunterdon HS website, become familiar with the Student/Parent Handbook – located on the lower left of the NHHS site - Dress code Cell phone usage Full Year Classes – Maximum Amount of Unexcused Absences is 12 Semester Classes – Maximum Amount of Unexcused Absences is 6 Excused absences require doctors note to attendance

11 North Hunterdon Guidance Webpage
Let’s walk through the website from the district page to North Hunterdon website to the guidance webpage. Most importantly we want to review- Grade Point Average and Grades Freshman year sets the foundation for the remainder of your years here at NHHS!

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