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El Cajon Valley Link Crew

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1 El Cajon Valley Link Crew
Co-Coordinators: Natalie Vasquez Krystal Montalvo Jennifer Cunningham

2 What is Link Crew? Link Crew is a high school transition program that increases freshmen success Members of the junior and senior class are trained to be Link Leaders who act as positive role models, motivators, and mentors helping guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during in high school. As freshmen success increases, the benefits to the school culture and climate become apparent Link Crew schools report having greater connection, increased extracurricular participation, fewer discipline issues and greater pride and spirit.

3 Link Crew at ECV Link Crew began in 2006-2007
The first Link Crew had 175 freshmen attend The second Link Crew had almost 275 This year’s Link Crew had 340 freshmen (despite being held right before a holiday) No freshmen are excluded from special needs to just arrived ELL students

4 The Core of the Crew Link Leaders are Juniors and Seniors
We recruit all students: High-Achieving Low-Achieving students who have turned it around All sports All clubs Students not involved in anything ELL students Special needs students

5 The Backbone of the Crew
In addition to Link Leaders we accept about 10 sophomores to join the “A-Team” The sophomores help with the “behind the scenes” parts of Link Crew A-Team is trained and after successful completion of the A-Team they are guaranteed a spot as a Link Leader the following year

6 Link Crew Calendar Applications in February Deadline in March
May Play Day in May Two day August Training One Day Orientation Monthly Saturday meetings Monthly check-ins with Freshmen Homecoming Tail-Gate Party Freshman Orientation Night Open House Plus more!

7 How do students join Link?
In February of each year, Link Crew opens up applications to all current Sophomores and Juniors to join In addition to that, we recruit current Freshmen to join the A-Team By the end of March, the Link Crew is picked.

8 How Can I Help Link? In Late January you will receive a recommendation form Recommend great students that often are not given a chance to lead Donate time at Link Crew events Thank a Link Leader for their time! Join the Gauntlet at Orientation

9 Not your typical Orientation…
All Freshmen are welcomed with a loud “Gauntlet” Freshmen are crammed into the bleachers All participate in crazy songs and silly games At this point we are getting them more comfortable and awake!

10 Mix them Up! All Freshmen line up on the Gym floor
This is their chance to meet new people It is designed to mix them up from their friends on purpose!

11 Lead them to Success Freshmen are put into groups Balanced by gender
Led into classrooms At this point the Link Leaders take over We train our Leaders to handle all issues that may arise

12 Student leading Students
Link Leaders lead activities that foster pride and family Each “crew” bonds together as one To date we have never asked a freshman to leave due to behavior

13 All regroup in the gym Our MC closes with some thoughts about the new year We don’t talk about rules, procedures, dress code, etc We focus on goals, positivity, what they can do to help ECV

14 Let’s Hear from the Crew…

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