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Eastern : How Much Do YOU Know?. Please Select a Team 1.Team 1 2.Team 2 3.Team 3 4.Team 4 5.Team 5 6.Team 6 7.Team 7.

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1 Eastern : How Much Do YOU Know?

2 Please Select a Team 1.Team 1 2.Team 2 3.Team 3 4.Team 4 5.Team 5 6.Team 6 7.Team 7

3 In the early years of Eastern’s history, what did freshmen wear to identify themselves as first year students? 1.An “F” sewn on their coats 2.A green “beanie” 3.An armband that said “frosh” 4.A pin that said “Eastern freshman”

4 How many names has our institution had since 1895? 1.1 2.2 3.3 4.4 5.5

5 Which was NOT a rule in the early 1900’s? 1.No girls allowed out of Pemberton after 7:30 p.m. 2.All girls must be in room until 10 p.m. studying. Lights out by 10:30 p.m. 3.Women could not attend dances and school picnics. 4.Students & faculty were required to attend daily chapel.

6 All of the following were named after a coach or instructor on campus except for one. Which one was named after a senator? 1.Lantz Gym 2.Pemberton Hall 3.Buzzard Auditorium 4.McAfee Gym 5.Booth Library 6.Klehm Hall

7 After World War II, in order to accommodate so many veterans enrolling at the University, temporary housing was set up outside McAfee Gym. What did they call this area? 1.Traillerville 2.Married student housing 3.GI bunkertown 4.Tent city

8 Who was Napoleon? 1.The first mascot 2.A beloved history teacher 3.A radio personality on WEIU 4.A stray dog who was adopted by campus

9 In what year was Eastern founded? 1.1901 2.1890 3.1895 4.1910 5.1905

10 Which president loved loud Hawaiian shirts and flowers? 1.Livingston C. Lord 2.Robert Buzzard 3.Lou Hencken 4.Daniel Marvin

11 Prior to being called the Panthers, EIU athletic teams were known as: 1.Blue Boys 2.Greyhounds 3.The Blue and Gray 4.Wildcats

12 In what year did Eastern win conference championships in football, basketball, & baseball? 1.1957-58 2.1948-49 3.1963-64 4.1977-78

13 Which building on campus is the only building constructed entirely from private gifts (the donation was from, and the building named after, the co- founder of Snap-On tools): 1.Klehm Hall 2.Lantz 3.Tarble Arts Center 4.Blair Hall 5.Neal Welcome Center

14 Who is not a former EIU student? 1.Jim Edgar, former IL governor 2.Jeff Gossett, former NFL punter 3.Joan Embry, San Diego Zoo 4.John Craft, Olympian Track & Field 5.Gary Sinise, actor, co- founder of Steppenwolf 6.Tony Romo, NFL player

15 Which former EIU President, worked his way up from student Food Service Worker (Thomas/Andrews Hall) to University President? 1.Daniel Marvin 2.David Jorns 3.Lou Hencken 4.Livingston Lord

16 In what year did students start choosing a major that led to a 4-year degree? 1.1932 2.1920 3.1918 4.1938

17 What was the annual tuition in 1956, the year that Doudna became president? 1. $210 with a $20 fee for book rental 2.$305 with a $20 fee for book rental 3.$90 with a $15 fee for book rental 4.$155 with a $15 fee for book rental

18 Who was the first former student to have a building named in their honor? 1. Ruth Carman 2.Newton E. Tarble 3.Richard A. Lumpkin 4.Walter A. Klehm

19 After a $3 million budget reduction from IBHE, which president removed all phones from faculty offices & cancelled all travel to save money? 1.Stanley Rives 2.Robert Buzzard 3.Quincy Doudna 4.Gilbert Fite

20 Which Eastern sports team participated in NCAA finals for the first time in 1992? 1.Men’s football 2.Women’s basketball 3.Men’s basketball 4.Women’s softball

21 From which University did President Perry receive his Ph.D.? 1.Texas A&M 2.The University of Chicago 3.The University of Missouri 4.The University of Illinois

22 In what year was the University closed for a week in January at the request of CIPS due to a natural gas shortage? 1.1977 2.1944 3.1981 4.1972

23 In what year did Eastern’s enrollment surpass 10,000 students for the 1 st time? 1.1985 2.1992 3.2001 4.1981

24 Where does the yearbook, the Warbler, get its name? 1.It was named after Eastern’s reputation for music education 2.It was named for the many birds on campus 3.It was started by a member of the 1918 glee club 4.It was named after its mission to share information with the campus

25 How were the 67,000 volumes moved from the library in Old Main to the temporary library in 1948? 1.Townspeople volunteered trucks 2.Hand carried by 500 students and faculty 3.Local farmers brought in trackers with trailers 4.All matter of conveyances were used—including wheelbarrows

26 Which president was known as “the builder” because of so many buildings being constructed during his tenure? 1.Quincy Doudna 2.Lou Hencken 3.Stanley Rives 4.Gilbert Fite

27 In what year were the first Greek Court buildings completed? 1.1980 2.1992 3.1988 4.1996

28 Eastern was the first normal school to grow into a comprehensive college. When were the first master’s degrees conferred? 1.1962 2.1959 3.1948 4.1952

29 Team Scores 420Team 4 367Team 7 365Team 6 346Team 5 296.67Team 3 180Team 1 110Team 2

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