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College Admissions Workshop Shasta Campbell Mark Kammerlohr 1.

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1 College Admissions Workshop Shasta Campbell Mark Kammerlohr 1

2 Goals for tonight 1.UC/CSU admissions information 2.UC/CSU application process 3.Private college application process 4.Community College information 5.Financial Aid 6.Collegiate Sports 7.Q & A 2

3 3 UC Freshman Admissions Update

4 UC 2014 Freshmen Statistics UC Campus GPA (Avg.) SATACT # of applicants # admitted Admit Rate (%) Berkeley4.1820713144,5758,70520 UCLA4.1720673055,9649,35217 San Diego4.1320183052,12715,82030 Irvine4.0518672752,28518,36535 Santa Barbara4.0319252951,04718,99537 Davis4.0719242846,81917,83638 Santa Cruz3.8217822634,58418,56154 Riverside3.7717392531,13718,05558 Merced3.6116382414,1599,50667

5 5 2014 Admission Requirements All California high school seniors who fulfill the following three requirements will be entitled to a comprehensive review of their applications at each UC campus to which they apply. They must: comprehensive review –Complete 15 UC-required college-preparatory ("a-g") courses, with 11 of those done prior to the start of 12th grade –Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better (weighted by honors/AP bonus points) in these courses –Take the ACT With Writing or SAT Reasoning Test

6 Key Messages – Bottom Line Complete UC’s admissions subject requirements (“a-g”) – at least 11 by the end of the junior year – and do as well as you can in them Better preparation = more choices Campuses will look beyond grades and test scores Performance relative to others in your school is important Apply broadly Application Fee: $70 per campus Application window is November 1 st – 30 th 6

7 CSU Information 7

8 2014 Admission Requirements Complete A-G requirements Meet the Eligibility Index – combination of grades and test scores. GPA above 3.0 automatically qualifies, SAT/ACT not required. Higher Eligibility Index allows for increased probability of admission at impacted schools/programs. 8

9 Key Messages – Bottom Line Complete admissions subject requirements (“a-g”) – do as well as you can in them Local Admission Area – CSU Fullerton Impaction – Major/Campus Apply broadly Application Fee: $55 per campus Application window is November 1 st – 30 th (Can begin the process Oct.1 st ) 9

10 Private College & Universities 10

11 Private Colleges & Universities Admission criteria similar to CSU/UC (required classes, test scores) Typically smaller class sizes Application requirements and dates vary by school. Many will participate in the Common Application System Rolling admissions – the earlier you apply the more $ you qualify for 11

12 Common Application Send request to your teacher Send request to your counselor Student must meet with counselor after request has been sent!! We need more info.

13 Community College Pros Financially affordable Bachelors Degree does not indicate community college If unsure of a major, can explore courses at a cheaper cost Guaranteed transfer to a UC/CSU after completing 60 units of general ed. and lower division major Admission is easier than many college/universities General Education classes are “the same” everywhere 13

14 Community College 112 CA Community Colleges ( Must take an English and Math placement exam Each campus has specific admission/registration requirements Transfer agreements with CSU/UC Degree and certificate programs Can be enrolled in multiple campuses 14

15 General Information Apply to 5 schools –1 – Dream school –2-4 – Solidly possible schools –5 – Fallback school (may be comm. College) Consider all factors – cost, size, location, etc. Visit schools if possible Contact your counselor for questions 15

16 Must Meet All Deadlines!!!! November 30 th – CSU/UC applications are due. SAT/ACT dates- December is the last date. October is the last date for most CSU campuses Private Colleges/Universities have varying due dates/fees. Check scholarship deadlines on a regular basis.

17 Once Admitted: More Deadlines!! Check your college website – dates vary **If you drop/add a class after application is submitted you MUST NOTIFY ALL THE ADMISSIONS OFFICES of the colleges in which applied **if you miss any deadlines your application WILL BE RESCINDED!!

18 TRANSCRIPTS UC – due July 1 st 2015 –Send only ONE final transcript! CSU – due July 15 th 2015 –Send only ONE final transcript! Private schools – 3 transcripts One with the application, at semester (Mid- year report), and end of year (Final Report) Can ONLY be sent electronically through * fee per transcript

19 Financial Aid FAFSA - To be considered for federal student aid for the 2014- 2015 award year, you can complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) between January 1, 2014 and midnight Central Time, June 30, 2015 (March 1 st is college deadline). Any corrections or updates must be submitted by midnight Central Time, September 19, 2015. Cal Grant - apps are completed electronically from the school. You only need to reply if you do not want the school to send the information. Scholarships – Plenty available, never pay a service. Our website is updated periodically with scholarships

20 NCAA Information 20 Must meet minimum GPA and SAT/ACT requirements to participate in Division 1 or 2 Must register with NCAA Clearinghouse no later than 12 th grade. Submit application and transcripts for verification

21 Internet Resources htm htm

22 22 Thank you for attending!

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