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Welcome Class of 2018! Freshmen Assembly 2014. Performing Arts Our campus offers… *requires an audition/tryout Drama Department (1, 2*, Advanced*) Band.

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1 Welcome Class of 2018! Freshmen Assembly 2014

2 Performing Arts Our campus offers… *requires an audition/tryout Drama Department (1, 2*, Advanced*) Band (1,2,3*)Chanteurs* Colorguard* (A*, World*) Marching band works hard starting from the summer to bring you half-time field show performances at home football game and competes in various parades. After marching season, band switches gear to concert music and hosts concerts of their own! Questions? Contact: or Dancing and singing and looking good while doing it. Chanteurs is the Advanced show choir on campus and not only do they perform at school assemblies, they compete at various music competitions, while holding a concert of their very own. Questions? Contact: Utilizing 6-feet tall flags, rifles, sabres and dance, colorguard performs alongside band in parades and fieldshows during marching season. Then in their winter season, colorguard goes onto competing in their own competitions bringing home top honors. Questions? Contact: contact information not available Composed out of talented cast members, ADD (Advanced Drama Department) not only performs in a fall play and spring musical, both selling out 3,000+ seats, but competes in 2 huge Southern California drama competitions, bringing home sweepstakes each year. Questions? Contact:

3 More info at Harmonix* Orchestra (1,2,3*) Orchesis* Percussion (A, O*, World*) A great way to do what you love, while being involved and meeting others with similar interests! 1 year of Visual Performing Arts (VPA) REQUIRED in order to graduate. Our very own on-campus dance company composed of dancers from all backgrounds! Orchesis performs at school assemblies, along with hosting two of their own shows every school year. Questions? Contact: Worldline percussion not only performs with band in the field shows but also marches along aside them as well. After marching season, all three levels work to compete at Percussion competitions for their respective levels, often bringing home the medals. Questions? Contact: or Competing at the intermediate level, Harmnonix is also a show choir group, participating at school assemblies and performing alongside Chanteurs in their concerts. Questions? Contact: Aside from performing in school assemblies, Orchestra performs and competes in various competitions, including their San Diego Spring Tour, and even performs at gigs. Questions? Contact: or

4 Athletics Fall Season: Girls’ Golf Girls’ Tennis Girls’ Cross Country Girls’ Volleyball Boys’ Cross Country Boys’ Water Polo Football Winter Season: Girls’ Soccer Girls’ Water Polo Girls’ Basketball Boys’ Basketball Boys’ Soccer Spring Season: Boy’s Track Girls’ Track Boys’ Swim Girls’ Swim Softball Baseball Boys’ Tennis Boys’ volleyball, Boys’ Golf NO APACHES DOWN!

5 Why Sports? SportCoachE-mail FootballAndrew Cross CountryMichel GolfGeorge TennisBo Girls VolleyballChuck, Water PoloAra Boys BasketballBen, Girls BasketballAdam Boys SoccerAlex Girls SoccerRyen Water PoloAra TrackChris BaseballNick SoftballRichard TennisBo GolfGeorge Boys VolleyballDavid SwimmingJanice Along with sharing similar interests, you form a family-like relationship with your teammates through the highs and lows of being an athlete. You improve not only physically, but mentally AND emotionally into a well-rounded student. More info at

6 Clubs What does AHS have to offer? Cultural Clubs: Filipino Club, Black Student Union, Korean Club, etc. Service Clubs: Interact Club, Key Club, Leo Club, Red Cross Club, etc. Career Oriented Clubs: Pre-Med Club, Sports Medicine, Engineering Club, etc. Interests Oriented Clubs: Film Club, Photography Club, Gavel Club, Cultural Percussion Club etc. AND MANY MANY MORE! Interested? To find out more go to…

7 CLUBS DAY – October 2 nd at Lunch See all the clubs that Arcadia has to offer and figure out which ones you would like to join! More information coming soon. More info at ICC President:

8 Academic Teams Quiz Bowl October Tryouts Jeopardy style trivia competition Academic Decathlon Spring Tryouts Competes in 10 different categories/events Destination Imagination Tryouts TBA Compete with your creative side! Math Team Spring Tryouts Show off your math prowess!

9 Ocean Sciences Bowl Spring Tryouts Buzzer competition about the deep sea! Physics Team October Tryouts Placed 2nd in State! Science Bowl Spring Tryouts Buzzer competition all about science! Science Olympiad October Tryouts Speech and Debate Spring Tryouts Largest academic team on campus! Covers debate to acting! For History Bowl, Solar Cup, and more visit:

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