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Presenter : Ning Xiaohua Director Assistant Tel : 8610-62168458 Fax: 8610-62160938 : WEB :

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1 Presenter : Ning Xiaohua Director Assistant Tel : Fax: : WEB : Administration of Higher Education Student Information in China China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) Career Center (CHESICC)

2 About CHESICC  Information service for students of HEIs  CHSI and NCSS as two big platforms with over 20 sub-platforms CHSI NCSS

3 Authoritativeness The only designated website for qualification enquiry ( Jiaoxue [2004] No.25) Designated information publishing platform for college entrance examination and an online consultation week for consecutive 9 years Jiaoxue [2004]No. 25

4 Authoritativeness Designated website for online registration of national graduate school entrance examination and supplementary application platform CHESICC is the only MOE-designated qualification verification institution (Jiaoxue [2007] No.5) Jiaoxue [2007]No. 5

5  Database of 630 million pieces  Increase by 100 million pieces  Differ in the starting year but cover the entire nation Database Registration Photo Scores Enrollment Studentrecord HEQC HEQC photo Employment

6 E-registration of student record and qualification 2001: e-registration of HEQC 2007: e-registration of student record for new students 2008: e-registration of academic year 2010: real-time e-registration of HEQC million pieces since 1991 increase by 10 million pieces every year

7 Freshmen registration Graduate program Adult program Undergraduate program Web-based program Academic year registration Qualification Registration Self-taught program Origin review Enrollment Management Student record Management Qualification Management Registration process of student record and qualifications Student record and qualification management department of higher education institution Entry At school Graduate Enrollment organization at the provincial level

8 E-registration of student record and qualification All higher education institutions: all kinds of colleges and universities with qualification programs All students: all the students with recognized qualification All categories: regular, adult, internet and self-taught All programs: non-degree undergraduate, undergraduate, master and doctorate programs Process management: from school entry, and study at school to graduation Online enquiry: conditional access to online enquiry of higher education institution and students

9 E-registration of student record and qualification Freshmen registration Academic year registration Qualification registration Graduate Within 1 month Within 1 month Certificate issue and online verification at the same time Undergraduate Within 1 month Non-degree undergraduate Within 2 months

10 Objectives Initial period: crack down on fake certificate and maintain justice Current period: open information, better service and enhanced supervision to meet requirements of information service with more functions Next period: data mining to provide better service and support policy making

11 Verification service Uniform HEQC verification process Every agency needs to use ”HEQC verification online office system” Entire process management from ”application, preliminary review, second review, printing to online report”

12 Verification service Uniform HEQC verification report Qualification ReportReport of Unrecognized qualification

13 Verification service Uniform online enquiry and verification The verification report can be verified on CHSI website as many times as you like

14 Verification service  Online enquiry of student record and qualification  Student record and qualification verification report (electronic and paper)  University transcript verification report  College entrance examination scores verification report Diverse online verification products ( / PDF / barcode format, etc.) mobile verification service and real-time service

15 College entrance examination Data management Registration Scores Enrollment Publicity and enquiry Enrollment instruction HEI profile Major profile … HEIs Applicants Enquiry Consultation All HEIs (2400) and their majors

16 Graduate school enrollment Management Scores Enrollment Service Enrollment instruction Major introduction Enrollment plan … HEIs Applicants Enquiry Registration Consultation Supplementary application Uniform registration 840 HEIs 530 registration outlets 31 provincial enrollment institutions Entire process coverage Online redistribution

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