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2 CHALLENGE To create a rigorous, relevant, student-centered learning environment that better prepares all students for the 21 st century. 2

3 VISION Tech Valley High School serves as a model – in the region, the state and beyond – of innovative public education that is based in strong partnerships and focuses on educating and inspiring students to embrace the increasingly important world of math and science. MISSION Tech Valley High School provides a unique and innovative student- centered educational opportunity, engages students in current emerging technologies, and supports the growth and economy of the region. 3

4 CONTEXT Our current education system: Built for another era. American workers: In direct competition with workers around the world. Tech Valley’s leaders agree: Tomorrow’s workforce must be able to collaborate, think critically, communicate & be self- directed. New Technology Foundation of Napa, Calif.: Identifies region as “promising” & gives $400,000 grant for high school to be a “replication site.” 4

5 A PROVEN MODEL: NEW TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION Established in 1999 Project of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Network of 42 schools across US Technology tools Training & professional development/coaching $400,000 grant to Tech Valley High – its first in NYS & Northeast 5

6 Tech Valley High School in Brief Regional public high school with math-science-technology theme Joint venture of Questar III & Capital Region BOCES Launched in fall 2007 with 40 freshmen by design; 38 more in fall 2008 Open to students in 47 school districts in seven counties Diverse student body Located at Pitney Bowes Software; Fall, 2009 will be located at University at Albany East Campus 6

7 1.Small school 2.Project-based & student- centered learning 3.Integrated curriculum 4.21 st century skills & NYS learning standards 5.Technology platform 6.Partnerships MODEL OF 21 ST CENTURY TEACHING & LEARNING: TECH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL 7 7. Contributing to high school reform movement

8 TECH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL MODEL: SMALL SCHOOL Why? Better able to establish positive culture (respect, responsibility & trust) Individual learning – Student Learning Teams Teachers “share” students, encourage collaboration “Professional” environment Students help manage school 8

9 Real-world challenges & implications Real-world assessment Students find solutions to unforeseen problems & unpredicted obstacles Immersed in teamwork Responsible for own learning & team learning Integrates NYS Learning Standards & Key Ideas Goes beyond state standards TECH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL MODEL: PROJECT-BASED LEARNING, STUDENT-CENTERED 9

10 Sample Project: “Probing the Hudson” Real-World Challenge : Determine if the Hudson River will be safe for swimming in 2009. Project: Students develop river analysis plan, do field research, investigate data & publish a report. 10

11 “ Probing the Hudson:” Meets NYS Learning Standards & Key Ideas MST Standard 1 : Analysis, inquiry & design using scientific inquiry methods MST Standard 2 : Use appropriate information technologies MST Standard 3 : Applying mathematics in real world settings MST Standard 7 : Applying mathematics, science & technology to address real-life problems 11

12 Beacon Institute Center for Advanced Environmental Technology Hudson River Basin Watch NYS Department of Environment Conservation “ Probing the Hudson:” Co-designed, co-taught & co- evaluated in conjunction with experts 12

13 Global Analysis & Media Explorations (G.A.M.E.) Global History & Geography English Environmental Analysis Integrated Algebra Environmental Science TECH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL MODEL: INTEGRATED CURRICULUM 13

14 14

15 TECH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL MODEL: 21 ST CENTURY SKILLS & NYS LEARNING STANDARDS Content: New York State Learning Standards 21 ST century skills Collaboration Information literacy Critical thinking Innovation Communication: oral, written, mathematical, graphic & artistic Citizenship & ethics Technology literacy Self-direction 15

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17 Global competition requires a different kind of education. In order for America to compete globally and secure its future, US workers must develop a high level of creativity and innovation that requires a new approach to education. 17

18 TECH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL MODEL: TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM Tools for communicating, collaborating & learning 18

19 Role of Technology & 1:1 Computer Environment Teachers: Store projects in digital briefcases Post daily course agendas & student grades to the Web Students: Teams share work digitally Have own e-mail accounts & server space Create digital portfolios of their work Performance is captured digitally 19

20 Technology Tools: Project Briefcase 20

21 Technology Tools: Course Calendar 21

22 More than 125 entrepreneurial Tech Valley leaders are shaping & sustaining the school: K-12 Corporations Technology companies Economic developers Chambers of commerce Colleges & universities Organized labor Government TECH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL MODEL: PARTNERSHIPS 22

23 1 st Playable Productions Applied Nano Works Center for Advanced Environmental Technology Cornell University Cooperative Extension Denison Farm NYSDEC Hudson Basin River Watch IBM Local #7 Plumbers & Steamfitters Mohawk Paper Company North Albany Wastewater Treatment Plant Northeast Analytical Q-Drive Rensselaer County Soil & Water Conservation District Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute US Geological Survey Wadsworth Center WAMC WMHT Partners Help Co-Design, Co-Teach & Co-Assess Projects 23

24 Tech Valley High School Promise “…we will deliver a superb academic program… …use Tech Valley High as a crucible within which we will innovate and create educational improvement and spread that within the region… …create opportunities for schools like this across the State of New York….” Paul Puccio, Chair, Tech Valley High School Operating Board TECH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL MODEL: CONTRIBUTING TO HIGH SCHOOL REFORM MOVEMENT 24

25 Results: Standardized exams College and Work Readiness Assessment NTN School Success Rubric 25

26 26

27 COLLEGE AND WORK READINESS ASSESSMENT (CWRA) The College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA) measures how students perform on constructed response tasks that require an integrated set of critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving, and written communication skills. The CWRA is delivered entirely over the Internet in a proctored setting. PARTICIPATING IN THE CWRA PROJECT All schools in the project test freshmen in the fall and seniors in the spring. This assessment provides at the end of the first year a measure of change between freshmen and senior years and by following the freshmen for the remaining three years, schools may track the progress of each successive freshman class. Most importantly, the CWRA allows you to compare the value-added results from your school to results at other, similar institutions and to college freshmen in our national sample of colleges and universities 27

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