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University of Southern Indiana Office of Planning, Research, & Assessment.

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1 University of Southern Indiana Office of Planning, Research, & Assessment

2 Accountability USI students’ academic achievement (learning) translates into how well USI is doing its job USI Pursuit of Academic Excellence Measure student learning outcomes Use for academic advising Continuous quality improvement Support USI programs and growth Accreditation Performance Funding Transfer Articulation Strategic Planning

3 ETS-Proficiency Profile Designed to evaluate and improve the quality of instruction and learning by measuring student achievement in: Critical thinking Reading Writing Mathematics Taken by: All full-time, first-time non-transfer Freshmen Seniors who participated in Assessment Day testing as Freshmen

4 University Experience Student Survey Given to all seniors who are taking the ETS-Proficiency Profile test and includes questions from a variety of USI departments Used to better understand the student experience and used for planning, retention efforts and policy decisions Given to all freshmen who are taking the ETS-Proficiency Profile test Designed to increase graduation and retention rates and better understand the freshman experience. Map-Works Freshmen Student Success Inventory

5 All testing will be completed ONLINE Students will be provided with a Login Sheet that will list their name, student ID, session number, & password.

6 Seniors will be required to write down a Survey Confirmation Code upon completion of testing.

7 ETS-Proficiency Profile The exam is electronically timed to last no longer than 40 minutes University Experience Student Survey Survey should take approximately 30-45 minutes Testing computers have their own timing devices Proctors are not responsible for keeping time MAP-Works Student Success Inventory Survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes

8 The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes.

9 Seating One student at each computer station Students may NOT use a calculator of any type (regardless of what the instructions say) Cell phones & other electronic devices are to be turned off and put away Prohibited Aids Students should have nothing on their desks except Pencils Scratch paper (Both will be provided for the students)

10 Check the Attendance Sheet and clearly mark students as absent if necessary Send late students (those who arrive after the test has begun) to the information table located in the interior entrance of the Rice Library Distribute the Login Cards with the student’s name, student ID, email session number, password (all passwords are identical), and survey link. Instruct the students to click on the desktop icon that reads “TAKE THE ETS-PROFICIENCY PROFILE NOW” or “TAKE THE ETS-MAPP NOW’” to begin

11 After logging in, students will be guided to a proctor approval screen like the one below: OPRA Staff manages these approvals: proctors should be prepared to notify the students that a delay of up to five minutes should be expected and to be patient.

12 If a student leaves the survey or is timed out they will be directed to the login screen below: Students should log back in to the survey using their email address and the password: Eagles

13 Report any irregularities or student misconduct (e.g., mutilating test materials, cheating, disrupting a test session, etc.) Take note of students that finish the test unusually early (less than 15 minutes) as well as any rude or disrespectful students. Assessment Day is essential to the University’s mission and misbehavior will not be tolerated. Test scoring software will detect other forms of misconduct (e.g., deliberately leaving their test incomplete or scoring so low that they plausibly marked answers at random) Students may be referred for disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct

14 Seniors are REQUIRED to take the University Experience Survey. Freshmen will complete the Map Works Student Success Inventory. Please ensure that Seniors write their Survey Confirmation Code on the back of the Login Card. COLLECT all login sheets and place them in alphabetical order as they are received. Give Freshmen the Blue MAP-Works card when they turn in their login card. Return packet with Attendance and Login Cards (in alphabetical order) to the Hospitality Room after all students are finished. At the end of the test, students should provide an email address to send score report.

15 Thank You!

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