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Benito Juárez Rules and Expectations 1. Welcome back to school Juárez Eagles! 2013-2014 2.

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1 Benito Juárez Rules and Expectations 1

2 Welcome back to school Juárez Eagles! 2013-2014 2

3 Section 1 School Entry Procedures Tardy/Detention Procedures Attendance Procedures Hall Sweep Procedures 3

4 4 Arrive to school on time everyday! August 26, 2013 is the first day of school

5 School Entry Procedures 5 Every Day 1. All students who enter the building will be required to swipe in using their I.D. or I.D. number 2. Upon entering there will be scanners and laptops accessible for students to log into verify 3. Students who do not swipe will receive a call home informing parents of an absence

6 Tardy Student Entry Procedures 6 1. Students who arrive tardy to school will be processed by a staff member from the attendance / discipline office. 2. Students will swipe their I.D. or key in their I.D. number. 3. Students will receive a tardy pass from the staff members who processed them 4. The pass will inform them that they have a detention

7 How do I serve my detention? 7 Students are expected to serve detentions on their own and will not be picked up by staff members. Students who do not serve their detention may face further disciplinary action Students may serve their detentions during lunch or after school.

8 8  If students do not serve their detention willingly, they will not have the option to serve the next day.  Next day detentions can not be served during lunch. Where do I serve my detention? Lunch After- school Served Detentions This is an incentive to serve a shorter detention. Students who wish to serve a detention during lunch should report directly to the detention room. They will be offered a bag lunch until the lunches run out. Students will serve a detention after school in a designated room. Students will report to the detention room on their own.

9  The attendance office is located in Room 137  Students are expected to attend school daily  If a student is absent or needs to correct an attendance error, he/she can be helped in Room 137 Attendance Expectations and Policies 9

10 Keep the Attendance Office Informed 10 Notify the office immediately when contact information and emergency information have changed. Attendance Office: 773-534-7053 Contact the attendance office by 8:30 A.M. if your child student will not attend school. Return to school with an excused absent note for an acceptable excused absence. Notes will only be accepted up to one month after the absences (unless it is a doctor’s statement).

11 Absences are only excused for the following reasons: Benito Juarez Community Academy Reason for Absences Note Student Name: __________________________________Division:_________________ Date of Absences:________________________________ Indicate below the valid cause for the student’s absence(s): □ Student Illness (attach medical documentation) □ Observance of religious holiday □ Death in the immediate family (attach documentation □ Family emergency, Explain: _____________________________________________________________ □ Circumstances which cause reasonable concern to you for your child’s safety or health, Explain: □ Other situations beyond the control of the student. Explain: 11

12 Truancy 12 In the State of Illinois, children are required to attend school until the age of 17. By law A 5 day letter will be sent by mail when a student has 5 or more unexcused absences 5-days A 10 day certified letter will be mailed when a student has 10 or more unexcused absences 10-days

13 When a student has 18 days or more of unexcused absences, you may encounter the following circumstances: Consequences for Truants 13 Workshops Parent and student will be required to attend truancy workshops Parent may be required to participate in ongoing parent education workshops Intensive Follow-up Copies of all truancy letters will remain in the students attendance file Staff will be required to conduct home visits to determine if the address is the accurate Alternative Placement The student may be removed from enrollment at Juarez The student may need help transitioning to an alternative school

14 Parents can help their child by: 14 Signing up for parent portal where you can monitor both grades and attendance regularly Monitoring Daily Attendance. When your child cuts a class, or has an early dismissal they are marked as a half-day of absence. Scheduling all appointments after school hours. Sending a note explaining each individual absence

15 Students with good attendance will be recognized! Attendance Incentives 15 Students can participate in school dances and sports Students’ names will be displayed in the Perfect Attendance Bulletin board Students will be invited to participate in quarterly recognition activities.

16 Freshmen Expectations 16 Number of Total Absences (1 st semester):Excluded from: 4 or morePep Rally/Homecoming Dance 6 or moreHalloween Dance 10 or moreWinter Dance Number of Total Absences (2 nd semester):Excluded from: 3 or moreValentine’s Day Dance 7 or moreSpring Dance Total Absences (Full year):Excluded From: 15 or moreSenior Week 18 or moreProm 21 or moreSenior Lock-in 24 or moreSenior Luncheon 27 or moreGraduation Senior RequirementsDue Date:Excluded from: 40 Service Hours, Constitution Test, Consumer Ed, and Drivers Education Completed End QuarterMoved to a Junior Division 5 College Applications Completed12/1Excluded from Senior Week Passing 5 of 7 classesEach QuarterExcluded from Senior Week FAFSA Tax Forms Submitted Before Winter Break Excluded from Senior Week 5 Scholarship Applications Completed5/1Excluded from Prom Passing 5 of 7 classes Excluded from Senior Lock-In

17 Students should arrive to class on time! Hall Sweeps 17 Sweeping Station Students who are late will be swept at a sweep station where they will scan I.D. or key in their I.D. number Get a Pass Students will be issued a pass to return to class and coded as tardy for the period Be aware of Detention Three (may change as the year progresses) hall sweeps in one day will result in a detention

18 Section 2 Electronics Policy Dress Code Policy Student Code of Conduct 18


20 We’ll take the device and lock it up in the discipline office. Your phone or electronic device will be confiscated. 20

21 21 What happens next? Only a parent or legal guardian will be allowed to pick it up. The first time it is confiscated it will be returned to a parent There is a $25 charge the second time, and $50 every time after that.

22 22 Dress Code Students must wear the following: Pants, skirts, dresses, capris, or shorts extending to the knee or lower. Shirts that are modest in fit Students must enter the school with an ID or purchase one at the front door

23 23 Dress Code Students may NOT wear the following: Hats Hoods on head Rubber bands on pants Pajamas Shorts, skirts, capris, etc. above the knee Leggings that are sheer or see through Memorial/RIP clothing Words, images, and symbols that are inappropriate for school Pants ripped to an immodest degree See-through clothing deemed to be immodest

24 THIS IS WHAT WE EXPECT OF JUAREZ STUDENTS S UPPORTIVE LANGUAGE – Speak politely using a friendly tone, encourage others 24 o N TIME – Be in your seat when the bell rings, and have your work finished A PPROPRIATE CONDUCT – Understand and follow instructions, inform teacher of problems, especially those related to safety, like bullying, conflict, and drugs/alcohol R EADINESS – Do your work, have it ready, and be ready to participate

25 Every student will receive a CPS rule book. Every student and parent must read and sign it. You must follow the rules, even if you don’t know them. It lists your rights. Those are important. Come see me or any staff in room 100 or 137 if you have questions. Student Code of Conduct 25

26 Section 3 Message from the College Team How to contact your counselor 26

27 27 Class of 2017 Freshman year is one of the most important years in your education as you will be on your way to become a college student! There are many opportunities for you to become “college ready”. There will be many college visits and opportunities for you to join programs during the summer and the school year. Visit the counseling team and Mr. Palencia/Ms. Gudino in the PERC (Room 213) to discuss these opportunities

28 28 Tips to become college ready: It is very important to start off with a high GPA. This proves to the college that you have been working hard while in high school. If you are struggling with your classes, make sure to take advantage of the resources that Juarez offers. There is after school tutoring and you can arrange to meet with your teacher. Keep your GPA to at least a 3.0 You must complete at least 40 service learning hours by the time you are a senior as this is a graduation requirement. The more service hours you complete, the better your college application will stand out Complete at least 10 service learning hours Colleges are looking for students that do things outside the classroom. It will prove to them that you are a leader and can bring something to their campus Join at least 1 extracurricular activity (club or sport)

29 29 CounselorEmailRolesSeniors DivJuniors DivSoph. Div Freshman Div Mrs. Georgine Karvelas- Lekkas Department Chair Aventa Coordinator 403, 404, 412 504, 505, 506604, 605, 606 705, 706, 707 Ms. Evelyn Sanchez Dual Credit/ Enrollment Liason 409, 410, 411 516, 517, 518 607, 608, 701, 702, 703, 704 Mr. Uvaldo Lopez Homebound coordinator 405, 406507, 508, 509 614, 615, 616, 617 712, 713, 750 Mrs. Raquel Chavez Students living in Temporary Situations Liaison Articulation/ Admissions 401, 402, 407 501, 502, 503 601, 602, 603, 650 708, 716 Mrs. Irina Kogan Peer Mentorship/ Naviance Lead 413, 414 511, 512, 513, 550 610, 618, 619, 620 714, 715 Mrs. Bertha Peer Mentorship/WNI Lead 415, 408 514, 515, 510611, 612, 613, 609 709, 710, 711 Mr. Jesse, College Coach Ms. Ivette, College Coach The Counseling and College Team

30 30 Academic Development includes skills, abilities, knowledge for effective learning Career Development includes skills, abilities, knowledge to help students make a successful transition from school to careers Personal/Social Development includes skills, abilities, knowledge to help students understand and respect self and others, interpersonal skills, safety and survival skills to develop students into contributing members of society Counseling Program and Services

31 31 T OOLS THAT COUNSELORS UTILIZE … What’s Next Illinois & Naviance are web-based high school, college and career planning tools

32 32 Thank you

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