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Rising 9th Grade Class of 2018

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1 Rising 9th Grade Class of 2018
Sanderson High School Rising 9th Grade Class of 2018

2 Course Registration for 2014-15
Rising 9th graders will register for courses at their middle school (time frame will be determined by each individual middle school). Students will be required to get recommendations from each of their core teachers. Students will enter courses through Home Base/Power School (more information will be given at the middle school) Students will also have a paper registration form. Parents must approve all course selections.

3 Registration for Students From Private and/or Charter Schools.
You will need to make an appointment to enroll over the summer. You will register for courses at your enrollment appointment. Please check our website in late May/early June for specific details. We typically do small group enrollments beginning at the end of June. You will need to bring your 8th grade report card in order to sign up for appropriate classes.

4 Graduation Requirements
Must pass End-of-Course exams for English II, Math I and Biology Must earn 26 credits under Future Ready Core curriculum.

5 Future Ready Core Curriculum
4 credits in English (English I, II, III, and IV) 4 credits in Mathematics (Math I, II & III and an appropriate 4th math course) 3 credits in Science (Earth/Environmental Science, Biology, and a physical science) 4 credits in Social Studies (World History, American History I and II, and Civics & Economics) 1 credit in Healthful Living 10 elective credits (2 from CTE, the Arts, or World Language) 26 Total Credits needed to graduate

6 Elective Areas Humanities (English and Social Studies)
Science and Math Advanced Placement & College Transfer Courses Air Force JROTC Arts (band, visual, chorus, theatre) Health and Physical Education World Language (Latin, German, Spanish, French) Career & Technical Education

7 Career and Technical Education at Sanderson High

8 Career and Technical Education Clusters @ SHS
Trade and Industrial Education Business and Information Technology Project Management Family and Consumer Sciences Marketing Technology, Engineering and Design

9 What does a typical Freshman schedule look like?
Sanderson operates on a 4x4 schedule, which means students take 4 courses in the fall, and then begin 4 new courses in the spring semester (end of January). This allows the student the opportunity to earn 8 high school credits at the end of his/her freshmen year. All Freshmen take: An English course A math course A science course A social studies course Healthful Living 2 or 3 electives

10 English Options for Freshmen
English I Honors English I Paideia: English I and World History (year-long course) Honors Paideia: Honors English I and Honors World History (year-long course)

11 Math Options for Freshmen
Fundamental Math I (fall) and Introductory Mathematics (spring) Foundations of Math I (fall) and Math I (spring) Foundations of Math II (fall) and Math II (spring) Special Topics in Math (fall) and Honors Math II (spring) Honors Math II (one semester only option) Honors Math III (one semester only option)

12 Science Options for Freshmen
Earth Science Honors Earth Science Honors Biology

13 Social Studies Options for Freshmen
World History Honors World History Paideia: World History and English (year-long course) Honors Paideia: Honors World History and Honors English (year-long course)

14 Healthful Living Options for Freshmen
Healthful Living I AFJROTC/Healthful Living I (Students must successfully complete both JROTC I (in 9th grade) and JROTC II (in 10th grade) in order to meet the Healthful Living graduation requirement)

15 Freshmen Elective Options – The Arts
Marching Band (fall) and Concert/Wind Ensemble (spring) Orchestra (fall and spring) Visual Arts I Theatre Arts I Vocal Music (fall and spring)

16 Freshmen Elective Options - CTE
Apparel Development I Teen Living Parenting and Child Development Foods & Nutrition I PLTW: Intro to Engineering Design Honors Drafting I (Must have Math I completed) Principles of Business & Finance Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher (Honors) Microsoft Excel and Access (Honors) Sports & Entertainment Marketing I Fashion Merchandising

17 Freshmen Elective Options – Humanities, STEM, and World Language
Spanish II* French II* Latin II* German II* * must have high school level I credit from middle school Creative Writing I Speech I Speech I Honors Yearbook Newspaper Astronomy

18 What is Smart Lunch? SMART Lunch offers a daily schedule which will give students time during an extended lunch period to study, complete makeup work, and explore additional academic interests. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for students to enrich their learning experiences and/or receive additional academic help and support during the school day. SMART Lunch is about 1 hour long. It is divided into a 25 minute “A” lunch, and a 25 minute “B” lunch. During this time students may eat, study, work out, receive tutoring, or visit the media center.

19 Where can students go during SMART Lunch?
Cafeteria to eat Teachers’ classrooms for help and tutoring Media center to study or work Room 101 computer lab to get help from counselors Gym to work out Outside picnic areas to eat Courtyard to eat or socialize Auditorium to study independently or in a group

20 Additional Educational Opportunities for Students
Career and College Promise Honors courses Advanced Placement courses

21 Career and College Promise
11th and 12 graders have the opportunity to take college courses at Wake Tech for free! Dual enrollment educational opportunities for eligible high school students that can earn transferring college credits 2 pathways available: Core 44 College Transfer Career and Technical Education

22 Core 44 College Transfer Pathway
Business and Economics Engineering and Mathematics Humanities and Social Sciences Life and Health Sciences For more information, please visit:

23 Career and Technical Ed Pathway
Business Administration: Marketing and Management Certificate Computer Technology Certificate Cosmetology Diploma Criminal Justice: Introduction to Law Enforcement Certificate Early Childhood Education Certificate Emergency Medical Technician Certificate Mechanical Drafting Certificate Medical Office Specialist Nursing Assistant Certificate For more information, please visit:

24 Honors and AP Courses Students can begin taking Honors level courses in 9th grade if recommended by 8th grade teacher(s) Honors level exists in all core courses, some electives, and higher level arts courses. Students who perform well in Honors level courses will be recommended to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Students who perform well in AP courses and earn high scores on the AP exams may earn college transferring credit.

25 Extra Curricular Activities @ Sanderson High
Getting good grades and challenging yourself should be your number one priority, but it is also important to spend time getting involved in something other than academics.

26 Activities Support the Academic Mission of Schools
The following excerpts are taken from “The Case for High School Activities” published by the National Federation of State High School Associations. Activities are not a diversion, but rather an extension of a good educational program. Students who participate in activity programs tend to have higher grade- point averages, better attendance records, lower dropout rates and fewer discipline problems than students generally. Through participation in activity programs, students learn teamwork, sportsmanship, winning and losing, the rewards of hard work, self- discipline, build self-confidence, and develop skills to handle competitive situations. These are qualities the public expects schools to produce in students so they become responsible adults and productive citizens.

27 Clubs and Organizations
AFJROTC Color Guard and Drill AFJROTC Rocket AFJROTC Kitty Hawk Air Biology Club Chemistry Club Computer Club Speech and Debate Team DECA Environmental Awareness Club Sandscript Spanish Club TSA Web Development African American History Club Book Club Chess Club Chinese Club Coalition for Homeless Fitness Club Global Student Club Guiding Coalition Intramural Sports

28 Clubs and Organizations
Invisible Children’s Club Junior Marshals Key Club Library Student Leadership   Marching Band Music Appreciation National Honor Society National Society of Black Engineers Odyssey of the Mind  Bucket List Club Anime Club Philosophy Club FCCLA Shakespeare Club Spartan Productions Spartan Special Friends Sports Medicine Student Trainers Student Council GSA Digital Photography Ultimate Frisbee

29 Sports Basketball Baseball Softball Tennis Wrestling Soccer Lacrosse
Golf Volleyball Track and Field Indoor Track Cheerleading Swimming Football Cross country

30 Other Ways to Get Involved
Join band, chorus, theatre or JROTC. Become a peer tutor for students who need extra help. Volunteer in the community through a church or a civic group. Volunteer in a community agency such as an animal shelter, homeless shelter, home for elderly people, etc. Start a club at school or start a club sport. Be a helper to your teachers. Find part time employment.

31 At Sanderson High School we are making history . . . everyday!!!
GET INVOLVED! At Sanderson High School we are making history everyday!!!

32 When will we see you again?
This summer we will host a Freshmen Summer Camp in late July or early August. Be sure to check our website for more details toward the end of June. You can find info about summer camp and a whole lot more at:

33 Thank you for your participation!
Questions? Thank you for your participation!

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