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HBCU Library Alliance Leadership Program Coahoma Community College Rose Lockett, Librarian/Outreach Liaison Yvonne Stanford, Director of Library Services.

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1 HBCU Library Alliance Leadership Program Coahoma Community College Rose Lockett, Librarian/Outreach Liaison Yvonne Stanford, Director of Library Services © COAHOMA COMMUNITY COLLEGE 3240 Friars Point Road | Clarksdale, MS 38614 (662) 627-2571

2  Introduction  Abstract  Project Goals  Structure  Process  Overall Outcomes  Key Innovations


4  Information Literacy Program Abstract Dickerson-Johnson Library intends to implement an Information Literacy Program by the spring semester of 2013 with two departments targeted for initial inclusion. The focus of this program will be to provide freshmen, transfer students, and any other students enrolled in freshman orientation, literature, and English courses at Coahoma Community College opportunities for library instruction.

5 This project will provide instructional opportunities for users and will prepare them to become less dependent on librarians in their effort to use the library proficiently in becoming library literate. To accomplish this information literacy project, funds from Title III in the form of a mini- grant have been requested for the program, and the library is waiting for approval.


7  Initially, to address the need to provide library skills to freshmen, a library liaison has been teaching library skills since 2008 to orientation classes on the school’s campus. Since 2010 the program has been expanded to reaching orientation, English, literature, psychology, and western civilization classes at off-campus sites in several cities and communities. The Information Literacy Project aims to close the Information literacy gap for students.  The program intends to reach educators and students enrolled during the 2013 semester and involves planning and implementing library activities in orientation, English and literature. Mentor: Scholars: Mantra Henderson Rose Lockett Yvonne Stanford Director of Library Services Librarian/Outreach Liaison Director of Library Services Herbert H. White Library Dickerson-Johnson Library Dickerson-Johnson Library Mississippi Valley State University Coahoma Community College Coahoma Community College


9  Coahoma Community College’s mission is to provide accessible, affordable, diverse, and quality educational opportunities and services that foster a nurturing teaching and learning environment, promote intellectual and work readiness skills, support personal and professional growth, and prepare students to enter the job market or transfer to a college or university.

10  The library’s project aligns with the strategic goals of the college by endeavoring to empower students (Goal 4) to maximize their potential by providing a network of support services and activities and utilizing emerging instructional technology (Goal 5), by providing innovative learning opportunities for students. The project also aligns with the college’s goal (Goal 9) to ensure institutional effectiveness by planning, assessing, and evaluating all activities and programs.

11  To provide instructional opportunities for students in specific courses  To provide the skills necessary to assist in making students life-long learners and proficient researchers, assessors, assemblers, and users of information  To potentially help strengthen course curricula in providing library support  To have students less dependent on librarians to help them in their quests for information and research efforts  To help to build a strong foundation for college matriculation and sustainability


13 ROSEMARY C. DILL Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness ROSETTA HOWARD Vice President, Academic Affairs CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER VIVIAN M. PRESLEY, President MARILYN STARKS Vice President, Institutional Advancement/Federal Programs YVONNE STANFORD Director, Library and Learning Resource Center ROSE LOCKETT Librarian/Outreach Liaison KAREN WOODS-DONE Curriculum Committee, Social Science Department Chair VERA GRIFFIN Curriculum Committee, English Department Chair

14 Faculty Students

15 * Serving the various off-campus satellites * Serving the remote users

16 Tunica Shaw Rosedale Mound Bayou Marks Charleston Webb EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH


18  What we are doing now….

19  Providing library instruction to freshmen and transfer students using the “one shot” instruction method  Providing library instruction to off-campus and evening students using the same method of delivery  Providing students with a database sheet with usernames and passwords

20 Coahoma Community College Dickerson-Johnson Library Orientation Objectives: After the orientation session, students will: 1. Know the location and function of the online catalog, circulation and reference desks, reference collection, periodicals, stacks, and media services 2. Know how to locate and check out library materials 3. Understand that materials not owned by the library can be obtained from other sources 4. Know how to navigate databases, especially those relative to their subject area

21 DATABASE ON-CAMPUS REMOTE USER NAMEPASSWORDUSER NAMEPASSWORD CINAL,uid&profile= Ehost&defaultdb=c8hnot required magn0100password MELO not required CQ RESEARCHER required melolib Oxford African American Studies Center www.oxfordaasc.comnot required coahoma EBRARY required coahoma679NWR EBSCO eBooks (Formerly NetLibrary) =magn0100&profile=ehost&defaultdb=nleknot required magn0100 MAGNOLIA required magn0100 GRAY’S ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN BODY required Sample Handout

22  Library Liaison Activities:  Collect Syllabi  Conduct Faculty/Library Instruction Sessions  Create Collaborative Presentations with Faculty  Distribute Surveys/Assessment  Continue Collection Development Activities  Continue to Update Faculty on Library Activities

23  The library will offer three types of sessions for users that will encompass information literacy competency standards (ACRL) for higher education. I. General Library Orientation Session will include a basic tour of the library and its services and a demonstration of its resources available to remote and campus users. Instructors of the college’s orientation classes will be able to schedule this session at the beginning of each semester through Educational Outreach. It is a typical way to reach freshmen and transfer students and get them acquainted with what the library has to offer in support of their studies.

24 II. Research and Search Technique Orientation Session will offer a more detailed and in-depth exposure to the library’s services and resources as well as its online databases and e-book collections. This session will target the library’s organization of materials and databases and will concentrate on developing effective search strategies, conducting proper searches, and evaluating resources. This session would be beneficial to any class that has a library and /or research component to its syllabus.

25 III. Subject –Specific Session will concentrate on relevant areas of the collection specific to subjects under study for class assignments. For this session, the librarian will focus on instruction to analyze and evaluate subject-specific print and electronic resources. In conjunction with implementing the information literacy program, a series of library materials will continue to be used, such as library handouts and library guides, outlining databases, focus points, log-in information, and URLs for direct searching. IPADs will be used at off-campus sites that do not have Internet connectivity. This will enable the distant learning students to have hands-on training for accessing library resources.


27  Faculty Surveys  Student Surveys  Determine Needs  Faculty  Students  Library  Institution

28 Cumulative Count and Percent Spring 2012 Library Orientation Survey Report-Faculty Results CountPercent 1. The purpose of the library instruction was clear. Strongly Agree1392.86 % Agree17.14 % Total Responses14100 % 2. Instruction on the databases and/or search engines was effective. Strongly Agree1392.86 % Agree17.14 % Total Responses14100 % 3. Instruction on how to use the online catalog was effective. Strongly Agree1392.86 % Agree17.14 % Total Responses14100 %

29 Cumulative Count and Percent Spring 2012 Library Orientation Survey Report-Student Results CountPercent 1. The purpose of the library instruction was clear. Strongly Agree18581.14 % Agree 4318.86 % Total Responses 228100 % 2. Instruction on the databases and/or search engines was effective. Strongly Agree13458.77 % Agree 9441.23 % Total Responses228100 % 3. Instruction on how to use the online catalog was effective. Strongly Agree16592.86 % Agree 63 7.14 % Total Responses228100 %

30 Library Survey Comments from Faculty and Students Spring 2012 – Written Responses 1.What was your overall impression of the presentation? The presentation was very informative and presented in a professional manner. I was not aware that CCC had a program such as Magnolia. She was very helpful, and made sure we understood. I like the way we can do research if needed. The information was presented in a way where I had no other choice but understand. Very helpful.

31 2. What else would you have liked to learn about that was not covered? I would like to learn more about Magnolia I would like to learn anything that they feel they want to teach to us. I would like to know how to search for things when doing a research paper. It would have been better had we been able to access the internet and actually navigate through CCC’s library and database.

32 3. Additional Comments: This presentation should be a part of the curriculum for all students. I would like to get the entire presentation one on one. I thank her for the information because it was very helpful. Mrs. Lockett presented everything well and I understand more about the library due to the presentation.

33  The library will receive the requested funds and IPADS in support of the IL Program.  The library will better serve the campus community by effective marketing of its resources.  The library will have a better relationship with faculty and students and understand their needs as stakeholders.


35  Collaboration  Teamwork  Sense of equality/pride  Success


37  Time Constraints  Key players  Faculty  Funding Support/Budget  Drop in enrollment  Drop in Number of classes

38 Coahoma Community College is an equal opportunity institution in accordance with civil rights and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or other factors prohibited by law in any of its educational programs, activities and employment opportunities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: Wanda G. Holmes, Director of Human Resources/Coordinator for 504/ADA, Title IX Compliance Officer, Office #A100, Vivian M. Presley Administration Building, (662) 621-4853, (662) 621-4853

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