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FRESHMEN CALL-OUT NIGHT Welcome Class of 2017 2013-2014.

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1 FRESHMEN CALL-OUT NIGHT Welcome Class of 2017 2013-2014

2 Introductions  Professional School Counseling Department  Suzi SwinehartA - G  Sarah Maynard, DirectorH - P  Derek YoderQ - Z  Kim WaughEagle Tech Academy  Alissa Roberts, FMP Coordinator

3 Introductions  Administration  Mrs. Jennifer Reiff, Principal  Mr. Lyle Kuhmichel, Assistant Principal Mrs. Swinehart & Ms. Maynard Students– A-Lh  Mr. Kyle Nelson, Dean of Students Ms. Maynard & Mr. Yoder Students– Li-Z  Mr. Brady Mullett, Eagle Tech Academy Principal  Mr. Geoff Penrod, Athletic Administrator  Mrs. Sandy Kohut, School Nurse

4 Notes from the Nurse Sandy Kohut RN BSN  No one is to carry medication on them at anytime unless arrangements have been made with nurse  Please keep nurse updated on your students health conditions.  Student must report to health clinic if they are sick.  If your student has a fever of 100 degrees or higher please keep them home, if at school they will be sent home

5  √ immunization records and update clinic. There are new mandatory requirements for schools.  If your student is behind with immunizations, please contact your family doctor, WCHD, or Walgreens to set up an appointment.  Please stop in the clinic to √ student’s records. Notes from the Nurse Sandy Kohut RN BSN

6 FMP Goals 1. 100% of students will become accustomed to Columbia City High School. 2. 100% of students will monitor and improve academic progress. 3. 100% of students will establish high school and career goals based on A.B.E.A.M.S. 4. 100% of students will learn of opportunities to become involved.

7 Words to Live by… Vision Statement Our Community - “Breaking Through Barriers for Learning” Mission Statement The Columbia City High School community creates quality learning environments that REQUIRE all students to reach their full potential of becoming lifetime learners through collaboration and accountability.

8 Daily Schedule Five period day 8:05 – 3:20 70 minute classes 5 minute passing period FMP will occur after 2 nd period, known on your student’s schedule as the 2L period Three Lunch modes (A, B, C) Students 3 rd period teacher determines student’s lunch schedule (Lunch Schedule available 1 st Day of each Trimester) Friday is an opportunity for your student to get involved in a club, an activity, or meet with their sport’s coach Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday rotates b/w Guidance, Career, or Student Leaders Activity Day During each Trimester (Student earns ¼ credit and letter grade) During 3 rd Trimester students will participate in our S.O.A.R. program (Setting Goals, Occupations, Academics, Relationships)

9 Make a Plan: Where will you meet up with your student when they are dismissed to go with their FMP Student Leaders and FMP Mentor Teacher? Make a Plan….

10 Introductions o Barb PentangeloModern World Language o Sarah FurthmillerAgriculture o Devin KeenerModern World Language o Beth ScharpenbergMathematics o Rosalie GellerFine Arts - Music o Doug StoffelMathematics o Rita BarkerFamily & Consumer Science o Andy WeaverScience o Maryanne WillcuttsSocial Studies FMP Student Teachers & FMP Student Leaders– Please stand

11 Website  CCHS Guidance Website CCHS Guidance Website  Diploma Information:  CORE 40 with Academic Honors Diploma (AHD)  CORE 40 with Technical Honors Diploma (THD)  CORE 40  Guidance Pages  Freshmen page  FMP information page  Testing Information page (End of Course Assessments, PSAT, SAT, ACT)  Harmony Online

12 Class of 2017 Graduation Requirements  Graduation, Career, & Post-Secondary Plan of Study Graduation, Career, & Post-Secondary Plan of Study

13 End of Course Exams (ECA’s)  Students are tested when courses are completed  Graduation Qualifying Exams (Determines graduation)  Algebra I ECA  English 10 ECA  Biology ECA (No Child Left Behind)

14 Harmony Online Opportunity to check students: Attendance Discipline Grades Assignment Summaries Schedule Receive “informational memos”.

15 Grading Scale



18 Freshmen Year Career Goal: You will graduate with a “MEANINGFUL FUTURE PLAN” (that is re-visited yearly) and a “back-up plan” that has a high probability of success.

19 Your Future It is easier to find something when you know what you are looking for.

20 Library Media Center The Library is open (computer access available) for student use from 7:30am-4:00pm most school days. A student may check out as many books as they can carry! Overdue notices are given to the student in their FMP class, as well as their parents are sent a notice via email. Interlibrary borrowing is available if the Library does not have the resources needed for an assignment. We do our best to get you the information you need! More policies and procedures will be shared with you as your class visits the Library Media Center.


22 Message from Mrs. Reiff Establish short-term and long-term goals Communication Your Participation for a Great School Year!

23 Processes & Procedures Issues or Concerns Issues or Concerns Teacher Counselor Assistant Principal and/or Dean of Students Principal Discipline Information Discipline Information Electronic Devices Dress Code

24 Processes & Procedures Attendance Phone call within 24 hours NOTE required upon return to school Failure to do so will result in absence considered a truancy Attendance Procedures Tardy – 6 th tardy = loss of credit Truancy/Absences = #1 – Restricted Study #2 – Restricted Study & Loss of Work Permit #3 – Restricted Study & Loss of Driver’s License/Permit #4 – Referral to Whitley County Court System/Probation

25 Questions? o If you have questions that will benefit the entire group please ask now. o If you have an individual question, please see that respective individual

26 Thank you… We appreciate you taking the time to visit Columbia City High School and we look forward to working with you and your student. Have a great year!!

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