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At Cedar Park Football we believe that success is not an accident but a combination of concrete factors that allow our young men to have the best opportunities,

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1 At Cedar Park Football we believe that success is not an accident but a combination of concrete factors that allow our young men to have the best opportunities, challenges, support systems, and techniques to experience the great game of football at its highest levels. We believe that our “plan” is tried, tested and proven to be true. That plan is based on the understanding that “winning” is defined by more than the final score in a game, and it can be most rewarding through developing the whole individual through a progression of tests and challenges. We believe that our program’s foundation is built upon “trust” and that the pillars from this foundation are “preparation, commitment, accountability, and expertise.” Our interests will be centered around the principles of doing what is best for our family, focusing on the task at hand, and finishing the job that we have invested so much time and energy in. Above all, we respect the fact that we are privileged to be a part of a community and school at Cedar Park that supports our efforts and believes in the mission of our program. At Cedar Park Football we strive to be second to none in terms of providing the best opportunities for our young men to grow as people and be successful on the field and in the classroom. We will ensure that our players are given time to develop through sub-varsity competition and are given opportunities in practice and competition to earn playing time. We hope to provide an open line of communication and guidance for our parents and players alike. We seek to provide a high level of information about physical and mental training, nutrition, and the recruitment process. We believe that commitment to our core values provides us with the best opportunity to not only win football games, but the hearts and minds of the young men we coach as well. We believe that Timberwolf Football is not just about participation in our program, but also about believing in the idea that together we can achieve far greater results than our individual parts could ever produce. We offer this expectation to those who are willing to meet us at these challenges and in return we will provide the discipline our players need to be successful. This is our brand of football and this is what the Cedar Park Football Experience is all about!



4 Coaching Communication Protocol POSITION COACH HEAD COACH There is a Time and a Place for a discussion. If we are talking about your son, he needs to be present.







11 ATTENDANCE STANDARDS: Classroom, Practices (weekend workouts), Athletic Period, Team Functions, and Pre-Game Assignments. All players will be on time and in attendance to the above without delay. Any missed attendance should be communicated with the Head Coach in a timely manner (Before it is too late). **Discipline ACADEMIC STANDARDS: Grades and Discipline (failures, incompletes, missing work, referrals, negative emails, and cell phone infractions). All players will uphold satisfactory academic standing throughout the 2014-2015 school year. All players will be expected to complete all academic work and resolve any academic blemishes such as incompletes and missing work in a timely manner (applied by their academic teacher). All players will be responsible for adhering to the guidelines applied in the Student Code of Conduct at Cedar Park High School and Football Program concerning the above infractions. **Discipline * Absolutely no cell phones in classroom unless authorized by appropriate authority and ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE USED IN ANY LOCKER ROOM IN ANY ATLETIC FACILITY! SOCIAL STANDARDS: Media Standards, Curfews, and Character Infractions At no time will any player be allowed to post negative team, opposing team, teammate, or community comments on social media (All media communication will be given by team captains, and leadership council members upon approval by the Head Coach). Mon. –Thur. curfew is set at 10 pm and Sunday curfew is also set at 10pm. All players will be expected to adhere to the curfews set by our football program. All players will be expected to communicate with teachers, coaches teammates, family, and their community no matter the situation, positive or negative. At no time will inappropriate behavior such as language will be tolerated. All players will exemplify appropriate behavior and communication in all situations. All players will maintain satisfactory grooming outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Cedar Park Football Program. School appropriate attire will be expected in the classroom and school athletic attire will be expected to be worn during practice and games. All players must wear the issued game day polo and khaki pants or khaki shorts. All varsity players are expected to wear khaki pants or slacks. No exceptions! **Discipline *Discipline: 1 st offense player will report hour before start of practice or am meetings. 2 nd offense same as 1 st plus added conditioning. 3 rd offense same as 2 nd and possible game time taken away.


13  LABOR DAY 8AM – JV/VARSITY PRACTICE; NO FRESHMEN  THANKSGIVING to CHRISTMAS BREAK – WE WILL PRACTICE  19 WEEKS  GENERAL PRACTICE SCHEDULE  JV/VARSITY – MON/TUES A.M.; WED P.M.; THURS. ATH. PER.  SATURDAYS – VARSITY 9AM-1PM COMMITMENT REMIND 101 CODES Parents and players stay up to date with rain delay, change of venue and time sensitive announcements by registering for text message alerts.  All Team- Text @14wolves To 424-835-7936 Varsity- Text @buildit14 To 424-835-7936 JV Team- Text @2014jvteam To 424-835-7936 Fresh.- Text @2014fish To 424-835-7936  If you are not sure if your son will be on Varsity or JV, sign up for both alerts. You can unsubscribe later.

14 A BIG THANK YOU!!! OFFICERS President: Brian Robertson President Pro-Tem: Greg Kelly Vice President: Deb Grimm Vice President: Kim Harshbarger Treasurer: Julia Perkins Secretary: Janet Fiala EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS Concessions: Bob Caster Communications: Kim Harshbarger Hospitality: Membership: Angie McDonald By-Laws: Paul Grimm Nominations: Mike Lavine Fundraising: Rob Sparks


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