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Welcome to JAHS, incoming freshmen, class of 2017!

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2 Welcome to JAHS, incoming freshmen, class of 2017!

3 Typical Freshman Schedule: 1. Algebra I 2. Freshman focus period 3. English 9 4. Modern World Studies 5. Spanish I 6. Lunch 7. Spanish I 8. Integrated science 9. Computer/PE

4 Establishing a Freshmen Community Student Growth/Success Mentoring Program Provide guidance, encouragement, belonging to the larger community Support Systems Promote the value of education & the educational process Core Group of Teachers Provide intervention & enrichment to support learning success Structured Scheduling Provides individualized attention to every student

5 What is freshman focus?

6 What happens in Freshmen Focus Freshmen Focus Period (Targeted Intervention): 10 teachers available everyday for intervention & enrichment Student groups based on student specific needs What you’ll see during Freshmen Focus: Re-teaching, one-on-one instruction, group work, lab work and peer-to-peer tutoring, remedial instruction, re-assessing, student/teacher/administrator conferencing, enrichment opportunities StudentMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday HannahHallStathulisLangReynoldsHomebase MichaelMarshallStathulisMarshallReynoldsHomebase ZekeKoesterPiattKoesterPiattHomebase

7 Support Systems: Teach students to value education & the educational process Build connections between subject areas Students build own intervention schedule Implementation of common assessments & pacing guides Intervention Specialist provides testing accommodation s Provide courses in VHS Honors students participate in enrichment opportunities Quickly identify struggling students Built in remediation courses add 90+ hours of additional instruction in math & reading. Interven tion Enrichm ent AccessAssessments

8 Our Freshmen Community Successes Discipline referrals have decreased.(21%) Percentage of students on the Honor roll increased.(29.8%) ACT scores have increased slightly.(22.3 to 22.8) Teachers are looking more closely at what they are doing and why. Timely, targeted intervention. Better course placement of students. More consistency among freshmen teachers. More students attending Tolles Technical Center, Dual enrollment, VHS, and PSEO. 9596.297.1 95.8 79.9

9 What exactly is AMP & How will the program help freshmen? AMP stands for the Alder Mentoring Program It is an opportunity for freshmen to work with teacher nominated juniors and seniors for activities to get them acclimated to high school. In August, they will focus on building layout, routines, working with high school teachers, importance of being positive, etc… As the year progresses, we will use AMP to address specific needs of freshmen AMP provides a “go to” to help freshmen develop leadership skills


11 Scheduling is important! You are encouraged to carefully plan classes that will help you reach your educational goals and graduate.

12 Course descriptions are designed to guide you in selecting the classes that will lead you towards your goals and that are required for graduation. The course selection guide is on the Alder web site Click Jonathan Alder High School on the left hand side of the page and once the high school page has come up click Guidance on the left hand side of the page. The course descriptions guide is on the left hand side of the

13 To select courses to fit your career plans. We suggest that you: Review and pay particular attention to all graduation requirements. Use a Course Planner form and complete the sections for each of the 4 years you are in high school If you have a career or college major in mind, review the types of courses you will need for your major and take as many as you can. If you want to major in science, take all the science classes you can.

14 Responsibilities Parents and students are responsible for seeing that requirements for graduation are completed. It is the responsibility of every student and parent to be acquainted with the necessary requirements to meet this goal.

15 How many credits do you have to have to graduate from JAHS? You must have 21 credits to graduate from Jonathan Alder High School and these credits must meet the graduation requirements. Most students have more than 21 credits when they graduate.

16 Figuring Out Which Classes are the Best Fit for my Future Needs

17 In order to graduate, all students must also pass the PARCC Test. More info coming soon!

18 Do I have to have credits in certain subjects to meet graduation requirements ? In order to graduate you must have: 4 credits in English 4 credits in Math and starting with the class of 2014 you must have Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II as 3 of your 4 math credits.

19 4 science credits if you are a full time student at JAHS your senior year. 3 science credits if you are attending Tolles or participating in PSEO

20 If a student is in the JAHS building full time their senior year they must take and pass a 4th science. The class of 2014 and beyond will need Alg. I, Geom. And Alg. II for graduation as well as an additional math.

21 3 credits in Social Studies. These credits must include at least: ½ credit of U.S. History ½ credit of Government ½ credit of Econ. (Principles of Democracy [POD] is Govt.& Econ.)

22 ½ Credit of Physical Education (2 semesters) If a student participates in a full season of a sport, marching band or cheerleading then one PE may be waived for that season. Both PE credits may be waived in this manner; however, a student must participate in either two seasons of a sport/band or two PE classes. Students may not have one season of a sport/band and one PE class. 21 credits will still be required for graduation.

23 Wait! There’s More! 1 Credit of computer (2 semesters) ½ Credit of Health 1 Credit of Fine Art -Can be Choir, Band or Art - Could come from 8 th grade transcript

24 Students successfully completing high school courses in junior high school, such as Algebra I and health will be granted high school credit. Algebra I=1 credit Health= ½ credit.

25 Study Hall Students will be permitted to have ONLY 1 period of study hall. (2 semesters)

26 Eligibility for sports participation: All incoming 9 th graders must pass 75% of subjects in which enrolled in grade 8 Eligibility for each grading period is determined by grades received the preceeding grading period Grades 9-12, to be eligible, a student athlete must be passing grades in a minimum of 5 one-credit classes, or the equivalent, in the immediately preceding grading period The guidance department suggests that students take at least 6 courses, during the year, for eligibility purposes. This way, if a student comes across a failing class, he/she would potentially still be eligible

27 Maintaining eligibility:

28 Chew on some new food choices for breakfast and lunch at JAHS! Options: Grab and go breakfast Traditional hot lunch Grab and go healthy wraps with fruits/milk Salad with fruit/milk Pack your own


30 JAHS attendance policy AKA the 8/16 rule

31 JAHS offers a variety of activities you should check out! Activities that may be new to you include: Bowling team Drama club fall play/spring musical FCCLA Foreign language club Quick recall club Yearbook staff

32 Foreign language clubs

33 Quick Recall

34 Yearbook –Production of the JAHS Powderhorn

35 Parental Involvement: How Can Parents Contribute? Even at the high school level, it is vital parents and guardians stay involved in school activities to ensure the success of their child. Active ways to stay involved include: - Know your child’s teachers - Know your child’s friends - Attending extracurricular activities (sports events, performances) - Attending or joining meetings and/or events

36 Parental Involvement Outcomes Studies show that students with involved parents regardless of income or background are more likely to: 1.Earn high grades and test scores and enroll in high level programs 2.Be promoted, pass their class and earn credits 3.Attend school regularly 4.Have better social skills, show improved behavior, and adapt better to school 5.Graduate and go on to post secondary education Information gathered from the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (2002) Retrieved from The Center of Public Education

37 Fall Freshman orientation Scheduled for August 14, 2013, 7 PM in the Jonathan Alder Auditeria

38 Good luck the next 4 years JAHS class of 2017!

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