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No trespassing, town property (along public road) The town does own the property appearing behind that sign. The "No trespassing" message is intended.

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2 No trespassing, town property (along public road) The town does own the property appearing behind that sign. The "No trespassing" message is intended to demonstrate that trespassing is prohibited in that wooded area, and not on the road. However, the person who took this picture has personally seen other drivers become confused as to the meaning of this message, instead interpreting it to mean they were not allowed on that road at all. In fact, it is a county road and is open to traffic.

3 "Duck crossing (with graphic) Although this sign is incredibly cute and even includes the humor of a baby bird flapping its wings with great futility, this sign can be wrong. There is no way that ducks "cross" the road at this one spot regularly.

4 Mobile patrol when station closed This sign is intended for trucks, as it appears near a weigh station, but there is no statement specifying this. Also, all 50 states employ some form of "mobile patrol" and therefore this sign is unwarranted.

5 Warning; Decoy area Although this looks like a traffic sign, it's not (or maybe it is, also). A "decoy" as referenced here.

6 Emergency (plaque) Michigan has Emergency I-94 routings running parallel to I-94 from its entrance from Indiana eastward almost to Ann Arbor, to detour traffic in case of road closures, especially those caused by lake effect snow on the western end. There is also an Emergency US-31 near Muskegon. These are similar to the colored detours in Pennsylvania.

7 Verbose exit signage during construction This sign contains three oddities. First, the "Open" plaques appear to be exit or guidance signs. Next, the graphic of the road splitting is probably unnecessary. Finally the reference "milepost 17" may not be useful to some travelers.

8 Cheat Lake; Fairchance Rd Bonus points on this sign are awarded for it's humor and irony.

9 Lane ends, merge left (with graphic arrows) This sign is an interesting hybrid between a graphic and texual sign. But thank goodness they included the arrows so I could know which way left was!

10 Maryland wildlife; Watch for it! Stay alert Whenever exclamation signs are used on signs, you take them more seriously! This sign also is interesting because it includes a graphical deer and bear.

11 (Stop sign blank) Do not enter Although this is clever, it's the wrong way to post this message.

12 7 to 9:30AM, One Way, Monday-Friday, Except Holidays An extremely non-standard sign packed with far too much text and the wrong colors to boot.

13 Notice: Double parking prohibited at all times The use of orange here is non-standard, as is the text of the whole sign. "Notice" signs should have the phrase "Notice" appear with a blue background with white text, not an orange background with black text like a construction sign. Additionally, it goes without saying that double parking is illegal (parking in a travel lane).

14 Homeland security code orange; No parking or standing; Federal security zone; Warning: unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and towed; by order of the United States Marshall (statute number) Does this sign mean that you are allowed to park there when the alert level is not orange? How could they post a regulation stating "code orange" when the code is supposed to be changing regularly. Then again, it will never get to blue or green as long as things are the way they are.

15 Do not enter; except tour mobile Though there may not be any other effective way to express the message of this sign, the use of a single sign to convey this message is interesting (especially since it has a matte finish without reflections.

16 Dump truck (graphic) This sign is featured because of it's attention to detail. Typically construction trucks are not pictured on signs, but in this case, the designed opted to even draw in wheels, parts of the suspension, and the undercarriage.

17 Pedestrians; You must push button to call for walk signal The white lettering on red is a peculiar choice for pedestrian signage, especially with the subsequent use of red text on the white background. Also, does this sign actually require pedestrians to push the button to cross? Or does this sign merely require pedestrians to push the button if they want the walk signal?

18 Right lane do not block intersection Can any other lane block the intersection?

19 Right turn only in to curb lane This is peculiar since it uses the phrase "curb lane" which is non-standard.

20 My daddy works here; Slow down please Our nation's capital boasts some of the best non-standard signs in the country (of course). This gets extra points for using "slow" "please" and "daddy", all with the graphic of what looks like a mother and a child typical of a school crossing sign.

21 Right turn only; Ahead 2 blocks This sign is interesting because of its use of the word "blocks" to mean streets. An alternative to this would be to post the actual distance until the regulation is in effect.

22 Security alert; For your protection, all bags, packages, backpacks, coolers, or belt bags are prohibited in the event area, all aforementioned items will be subject to inspection before entering or while inside the event area. Basically, your bags are subject to search while in the event area, even though they are prohibited in the event area in the first place. All this security stuff is just over the top sometimes.

23 Horse and buggy crossing (graphic) These signs are one of the many interesting things to see in Amish country.

24 No turns from shoulder This is another sign which would be better off with the "State Law" header placed on top, since this likely is the case at all intersections as well.

25 Left turn signal; Red ball and green arrow lit at the same time (pictured) This photo speaks for itself. In a scenario like this, a doghouse style 5 head light would be more appropriate, rather than mixing the red ball with the green arrow on the same signal head.

26 Split right turn lanes An interesting albeit non-standard way to illustrate the situation (one turn lane turning into two travel lanes)

27 Bicycle stop on stop line for green This must cause some confusion for drivers and bicyclists alike. Generally bicycles follow the flow of traffic, so it is unknown what the intent of this sign is.

28 Slow (plain yellow caution sign with glass reflector) A relic of days long past, this sign boasts both retired language ("slow" without describing the hazard) and a beat-up beaded glass reflector. There was probably another reflector on top of this sign as well.

29 Covered sidewalk ahead Not only was there no apparent sidewalk covering at this location, it's hard to see what one has to do to respond to the covered sidewalk.

30 6 mph (speed limit) Although this is intended for the operators of the T (Boston's light-rail), speed limit signs that are not in increments of 5 mph are often of interest to sign fans.

31 No right turn (with weird graphic and diagonal mounting) Strange to mount the graphic sign diagonally, it confuses the direction of turning being prohibited. Also, the arrow is too wide or too soft of a bend.

32 To US1 and I93, construction orange This would be correctly represented using standard US1 and I93 signs, accompanied by an "Detour" plaque on top.

33 Blind pedestrian crossing This is likely unwarranted as the absence of the hazard is far more frequent than the actual presence of the hazard.

34 Rest area, coffee break supplemental plaque Although the yellow indicates caution, you'll want to stop at the coffee break ahead. This was in Connecticut somewhere, and a local boy scout troop was distributing "free" (donation suggested) coffee for drivers. How nifty.

35 Warning, full stop ahead As opposed to a partial stop, this sign was buried in the woods anyway, and the area is mostly abandoned.

36 Letchworth Village Developmental Center Speed Limit 20 MPH NO: Parking on grass, parking on sidewalks, passing, hitchhiking, parking in loading zones, parking in fire lanes; Pedestrians always have the right of way; Be extra careful when proceeding through this facility Aside from the fact there is way too much text to have people read, the speed limit is displayed in red, the list of no parking regulations is split by the 'passing' and 'hitchhiking' in the middle, the fact that the sign actually says "be extra careful" is my favorite part of this sign.

37 3 mi per hour area Yet another speed limit sign that ends in a number other than a multiple of 5. This is in a Verizon truck yard in Albany, NY.

38 Not a through way; Caution, mud conditions The "Not a through way" sign should actually be printed on a white sign blank with black text. As for the "mud conditions" sign, the red on white is certainly inappropriate. If anything I would have liked to see a yellow caution diamond that said "Mud“.

39 Suggested speed 25 m.p.h. Aside from the red-on-white for a speed limit sign, what is a suggested speed? There is no accompanying posted speed limit for this road.

40 Slow pedestrian area (red text on white sign) From the same area as the red-on-white suggested speed limit sign, this sign boldly defies logic, considering that it's located in an incredibly sparsely populated area (note the one or two visible trailers in the background).

41 Yield right of way From an abandoned mine constructed during the 40s, signs like this practically do not exist on public highways anymore.

42 Chili's to-go parking only, 10 minute limit, all others will be crushed and melted (feat. Gift cards available plaque) If I really was towed, I'd be pretty upset, because it seems like this would otherwise be a tow-away zone. This sign gets bonus points for the "gift cards available" accompanying plaque.

43 Yield to peds (graphic and text) New York City uses a number of signs like this, blending text and graphics to get a message across. Understandable, although non-standard.

44 Crannell St, pedestrian walkway, no vehicles allowed A peculiar font and style to choose for a directional sign.

45 No parking in driveway, No parking in driveway (black sign, white lettering) The sign was so nice, they put the message on twice. With bonus weirdness for it's color scheme.

46 Road Closed (fluorescent yellow-green, with orange spray paint for detour) The highway department must have just got a good deal on orange spray paint and fluorescent yellow green sign blanks. A traditional black lettering on white background "Road Closed" sign with an orange "Detour" arrow would be far more appropriate.

47 Capacity of bridge, 7 ton Good thing they put this sign in the brush, turned away from the flow of traffic, where you can really see it. This sign has been replaced with a "Weight Limit" sign. Tons is also the correct plural form of ton. What I don’t understand is why didn’t they just remove it?

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