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Soul2Soul Educare presents Meditation-Why? How?. Meditation means “To Heal”

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1 Soul2Soul Educare presents Meditation-Why? How?

2 Meditation means “To Heal”

3 Emotional distress scars the mind Emotional Distress…. I’m worried..sad. upset.. Scars on the Mind

4 Five Koshas or Sheaths

5 Take a dip in the waters of silence everyday

6 Meditation helps in dissolving karma that you make unknowingly Negative karma

7 Meditation can help people of all walks of life A Businessman A Stay-At-Home Mom A Factory Worker A Student

8 Exterior must be clean for Interior to flourish

9 Peeling Away the Layers of Maya(Illusion)

10 Humans have an innate reflex which is a mirror image of fight/flight response – The Relaxation Response Reduced heart rate Reduced blood pressure Reduced sweating Increased functioning of the gastrointestinal tract Relaxation of muscles Increased oxygen & blood to the brain Scientific Reasons why Meditation is beneficial

11 The Electric Activity in the brain changes From beta waves to alpha & theta waves

12 Meditation helps synchronize the brain waves in both hemispheres of the brain

13 Two hemisphere brain wave synchronization leads to: Feeling the Oneness with everything Higher Intuitive Abilities Easier absorption of more knowledge and information

14 The Benefits of this: Decreases stress-related hormones in your body. Maintains healthy levels in blood pressure Increased physical and mental health Increased ability to concentrate Increased ability to learn new things

15 Stages of Meditation High Beta activity Symmetrical alpha rhythms Alpha blocking Symmetrical alpha and less-amplitude theta Very high amplitude alpha waves, lesser amplitude activity in theta and in beta range ~ Brain wave activity is synchronous.

16 Mind is like a muscle that can be trained The Just like a jogger has to train his muscles…. A Meditator has to train his mind…

17 Meditation+Daily Work=Godhead

18 Meditation Exercises to open your heart & for relaxation

19 Preparation for Meditation Select a silent corner or a room in your house The best time for meditation, is before sunrise – between 3 am to 6 am. Meditation should be practiced preferably at the same time and at the same place. You should not meditate at least 2 hours after a meal. It is better to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Adopt any sitting posture where you can for a length of time without moving

20 If you feel cramps or pain or an itch, don’t move Itch…go away..breathe If you remember, smile Place your concentration on one of the 3 centers where you affix the attention of your mind If you are bombarded with thoughts, label each one If during the meditation, you see lights, figures, images, or hear sounds, or smell fragrances, observe them in a detached manner. After meditation don’t immediately plunge into active work. Be quiet for some time The peace and purity you experience during the meditation must be reflected in your daily encounters. I don’t like what I’m seeing… where are My profits?! Don’t get mad! Stay calm.. I’ll hop to it sir!

21 God… God... Ram… Ram... Allah… Jesus… Buddha… Methods of Contemplation Repetition of a Holy Name or Mantra Sohum… I am that..

22 Breathe in… Breathe out.. Methods of Contemplation Concentrate on your breathing

23 Inhale..So Exhale..Hum Inhale…I can Exhale..Achiev e anything Methods of Contemplation Concentrate on your breathing & repeat the name of God or affirmation

24 Methods of Contemplation Picture a Form

25 Methods of Contemplation Combine seeing the form and saying God’s name Sohum… I am that..

26 Methods of Contemplation Think about an incident or story in your Master’s life

27 I can achieve anything… I am confident.. I am blissful… Methods of Contemplation Concentrate on the words of an affirmation

28 Methods of Contemplation Practice the Light Meditation technique My eyes will see only good My ears will hear only good My nose will smell only good My tongue will speak only truth only good My hands will serve and help all My feet will only take me to good places My mind will only think good thoughts I send light to One and All because I am One with all

29 What you might feel when you practice regular meditation Calm and relaxed Ecstatic Pleasure, refreshment, well being Nothing at all

30 There is important transformation happening in your body, mind & spirit Physiological changes – e.g. reduced muscle tension and stress hormones Mental changes – e.g. reduced stress and happier demeanor Younger looking body and skin Better overall health You draw yourself closer to your Higher Self

31 1 st Step to Meditation ~ Relaxation

32 1.Illness: to overcome: Practice sohum technique 2.Lethargy: to overcome: Avoid “Tamasic” foods - stale, colorless, too salty, too sour, too bitter and twice cooked food. Examples of tamasic foods are meat, wine, cigarettes, sodas, and all drugs and medicine 3.Doubt: to overcome: Affirm first thing when you wake up in the morning “I am not this, I am that” 4.Haste: to overcome: Stop thinking about “Time” 5.Fatigue: to overcome: Go to bed early and control breathing during meditation 6.Distraction: to overcome: Avoid unnecessary social functions 7.Arrogance: to overcome: Don’t talk about it 8.Stagnance: to overcome: Don’t give up and continue to affirm every morning “I am not this, I am that” 9.Loss of Confidence to overcome: keep the company of the good; higher vibration beings, and avoid worldly people Obstacles in Meditation Is this working ?

33 Meditation’s benefits helps reduce stress and anxiety improves your health improves your appearance provides emotional stability it helps us hears God’s voice Difference between meditation and prayer In prayer we talk to God, God listens In Meditation we talk to God, He listens & responds.

34 Thank you for your interest in our workshop material Check out our website for spiritual development © 2011 Soul2Soul Educare Inc. - All rights reserved. Permission granted to reprint this presentation for use in spiritual circles. Reprints must include Soul2Soul Educare’s name and contact information - No part of this presentation may be altered or changed in any

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