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April 2012. “Security is everyone's business”

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1 April 2012



4 “Security is everyone's business”

5 Be an active listener This means "making sure the person knows you're part of the conversation by asking questions and injecting verbal cues, like 'Uh huh' and 'I see.'" Another technique is repeating to someone what they just said to you. "If they say 'I'm upset my computer broke,‘Trysaying back, 'So you're upset that your computer failed. I'd be upset too.'" People feel better if they can tell their story.



8 Never store your computer passwords, PIN numbers, or any personal security information in your luggage, purse or wallet. These items are target for thieves and can be quickly carried away. Instead keep this information in your encrypted computer with a strong password. This will make it very difficult for thieves to retrieve information to steals your identity and your information.

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