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Welcome to the Fall 2010 Shrewsbury Intown Referee Meeting Please sit down We will start at 7:00.

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1 Welcome to the Fall 2010 Shrewsbury Intown Referee Meeting Please sit down We will start at 7:00

2 What you can Referee Grade 9 Referee: U10 and below: Intown U7, U8, U10 MAYS U10 games 2 Year differential AR's for U12 and U14 Grade 8 Referees Any intown and all MAYS games 2 year differential What your are ready to ref

3 Best way to get games ● Check you email regularly. You need to accept or decline a game within 48 hours, or you can be unassigned and the game reassigned. ● Update your calendar on the Arbiter using Blocks. ● Communicate with your assignor. ● Professional attitude ● CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

4 QUESTION FIELD CONDITIONS? Check the website; ● ● Look under field status. ● You need to check the status before going to the field to be sure the field had not been closed. Referees will not be paid for games if the field is closed and the games are canceled at least 2 hours before the game.

5 Be Prepared for your Game ● Arrive on the field 30 minutes before the game start time so you have time to check the field, check in the teams, and talk to the coaches. ● When you arrive to your game you should be in full uniform. Also bring: whistle, watch, cards, flags,pen/pencil and logbook, coin to flip, piney,water/sack, phone, rules for your game level. ● Print your schedule and bring it to the game.

6 Take Charge ● Greet each coach with a firm handshake, a smile, and look them in the eyes. ● Use common courtesy: “ Thank you”, “Please”, “Sir”, Ma'am”. This helps to encourages respect. ● Issue firm, simple instructions to the players so they know you are capable of managing the game. ● Start the game on time. ● Blow your whistle clear and sharp.

7 REMEMBER As a new referee you will not make all the right decisions. Don't get upset if you make a mistake. Learn from it. You will also have the opportunity to learn from listening to your mentor, and watching more experienced referees.

8 Zero tolerance All coaches, players, and spectators shall support the referee before, during and after the game. Failure to do so undermines the referee's authority and could create a hostile environment. Therefore; No one should be addressing the ref during the game!

9 Exceptions During a game ; Coaches can respond when the referee initiates contact, or if they are signaling about making a substitution, or when there is an emergency or safety issue. At halftime ; Coaches can ask the referee to clarify a rule in a respectful/polite way. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SARCASM, HARRASSMENT OR INTIMADATION

10 REFEREE RESPONSE TO DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR FIRST TIME; Ignore SECOND TIME: Referee gives verbal warning THIRD TIME: Referee offers a caution FOURTH TIME; Referee should issue an ejection Remember to remain calm, but be clear and direct when speaking to the person who has been the problem.

11 The Arbiter You will be using The Arbiter to view your games, accept/decline games, and to file game reports. Website is

12 Go to: Sign in with your email and password

13 Go to schedule. Here you can view your games, accept and decline games, and submit your game report after games. You can also see if your game is canceled.

14 At blocks you can block certain times and days so you don't get assigned a game during that time If you use teams you can block games that will interfere with the schedule of any other SYS team

15 Assistant Reffing (AR) ● The purpose of an AR is to assistant the center ref in making the game safe and fair. This means that the center ref will make all official calls and is in charge of the game ● If you are going to AR a game, before the game you should talk to the center ref so you know what they want you to do. ● You should use the same color and designed flag as the other AR and try to wear the same colored shirt as the center ref. ● You can review in your handbook the signs and basic responsibility's of an AR.

16 Mentors ● Mentors are experienced adult referees who are assigned to games to provide guidance and feedback to young referees. ● They will give feedback to your assignor regarding your current level of practice and recommendations regarding moving up to a higher level game. ● This year we are fortunate to have 3 Referee Mentors for intown Shrewsbury games. They are Bob Platz, Jay Stencil, and Ron Weedan.

17 Payment ● For intown games payment is issued two times per season. First payment is made after the first half of the season. Second payment is made following the end of the season. ● U7 and U8: $15.00 each game. ● U10 (intown not Mays) $20.00 ● AR for U12: $15.00 ●

18 Websites ● A few websites you can use for resources are: ● Referee information; ● Field status, or intown age group level rules; ● MAYS information; ● Arbiter help page:

19 Thanks for coming and good luck this season

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