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JOEL. INTRODUCTION Nothing known about him – for sure – 12 Joels in Bible Name means Jehovah is God Nothing known about his father – Pethuel, named in.

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2 INTRODUCTION Nothing known about him – for sure – 12 Joels in Bible Name means Jehovah is God Nothing known about his father – Pethuel, named in 1:1 Prophet to Judah, most likely very early Book has been called “the locust plague and what it teaches” Apparently an unheard of, severe plague caused Joel to write A particular instance and not just his life of work

3 CHAPTER 1:2-12 – PLAGUE AND DRAUGHT Something very unusual has happened or “will” happen Most felt that this was an actual event Read some of account of locust in 1915 Had not been seen or will be seen for generations Everything will be eaten and all grapes lost – grapes and figs mentioned There is drought or no produce

4 CHAPTER 1:13-20 PREPARE FOR DAY OF LORD Get ready Day is near Describe famine, drought Joel is using an actual even,t, known to man Then figuratively showing how Day of Lord will be v. 19 – will cry or turn to God!

5 CHAPTER 2:1-11 DESCRIPTION OF DAY OF LORD Dark – dark – dark v. 2 and 6 Lot of figurative language – i.e. fire/like army Describes a catastrophic event – locusts/fall of Israel or Judah/Judea V. 11 – day is terrible and who can abide or endure it?

6 CHAPTER 2:12-30, REPENT! God is still there for them Pattern for repentance Give entire heart Fasting – concentration Weeping and mourning – true sorrow for wrong Feel it in heart, not just outward show Turn to God Good for all times

7 CHAPTER 2:12-30 (CONT) Stop whatever is being done – repent now! Urgent! Blessings – think of locusts and compare to judgement Feed them Protect them Do great things Restore what locust has eaten Be their God once again v. 28-32, Day of Lord will be bad unless you repent – quoted on day of Pentecost, Peter’s first sermon, Acts 2:17-24

8 CHAPTER 3 – PUNISHMENT AND BLESSINGS V. 1-8, how enemies of God’s people will be treated Identifies those to be punished Those who have done wrong to God’s people Why or is it important to know this? Punishment – v. 7 and 8 – what you did will be done to you

9 CHAPTER 3 (CONT) V. 9-17, actual day of judgment Will be like a terrible war or battle, v. 9 Will sit in judgment, v. 12 Like harvest, v. 13 V. 14, valley of decision – God’s decision or judgment v. 16 – hope of God’s people, no fear v. 18-21 shows this is final judgment God’s people will endure/prosper/be saved God’s enemies will be desolute

10 Prophet of Social Justice AMOS


12 AMOS – SHEPHERD IN TEKOA, 12 MILES SOUTH OF JERUSALEM AND 6 MILES SOUTH OF BETHLEHEM From southern kingdom but prophesied in Israel Dated himself during reigns of Uzziah (Judah) and Jereboam II (Isa.) 30 years before captivity of north Chapter 7:10-17

13 TYPICAL APPROACH USED IN AMOS Speaks out against neighboring countries Addresses Israel’s sins Declares there is hope


15 WHY PUNISH OTHERS? They have treated God’s people unjustly They did not have law?! Rom. 1:18- 20

16 SOME NATIONS MENTIONED Damascus – threshing Gilead Gaza – Delivered captives to Edom Tyrus – delivered captives to Edom Edom – pursuing his brother without pity Ammon – cruelty to Gilead (ripped open pregnant women) Judah – rejected God’s law

17 ISRAEL In same context, Israel condemned for sin Materialistic Oppress poor Incest Fraud – clothes by pledge, have to be returned by night What God has done Destroyed their enemies Delivered them from Egypt There were prophets and from Israel They responded by rejecting them

18 ISRAEL (CONT) God is hurt, but has to punish them “Weighted” down by all this God’s just nature requires him to punish injustice

19 CHAPTERS 3-5 Israel: Addressed

20 CHAPTER 3:2-8, ISRAEL CHOSEN Got more will surely be punished more, Luke 12:41-48 God knows all – certainty of justice – only right!! Chapter 3:11-15 – certainty of justice – only right!!

21 CHAPTER 3:11-15 Foretells captivity

22 CHAPTER 4 – CONDITIONS OF ISRAEL V. 1-3, heathen wives will leave to captivity V. 4-5, go through rituals V. 6-11, God had tried to motivate Israel to come back V. 12-13 Powerful

23 CHAPTER 5:4-15, TOLD TO SEEK GOD V. 4-5, anywhere else is trouble V. 6-7, Do it before it is too later V. 8-9, God made all and will initiate destruction V. 14-15, Seek God by seeking Good V. 16-20, no hope in evil They wanted God to come but if not ready…

24 CHAPTER 6 Earthly pleasures/prosperity will become curse

25 V. 1 Woe/beware if you are “at ease” – satisfied, complaicent

26 SEVERAL THINGS MENTIONED AND PUT INTO THEIR PLACE Furniture Food idle entertainment Alcohol Oils Parties Houses

27 V. 11 Destruction

28 CHAPTER 7:1-9:6 5 visions

29 CHAPTER 7:1-3 – LOCUST Amos prayed God changed his mind

30 CHAPTER 7:4-6 Fire – again Amos prayed and God changed mind

31 CHAPTER 7:7-9 Plumbing

32 CHAPTER 7:10-17 Authorities tried to stop Amos

33 CHAPTER 8: ISRAEL “RIPE” OR READY FOR DESTRUCTION V. 4-10, Israel’s sins Trample needy Dishonest scales This all will end

34 CHAPTER 8:11-14 Famine of God’s Word

35 CHAPTER 9:1-4 No escape Lesson for today? A day of reckoning will happen!

36 STILL HOPE – IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING! God has been good to his people – out of Egypt Identity of people or nation will be lost – remnant left Jeremiah 30:11 Jeremiah 31:36 Joel 2:32


38 SINNERS WILL “DIE” By sword Will try to deny inevitable

39 PERMANENT MESSAGES IN BOOK God’s diving nature 4:13, 5:8, 9:5-6 Sincere worship 5:21, 5:23 Social justice 5:24, 2:6-8, James 1:27

40 PERMANENT MESSAGES (CONT) Responsibility comes with privilege Meaning of adversity God will never stop warning Need for all to have personal conviction 7:14-15, even a prophet Cannot be done by proxy


42 INTRODUCTION Book emphasizes that God is God of all nations God will hold all responsible for sin Foreign nations were condemned for mistreatment of God’s people V. 15 Obadiah means servant of Yahweh

43 INTRODUCTION (CONT) No agreement as to date Destruction of Jerusalem in v. 11 is no help Various scholars have date from 845 to 450! Jack Lewis has it as 586 – fall of Jerusalem

44 INTRODUCTION (CONT) Unique focus of book An oracle against Edom – Esau’s descendants Became Israel’s enemy – mistreated God’s people Obadiah denounced them and predicted their destruction God still recognized and honored their ties of brotherhood

45 INTRODUCTION (CONT) Theme – destruction of Edom because of mistreatment of Judah Edom’s acts of mistreatment listed Basically faired to act as a brother Unlikely preached to Edom but given to Judah for comfort Edomites (Idumeans) disappeared in 2 nd century AD

46 HOW EDOM WAS TO BE DESTROYED, V. 1-9 V. 1 Background V. 2 Initial prophecy V. 3 Cause of their downfall – arrogance V. 4 No way to escape V. 5 & 6 All wealth would be taken V. 7 Friends with turn on you V. 8 and 9 Wise and strong will be brought down

47 V. 10-14, WHY EDOM HAS TO BE DESTROYED V. 10 Treated “brothers” violently V. 11 Did not help brothers in time of need V. 12 Delighted in brothers problems V. 13 Actually looted brothers wealth V. 14 Would kill “refugees” instead of helping

48 V. 15-21, WHEN EDOM WAS TO BE DESTROYED V. 15 “Day of Lord” V. 16 Forced to drink cup of suffering V. 17-21 Salvation of Judah V. 17 Restore land and worship V. 18 Judah will defeat enemies v. 19 Judah will possess Edom’s land V. 20 Exiles will come back V. 21 God will be in control


50 INTRODUCTION Unique, most discussed, argued, debated book in the OT after Genesis account of creation, (W. Woodson’s comment in Gospel Advocate) about prophet, not message or prophecy What he did, not what he said One verse covers his message – 8 words!! Chapter 3:4

51 INTRODUCTION (CONT) Jonah, the man – son of Amittai From Gath-hepher, north of Nazareth; “from Galilee” Time of Jeroboam II Most prosperous since Soloman II Kings 14:25

52 INTRODUCTION (CONT) Nineveh, capital of Assyrian Empire In power 900 to 600 for 300 years, beginning with divided kingdom Gradually took over Israel in 721 500 miles east of Palestine Very old city – in Iraq on Tigris River Had a wall 7.5 miles around, 1.5 miles to center

53 INTRODUCTION (CONT) Nineveh 600,000 people Wall 100 feet high People Obviously in sin But receptive to messages Some historical evidence of their getting better

54 INTERESTING “OUTLINE” Chapter 1 Running from God Chapter 2 Running to God Chapter 3 Running with God Chapter 4 Running ahead of God

55 CHAPTER 1 V. 1-3, Command and responses Why run? Great city, powerful – you want to tell them they’re wrong?! Same today We would rather do anything than confront someone What is our obligation?

56 V. 4-16, STORM Great wind (miracle) relatively small ships, big problem Jonah was asleep! Casting lots to determine who caused this Superstition – man’s actions bring direct response Today? Not as prevalent but still around

57 V. 4-16, STORM (CONT) Men believed it was Jonah who brought this on them Still tried to get to land, but could not Finally threw him overboard Feared God Made sacrifice Made vows – would be expected!!

58 CHAPTER 1:17-2:10 “FISH” – SEA MONSTER Where controversy comes in Real? How? Kind of creature exist? Was a miracle; is possible with God All critics in history, no real argument 3 Days and nights? Matt. 12:40 – “sign” for Hebrews Thought Jesus was crucified Friday, raised Sunday? Way Jews expressed days

59 CHAPTER 1:17-2:10 (CONT) Jonah’s depths of despair Jonah prayed to get out of fish Jonah’s condition Belly of hell Into deep Out of God’s sight Lying vanities forsake own mercy

60 CHAPTER 1:17-2:10 (CONT) Jonah’s depths of despair V. 3-7 tremendous depression! Every feel that you’re in a situation with no way out? V. 6, bottoms of mountains – bars around me forever! Many chose suicide Jonah remembered God Lesson for us? Jonah promised to obey God Fish “deposit” Jonah onto dry land

61 CHAPTER 3 God’s repeated command, v. 1 & 2 Jonah responded without hesitation Message – only place in book

62 CHAPTER 3 (CONT) Ninevites response They believed, even including king Surprising? Is to me! Believing this “stranger” Were superstitious people, tended to believe this kind of thing Actions taken Sackcloth and asses – remorse – repentance King ordered fasting Told to pray God’s response – changed mind – how do we explain? Power of prayer? Today? Repent!

63 CHAPTER 4 – JONAH’S REACTION TO GOD’S POSITION Jonah was angry Wanted Ninevites punished Did not want to go and preach to them because they might repent and God not punish them Wanted to die! Did not want to see this! Proper attitude!? Ever hate anyone that much?

64 CHAPTER 4 (CONT) Jonah made place to sit and watch and wait “Gourd” God caused plant to grow and shade Jonah Then God caused it to be destroyed Jonah was upset to point of wanting to die

65 CHAPTER 4 (CONT) “Gourd” Point? Self-pity/grief over loss of shade, comfort If Jonah can be that upset over gourd he did not plant Certainly he could understand God’s feelings for 60,000 Ninevites They were “young” immature Also livestock that could do no wrong Today? Show compassion – let God judge Put things in perspective

66 PERMANENT LESSONS Universality of God’s word – for all mankind – all God’s people Higher patriotism – not for just narrow group What effective preaching can do – have to trust God’s word Necessity of obedience

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