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Unit 3: Can we learn to live in peace?

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1 Unit 3: Can we learn to live in peace?
Section 2: Conflict resolution 1

2 The aims of the lesson are…
to discuss the types of conflicts to listen to a dialogue to work with the topic of the lesson to mind the use of grammar rule 2

3 What season is it? Winter 4 Spring 1 Summer 2 Autumn 3
What is the weather like? Winter 4 Spring 1 Summer 2 Autumn 3 What is your favourite season? 3

4 Do you know these words? Try to read them properly!
A resolution, a/to quarrel, the remote control, to switch to, to happen, quick, to fight Fair, to expect, to advise, a wife, to remember, to obey, to punish, to leave, to argue, to resolve To share, to get on, an editor, to refuse, peacefully, sincerely, to prevent, to be upset 4

5 Dialogue to the topic: Look at the picture & answer the questions (page 118)
Whom do you see in the picture (to the left/to the right)? Are the boys arguing now? Are the parents upset because of the quarrel between their sons? What has happened between the boys? Listen to the record! Ex. 51, p. 118 5

6 What kind of a conflict could it be?

7 Mind the use of grammar After the verbs: ask want
expect + him/her + to do tell advise Remember! make let him/her + do 7

8 Make up sentences about the conversation Use your grammar!
Chris (15) wanted expected Tom his wife … let him see the film. (7) … give him the remote control. The mother … be fair. The father … remember that Chris has the right to watch TV too. 8

9 get on argument share argue
Fill the missing words into the mother’s letter Use (red) words below 14 February, 2006 Dear Editor, My Sons Tom, 7, and Chris, 15, often have fights. They don't with each other. They often ....…about things because they refuse to share them. For example, we have only one TV set, and they can never it. The day before yesterday, Tom's favourite film was on TV, but Chris wanted to see the World Cup. So they had a fight again. My husband and l had an ... ….about this conflict. I said that Tom had the right to watch TV because he was younger than Chris. But my husband said it was not Which of us is right? We want our sons to be good friends and to their conflicts peacefully. Sincerely, Ann Smith resolve fair get on argument share argue 9

10 What can we do to avoid the conflict? Do you agree to have a rest?
Do you like singing songs and dancing? Sing it with us! We can do anything (3) We want to (repeat 2 times) 1. We can sing this song – la-la-la Sing this song – la-la-la (2 ) We can do anything 2. We can clap our hands Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap Clap our hands - Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap (2) Well done! Thanks! 10

11 What is a conflict? (1) Read the poem & answer the questions
What is a conflict? –It’s a harmful thing. That makes us rude and cruel. It breaks relationship and peace And stars the fights and quarrels. ++++ What are negative features of the conflict? 11

12 What is a conflict? (2) What should we do?
Who has to help us live without conflicts? The Bible says: Don’t do to people harm! And learn TO LIVE IN FRIENDSHIP! ++++ What does the Bible say? 12

13 What is a conflict? (3) Be tolerant! And you’ll prevent
All conflicts in the world! That’s why we learn to live in peace With classmates, parents, friends! ++++ What are the main things to prevent conflicts? 13

14 What do we want/expect/them to do to live without conflicts?
BUT… 14

15 To sum up…. Do we need conflicts? Сonflict is….
People expect them to …. I advise you to ….. 15

16 All is well that ends well!
My advice is… try to avoid conflicts! Be kindhearted & fair! =========== =========== Your homework: 1. learn the words from the lesson 2. read the poem for the mark 3. repeat grammar ex.52, p 119 4. write down your opinion, ex.54, p 119 5. read the editor’s answer, ex.56, p 120 Your marks…. Well done! Thank you for the lesson! Good luck!!! 16

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