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How do you face your problems? Click manual Turn your sound.

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2 How do you face your problems? Click manual Turn your sound

3 I once asked for a probably wise: - Why are people leaving the more complicated problems easily, while others suffer from very small problems, drown in a glass of the water?

4 The sage smiled and told this story...

5 He was a guy who lived his entire life, the true words of God. When he died, everyone said he would go to heaven. A man so kind as he could only go to Paradise. Go to heaven for this man was important, but there was an error on their arrival to heaven.

6 The man who received him, gave a glimpse into the chips on the counter and as he did not see his name on the list, you advised to go to Hell. And in Hell, you know how it goes, nobody requires badge or invitation, anyone who comes is invited to enter. The man entered and stayed there.

7 A few days later, Lucifer got angry at the gates of Heaven to demand the person who had sent him. - This is unfair! I never imagined they were capable of such a plummet. That you did not fair!

8 Without knowing the reason for such anger, the man at the reception asked, surprised, what it was. Lucifer, upset, spoke - You sent that guy to hell and he's doing most party. He even listening to people, looking them in the eye, talking to them.

9 Now, these loving people, everyone is happy. Hell looks like paradise now! The devil made ​ ​ an appeal: - "Please, take that guy and bring him back!"

10 When the wise man had finished telling the story looked at me fondly and said: - Live with so much love in your heart that you are mistakenly sent to hell, the devil propio will bring you back to Paradise.

11 Problems are part of our life, but do not let them make you a bitter person. The crisis will always happen and sometimes you will have no choice. His life is amazing and you may suddenly discover that a loved one is sick, that your marriage or relationship is almost over, that their work is not pleasant, that the government's economic policy shifted, it has endless possibilities for problems.

12 Jesus said... These things whatsoever I have said, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer I have overcome the world. (John 16: 33) The crisis did not choose you, but you can choose the way how to face them in the end you will see that the problems were not so great as well. Surely he has borne our infirmities and carried our sorrows; (Isaiah 53: 4)

13 GOD do not tell the size of their problems, tell the their problems the size your God. Crédits: Formatting text and adaptation: Wesley Simões (Brazil) Text: How do you face your problems? Music: Niavent Piyano Ve Kema – Doymadin Sena Contact: More posts:

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