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Supreme Court Case Template

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1 Supreme Court Case Template
Please use if you need something to help you get started. I am hoping that I do not see 100 of these same presentations. Remember that creativity is part of your grade. You may decide to modify the order or to use more slides to describe the different parts of the case.

2 Title of Case Name Date Class Period

3 Dates of the Supreme Court Case
Give the Specific Case dates. Describe the time period and the historical background of the case?

4 Who is involved in this case?
Peoples names and their lawyers are very important here. Any groups or agencies support them?

5 What is this case the case about?
What was the issue? Describe the case in detail. You will probably need more than one slide.

6 Why did this cause a controversy?
Why were people upset enough to take this to the Supreme Court? How did the public feel? A lot of inference will be needed based on what you know about the history and the case.

7 Which part of the Constitution is in Question?
Identify the amendment or section of the document that is in question.

8 What was the Supreme Court decision?
Identify the Justices and how they voted. What was the outcome of the case?

9 What is the significance of the case?
How has society been changed by the verdict? Has society been changed? How have people viewed the importance of this case?

10 Bibliography Slide Include all of the resources you used to write you power point. You can turn this in separately with your grading rubric just make a note on the slide. Use Noodle Tools Format that you will be learning in English prior to our research.

11 Creativity Make it your own. Be Careful of…
Too busy of a background People can easily read your presentations Check spelling and grammar this will go in front of the entire class Appropriate use of pictures Focus on Content first because it is worth more points then as time permits get creative.

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