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Intermediate Trip June 4,5 and 6 2013 Niagara Falls.

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1 Intermediate Trip June 4,5 and 6 2013 Niagara Falls

2 Supervisors Sheila Piggott Christine Brodie Nora Seeley Alan Morin Laura DeSouza Mrs. Heffernan Mrs. Mosberger Michael DeMaeyer Mary Maybee Mrs. Franz Mrs. Coe Mr. Draper Mr. Hotner

3 Getting Ready to Leave Bring the bags you need. School staff and parents will check bags at school. All medications will be given to Sheila Piggott Gaming systems, laptops etc. are welcome on the trip. Students need to be 14 to watch 14A movies

4 Student Information Sheet must be completed by all students. The information will be held by Sheila Piggott and the student’s adult supervisor.

5 Student Safety Each student will receive an ID card on a lanyard The ID card will have Principal’s cell number and school phone number Students will wear the lanyard at all times

6 The Bus and Adult Supervision Students will arrange themselves into three groups. These groups become the groups for each bus. Staff are then assigned to students groups and buses.

7 Day 1 - June 4, 2013 7:40 amSuitcase check in St Catherine School 8:00 am Buses Depart St Catherine 12:00 pmPicnic lunch at The Shaw Festival 2:00 pmLady Windermere’s Fan Followed by a talk with the actors 5:00 pmCheck into Great Wolf Lodge (get bracelet and unpack) 5:30 pm Supper at Great Wolf Lodge (Buffet included in the price of the excursion) followed by time in the water park at Great Wolf Lodge 10:00 pmGood Night!! (for your child’s safety, there will be paid security)

8 Day 2 – June 5, 2013 9:00 amRise and Shine! Breakfast at Great Wolf Lodge (Buffet included in the price of the excursion) 10:00-3:30pm Niagara Parks guided tours of: Laura Secord’s House Journey Behind the Falls Niagara’s Fury Mackenzie’s Printery Beck Generating Station / Butterfly Conservatory 5:00 pmReturn to Great Wolf Lodge dinner (included in the excursion )and time in the water park until close 10:00 pmGood Night!!! (for your child’s safety, paid security will be present)

9 Day 3 – June 6, 2013 8:30 amRise and Shine, Pack up all belongings 9:00 amBreakfast at Great Wolf Lodge (Buffet included in the price of the excursion) 10:30 amMarineland – each child receives a food voucher for lunch 3:00 pmDepart Marineland 6:00 pmArrive at St Catherine. Welcome Home! Hotdog platter Hamburger or cheeseburger platter Chicken finger platter All platters served with choice of golden French fries or garden salad with your choice of salad dressing.

10 Four students to a room Each room has a TV and a microwave (no microwave popcorn) Doors are open until 10 pm Lifeguards are at the pool Staff will be roaming


12 Night Supervision At 10 pm Students will be sent to rooms Students will be reminded of appropriate behaviour in rooms Students will be reminded of what to do if someone is sick, hurt or upset The door frames are taped A person is paid by the school to supervise our rooms and to wake staff if there are any concerns

13 Can I contact my child while he/she is on the trip? Yes. Can my child bring their phone? Yes. Students can bring their phones to communicate with you, take pictures, listen to music, play games etc. All students and parents will also have Mrs. Piggott’s cell number. This will ensure that at any time, day or night parents and students can access Mrs. Piggott. Can I contact school staff on the trip? Yes. Mrs. Piggott’s cell number is 705-772-6892. Students will also receive this number so that any student can get a hold of Mrs. Piggott at any time. Students will receive this number in writing. They will also be encouraged to put this number directly into their cell phones.

14 How much money should my child bring? Children will need no additional money unless they would like spending money. Parents and children should discuss appropriate use of spending money prior to the trip. Will staff hold onto my child’s money? No

15 What will happen if my child gets sick? Unless an emergency, parents will be contacted immediately if a child is ill. If a child has a minor ailment i.e. headache or stomach, the child’s information sheet will be checked for allergies and an over the counter remedy such as Tylenol or Gravol will be offered. If a child seems quite ill or has an accident, parents will be consulted as soon as student safety is ensured. Does my child need his/her health card? No. We have collected your child’s health number on the student information sheet. Can my child keep their medication themselves? No. All medications need to be outlined on the child’s information sheet. Mrs. Piggott will hold all medications for children. Parents are asked to please label all containers with the child’s name.

16 How will my child’s roommates be chosen? Each child will articulate 3 people that they would like to room with. Staff will ensure that all students room with at least one of their three choices. What if my child gets homesick? We will call you and set a plan to determine how to make the rest of the trip a success. What if my child can no longer stay in the same room as his/her roommates? Having an enjoyable trip is important to everyone. Once we know about an issue we will work with the students to come to a suitable solution for everyone. Your child will always be asked if they would like to call home and share what has happened. What should my child do if they are upset? Students should speak to an adult on the trip immediately. This can be done in person or by phone. If your child calls you upset, immediately contact Mrs. Piggott.

17 Can my child charge items to their room? No. The school will block additional room charges from being made. If a child needs to contact home, but does not have a cell phone, a staff phone will be used. Can my child bring extra food? Yes. Please be aware of what your child is bringing. Is there any food my child should not bring? Students will not be allowed energy drinks. Great Wolf Lodge does not allow microwave popcorn. What kind of movies / games can my child bring with him/her? We will view G and PG rated movies on the bus. Students may bring personal gaming devices. If your child is in a room of 14 year old students, they can watch movies and play games rated 14A. It would be greatly appreciated if parents would check your child’s media choices before arriving at the school.

18 What is the dress code for the trip? The dress code on the trip is the same as at school. 2 finger width straps on shirts. Skirts and shorts are to the child’s wrist. Appropriate logos on clothing. No midriffs. A complete school dress code is outlined in the school agenda. Can my child wear a bikini? Yes. Please remember that children will be actively playing in their bathing suits. How will discipline be handled on the trip? Typical school behaviours will be expected on the trip. Many issues will be solved by talking with the students and reminding them of expectations. Contact home and the possibility of ending the trip early for a child will only for the most extreme behaviours that would result in suspension from school (i.e. threats, fighting, drug and/or alcohol intake etc.) Student bags and rooms may be checked by school staff at any time.

19 Are there water bottles in the room that is children drink they will be charged money for? No When will the water park close? The water park closes at 8pm Are there any students with peanut allergies on the trip? Yes. No peanut products please!

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