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International Issues The Alaskan Boundary Dispute, The Naval Question, The Election of 1911.

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1 International Issues The Alaskan Boundary Dispute, The Naval Question, The Election of 1911

2 Review Who is the Prime Minister of Canada in 1900? What is his major issue? What war is Canada currently involved in? What issues arose from Canada’s involvement in the War? What was the Prime Ministers compromise? How did the Canadian citizens react to the decision to enter the war?

3 The Border Issue Alaska  -the most Northern State but was not recognized as a State until 1959  -Bought from Russia in 1867 ( The Alaskan Purchase: $7.2 million)  -Russia had used the land for mostly fur trading and sold it without any knowledge of the gold that would later be found.

4 The Alaskan Border Issue  Movie :Alaskan Klondike Gold Rush Clip

5 The Border Issue Problem:  -The boundary between Canada and Alaska was never clearly marked.  -This presented an issue when large quantities of gold were found in the rivers of Alaska and the Yukon. The Solution:  -Britain had to come and mediate the situation and in the end it was decided that the USA were entitled to the land. The Reaction at home:  English Canadians: In complete disbelief that Britain would side with the USA  French Canadians: Were not shocked at all by the decision.

6 The Alaskan Border Issue Varying claims in Southeast Alaska before arbitration in 1903. In blue is the border claimed by the United States, in red is the border claimed by Canada and the United Kingdom. Green is the boundary asserted by British Columbia. Yellow indicates the modern border.

7 The Naval Question Since the British Empire was 1 st established it has had the world’s strongest Navy.  Why would this be important to Britain? By 1910 the Germans have started to build their Navy and are now competing for the strongest navy. The Germans and British are now in an Arms Race.

8 The Naval Question The British are not ready to back down to the Germans so they call Canada for help. Prime Minister Laurier is asked to contribute what he can to help strengthen the British Navy. In response Prime Minister Laurier passes the Canadian Naval Service bill, which built ships that were at the disposal of Britain but also protected Canada’s coast.

9 Naval Question  Feelings in Quebec -The people of Quebec cannot see any positives from creating a Navy for Britain. -This decision causes Laurier to lose support in Quebec and he has now created an opening for his opponents, the Conservatives, to challenge him for the seat as Prime Minister.  Feelings in English Canada -The coastal provinces are for the idea. -Those in the Prairies and out west are upset that Laurier is selling Canada back to Britain.

10 1911 Election With the growing discontent with Laurier the nation is unsure what to do. An election is called in 1911 which has Laurier and the Liberals against Robert Borden and the Conservative Party. The main issues in this election are: Canadian Nationalism and Reciprocity.  Reciprocity: used to describe the concept of free trade with the USA.

11 The 1911 Election  Laurier (Liberal) -For free trade -wants to help Canada grow by lowering taxes (tariffs) on the US goods to increase sales and partnership -has lost the support of Quebec Borden (Conservatives) -Against free trade -wants to help Canada grow by not trading with the USA. -Has gained the support of Quebec -Those in the Central Canada were against Reciprocity because it lowered the cost of American goods VS

12 A shift in Canadian Politics Who wins the election? Why is this a significant shift in Canadian politics? Do you believe Canada has become more unified after the 1911 election? Can you predict any major issues that might be brewing around the world during this time?

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