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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

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1 Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Ch Test

2 Multiple Choice Clearly write your answer to the multiple choice question on your answer sheet.
“She didn’t stay dead long,” I said, trying not to let my voice quiver. What is the best meaning of quiver as it is used? A. a case holding arrows C. to be too loud B. to tremble D. to ramble The important information that Percy found in Medusa’s office was: A. Food, they were really hungry C. A map to the underworld B. The address of the underworld D. Uncle Ferdinand’s statue Which rustic god does Grover want to search for? A. Zeus C. Pan B. Theseus D. Arachne

3 Which hero was responsible for killing the Chimera in the myths. A
Which hero was responsible for killing the Chimera in the myths? A. Pegasus C. Theseus B. Andromeda D. Bellerophon Percy, Annabeth and Grover eat hamburgers with: A. Ares C. Hephaestus B. Pan D. Aphrodite Arachne was famous for her: A. Singing C. Dancing B. Weaving D. Paintings

4 Please see your answer sheet for the next section.
Quotations Please see your answer sheet for the next section.

5 Short Answer Answer all questions in complete sentences Please write your answers on your answer sheet. Describe how the city of Athens got its name. Use the following terms in your answer: Poseidon, Athena, olive, salt water. What gift did Luke give to Percy? Why can’t Percy use the gift? What reason (other than the city of Athens) does Annabeth give for why Poseidon and Athena do not get along? According to Grover, why did Percy’s mom marry Gabe Ugliano? In the Perseus myth, what did Perseus do that allowed him and Andromeda to be free from her father King Polydectes?

6 Name 2 clues that told us who Aunty Em really was
Name 2 clues that told us who Aunty Em really was. (You may not use EM is sort of Medusa Backwards.) Why did Medusa’s head not disintegrate with the rest of her body? Why does Grover’s dream of searching for Pan seem so hopeless to Percy? What does the voice in Percy’s dream actually want from him? Who is Gladiola and how is she going to help Grover, Percy and Annabeth? Who are Echidna and Typhon? List two of their children that we have encountered so far in this book. When he lands in the Mississippi River, what does Percy realize that amazes him? (Name at least two things)

7 What is Iris-Messaging? How does it work?
How does Hephaestus deal with his wife and Ares? Grover doesn’t smell monsters at the Thrill Ride O’ Love, even though it’s a trap. Why is that? Why couldn’t Annabeth help Percy when they got trapped in the pool? How did her knowledge of physics help them later? How does Grover save the day at the water park? What new information did Annabeth tell us about her family?

8 Making Inferences Tell how you determined that each of the following happened.
We know that Annabeth was upset with Percy for risking his life on the bus, but why was she so upset? Annabeth quickly ran away from the Iris Message when Luke answered. Why?

9 Fill in the blank with the appropriate word
Fill in the blank with the appropriate word. (Do your best with spelling-get it as close as you can so that I can read and understand it.) Then answer the question that follows. Annabeth wanted to be a(n) _______________________ when she grew up. Why did Percy laugh at this? We learned that Annabeth got to Camp Half-Blood with the help of ________________ and ________________. Grover was her keeper. The ___________show up on the bus in New Jersey but Percy uses Annabeth’s _____________ to slip past them. He won’t leave though because _______________________________.

10 Bonus Who was Perseus’s mother?
Percy fought Echidna and the Chimera inside the arch. Where was the arch located?

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