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Dangerous Teen Fads Julie A. Lueckenhoff Marilyn Grechus, Ph.D.

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1 Dangerous Teen Fads Julie A. Lueckenhoff Marilyn Grechus, Ph.D.
Health and Physical Education Teacher Blair Oaks High School 6124 Falcon Lane Jefferson City, MO Marilyn Grechus, Ph.D. Professor of Health Ed. University of Central Missouri (660)

2 Children and teens are engaging in increasingly risky behaviors
Children and teens are engaging in increasingly risky behaviors. It is important for us, as educators, to understand and stay up-to-date on these dangerous teen fads. Remember: Knowledge is Power.

3 ‘Smoking’ Alcohol ‘Instant High’ Extremely dangerous Can get DUI
Binge drinking in an instant . . . Extremely dangerous Directly from lungs to brain Lung & brain damage Alcohol poisoning quicker Can get DUI Illegal

4 http://www. nbcnewyork

5 Sizzurp PURPLE DRANK - a recreational drug. Ingredients:
Prescription strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine. Sprite Broken pieces of Jolly Ranchers. Also known as: PURPLE DRANK, Syrup, Drank, Purple Jelly, Texas Tea.

6 Started: Hip Hop Community in the South Teens
Made popular by celebrities, rap artists, and professional athletes “Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard When we drink we do it right gettin slizzard Sippin sizzurp in my ride, in my ride, like Three 6 Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6 Like a G6, Like a G6”

7 THE RISKS Can lead to: Death Hemorrhaging Physiological and Psychological dependence. Liver damage Kidney failure Dulling affect; to both responses and coordination.

8 VODKA EYEBALLING Taking a shot of Vodka in your eye. Started in the UK
Picked up by college students More prevalent with teens. Think get drunk quicker  Which is NOT the case Impaired judgment

9 THE RISKS Pains, Burns, & Ulceration of Cornea Temporary Blindness BLINDNESS

10 Disturbing new trend Vodka eyeballing.wmv

11 VODKA SOAKED TAMPONS Tampons soaked in vodka and inserted either into the vagina or anus. Females AND Males Alcohol into the blood stream faster No upset stomach from drinking Thought to be undetectable by parents & others Still gets into bloodstream and lungs

12 THE RISKS Unknown amount of alcohol intake  Poisoning Burning (short term) Drying Effect (long term) Bleeding during normal functioning Destroys the essential bacteria located in the vagina Damage to reproductive system

13 ANAL BONGS Alcohol is poured into a bong tube that has been inserted into the anus Males & Females as young as 12 years old The alcohol gets into the blood stream faster No upset stomach from drinking Less detection by others

14 Unknown amount of alcohol intake  Alcohol Poisoning
THE RISKS Unknown amount of alcohol intake  Alcohol Poisoning Burning (short term) Drying Effect (long term) Bleeding during normal functioning This is taking place below the belt 


16 Neknominate Online game of drink and dare
Deadly, worldwide craze. People film themselves downing a large drink Make it unique Post it online Dare friend to top it


18 “Pharm Parties”, “Trail Mix”, “Skittling”
Party involving prescription drugs Potentially deadly mixture. “Trail mix” Served up in a large bowl or baggies and handed out to guests. Powerful pain killers like Vicodin and Oxycotin - often included in the concoction

19 Lethal mix

20 “Robo-Tripping” Ingesting large doses of dextromethorphan
Over-the-counter cough suppressants such as syrups and lozenges (Robitussin) Dangerous when mixed with meds and/or other stimulants (energy drinks) or prescription drugs

21 Signs of Cough syrup Abuse
Hallucinations, feeling dizzy or nauseated, vomiting, confusion, rapid heartbeat, and even numbness in the extremities. Finding empty bottles of Robitussin and other medications Effects are similar to alcohol intoxication including: slurred speech, agitation or drowsiness, or staggered walking.

22 http://Dr. Charles McKay Hartford Hospital no 'robo-tripping'.wmv

23 Huffing/Inhalant Abuse
The Abuse of Inhalants Adolescents inhale chemical vapors from a variety of substances Many are common household products Goal is to obtain euphoric effect – altered mental or physical state Primary population of inhalant abusers is the 12 to 17 age group followed by 18 to 25.

24 Substances Used as Inhalants
Volatile solvents – paint thinner, gasoline, correction fluid, felt-tip markers, nail polish remover, and glue (such as rubber cement) Aerosols – paint, deodorant, hair products, Silver and gold spray paint particularly Gases found in butane lighters , air conditioning units, and propane tanks

25 Methods of inhalant abuse
HUFFING: Rag soaked in inhalant & pressed to mouth SNIFFING: Sniff or snort fumes from an aerosol container. May spray aerosol directly into nose or mouth. BAGGING: Product sprayed or poured into a plastic or paper bag & inhaled

26 THE RISKS Suffocation, when inhalants displace oxygen in the lungs Seizures Loss of consciousness Heart failure Liver Damage Kidney Damage DEATH

27 Signs of Inhalant Abuse
Drunk or disoriented appearance Paint or other stains on face, hands, or clothing Hidden empty spray paint or solvent containers Slurred speech Strong chemical odors on breath or clothing Red or runny nose Sores or rash around the nose or mouth

28 Huffing.wmv

29 Cinnamon Challenge Swallow 1 tbls cinnamon in 60 seconds without water
Upload to internet Everyone is challenged

30 THE RISKS Inhaling the cinnamon Burns! Coughing
Choking – can clump & clog the airway Inflammation of lungs leading to infection (pneumonia) Collapsed lung Exhaling through nostrils – irritation Death

31 Bath Salts Designer drug sold as Bath Salts (not for human consumption) Mephedrone, MDPV, & methylone Made by street chemists No way to test for these chemicals Acts like combination of Cocaine and Meth Teens and young adults

32 THE RISKS? Agitation Paranoia
Hallucinations (monsters, demons and aliens) Chest pain Insomnia Violence Suicidality Even days after taking it

33 'Bath Salts' Causing 'Excited Delirium' .wmv

34 Molly (Molecule) Synthetic Party Drug Counterfeits being sold
Ecstacy, MDMA Euphoric, empathetic and heightened sensory effects Counterfeits being sold Same family of drugs as ‘Bath Salts’ Don’t know long-term effects Songs include references to Molly

35 BITING The “new hickey,” Actually breaking the skin. Teens of all ages
Vampires are HOT! Pain is a rush “Marking their territory” Status symbol

36 THE RISKS Hepatitis Syphilis HIV/AIDS 10-15% of bites become infected

37 RAINBOW Parties Girls wearing different colored lipsticks perform oral sex on different guys. The end result is a rainbow on the guys’ penis Started among MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS unwilling to “do the deed.”

38 An “alternative” to having sex
Group Activity THE RISKS Would you share a lollipop? Besides Germs you could contract Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections Mouth and Genitals

Teens posting inappropriate pictures online Facebook Myspace MOCOspace Youtube New sites all the time! Males & Females, Middle School age & up

40 Achieve celebrity “status”
Feel popular/Attention THE RISKS Bad Reputation Once a picture is on the web it can never be taken back Cyberbullying Sexual Predators Colleges/Universities & Future Employers can see what pictures and information have been posted online

41 Sexting Sending sexually explicit pictures and videos via texts or the internet A majority of sexting incidents are uncovered at school. Preteens & Teens with access to these technologies

42 Attention Popularity Intimacy in relationship THE RISKS Bad reputation Bullying Pictures passed around to others Predators If caught, could be charged for child pornography

43 -

44 Tips to Prevent Sexting
Monitor texting / Restrict usage Collaborate with schools to help control sexting Sex Education & Sexting Talks – teens should not feel pressured to exchange explicit photos to attract or keep a partner Convey the consequences involved to teens in the home & school setting

45 Punch Out Game/Head Punching
Teens allowing others to punch them in the head/face Teens punching themselves in the head/face Often Repeatedly Posting the Videos online… Middle School aged & up Mostly boys

46 Post the video on YouTube for others to see
To “train” for fighting For fun?? THE RISKS Head injuries Permanent Brain Damage Become Paralyzed Death

47 The Knockout Game Random victims Hit in the back of the head
Knock them out Just for the fun of it! No one is safe


49 The Choking Game Choking others or self Object of the "game"
Cut off blood flow to the brain (oxygen deprivation) Hands or other objects (ropes,belts) Ages 7-16 is the typical range Most often Middle School students Mostly Males, but females as well

50 Attempt to get a “high” or “floaty” sensation
Won’t get caught with drugs or alcohol THE RISKS Seizures, memory loss, broken bones, stroke, concussions, brain damage, & death Playing alone increases the likelihood of severe permanent brain damage & death 549 Reported Fatalities, 111 Injuries (Updated 2/2011)

51 Boy Dies After Playing Choking Game.wmv

Signs in the Youth Frequent headaches Often severe Inexplicable bruising or red linear marks around the neck Blood shot eyes and/or tiny red dots on face Changes in attitude (overly aggressive) Disorientation and/or grogginess after being alone Unusual demands for privacy Curiosity about asphyxiation Signs in the Home Locked or blocked bedroom/bathroom doors ligatures (bed sheets, belts, t-shirts, ropes) tied in strange knots and/or found in unusual places internet history of websites (, mentioning Choking Game Wear marks on furniture (ex: bunk beds, closed rods)

53 Car Surfing Teens Riding on the top, sides, or behind moving vehicles
With or without skateboards, bikes, etc. (According to reported injuries) Males (70%) Ages years (69%)

54 Extreme Sports “Dare Devils” / Thrill Seekers Posting Videos Online THE RISKS Numerous injuries, broken bones, & death From 1990 to 2008, a reported 58 people died and another 41 were injured

55 The Ball-Tapping Game Males tapping/slapping/hitting/kicking other males in the groin area Males Not just the bullies! All ages: Boys, Teens, even members of the U.S. Navy

56 As a “friendly” gesture "It's a way of establishing dominance
To be mean As a “friendly” gesture "It's a way of establishing dominance Becomes a measure of “toughness." THE RISKS Serious damage to the testicles

57 Body Spray Flamethrower
Spraying body spray (Axe) and using lighter to make “flamethrower” “Axe Bomb” = Dropping 2 cans of Axe in a bucket with lighter fluid and fireworks Curious children and teens Thrill seekers?

58 Curiosity Boredom? THE RISKS Fires! Damage to property and people

59 Teen Fight Clubs Teens fighting each other for “fun”
Males from pre-teen to mid-twenties Cage-fighting, MMA, UFC fighting popularity Competition THE RISKS Injuries! Assault charges?

60 Posting Risky Videos Online
Teens are doing DANGEROUS things in order to post videos on the internet. The more “hits” or “views” teens get on their videos, the higher their celebrity status (or so they think). We can thank the show/movie “Jackass” and other popular teen entertainment for being influences

61 Thigh Gaps “Thinspiration" for teen girls
Minding the gap has become unhealthy obsession Post images and "how-to" guides Distorted body image Eating disorders


63 What Educators Can Do… Look for signs & symptoms, if applicable.
TALK TO THE STUDENTS! Express Concern Educate Teens on the DANGERS One-on-one, Groups, Classes State the facts: Life-long consequences Get others involved (Parents, Other Faculty/Staff) Stay up-to-date on the current teen fads and the terminology used

64 Educate PARENTS Update them regularly on the latest fads taking place Give them the terminology to listen/look for Parental Discussion Groups (Support/Guidance) Make sure they are aware of the signs/symptoms What can be done to prevent/stop these activities

65 Remember: Knowledge is Power…
Don’t “blow it off” (i.e. “Boys will be boys”) Have older students be “role models” or “mentors” to younger students and talk about these issues with them. Be cautious! Don’t “teach” students new activities to engage in  Remember: Knowledge is Power…


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