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Myths and Legends SWBAT discover commonalities between the primordial deities.

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1 Myths and Legends SWBAT discover commonalities between the primordial deities.

2 Do Now – Share Our Greek Characters Share out our Greek Characters. Please tape your character bio to the walls (Just one strip of tape on the top). The Twelve Titans including Cronus and Rhea should go on the back wall. All other characters place on other areas around the room. Take your notebooks, and go on a museum walk reading about our various primordial creatures. Take notes on any commonalities they appear to share, or anything that it striking to you. Be ready to report out. (Five minutes)

3 Commonalities Take note of the commonalities you have found as you will want to include this in your original creation myth.

4 Notes Please take brief notes as I speak on Titanomachy.

5 The Titanomachy What happened immediately after [Kronos regurgitated his children] is not clear, but the war between the gods and Titans - the Titanomachy - soon begins. Unfortunately the epic poem of that name, which would have told us much, is lost. The first complete account we have is in Apollodorus (which was probably written in the 1st century A.D.).Kronos regurgitated his childrenepic poem Some of the children of the other Titans - such as Iapetos' son Menoetius - fought alongside their forebears. Others - including Iapetos' other children Prometheus and Epimetheus - did not.Prometheus

6 Don’t worry….no one died Since both sides of this war were immortal, no permanent casualties were possible. Finally, however, the gods triumphed with the aid of older powers.

7 The Cyclops are Freed!! Uranus had long ago imprisoned the three Cyclopes and the three Hundred-Handers (Hekatoncheires) in dark Tartaros. Again advised by Gaia (Zeus’ mother), Zeus freed these monstrous cousins of the Titans and was rewarded with their aid. The Cyclopes gave lightning and thunder to Zeus to wield as weapons, and in later accounts also created Hades' helmet of darkness and Poseidon's trident.the three CyclopesHekatoncheires

8 We’re Free!! Thanks Zeus! You’re the best. Your Grandpa Uranus made us sad when imprisoned us 

9 The final battle – Rock throwing! The Hundred-Handers provided more direct assistance. In the final battle, they kept the Titans under a constant barrage of hundreds of thrown rocks, which together with the other gods' strengths, particularly Zeus' thunderbolts, overcame the Titans. The defeated Titans were hauled down to Tartaros and imprisoned there, and the Hundred- Handers became their jailors.

10 Hecatoncheires – Hundred handed Giants We got your back Zeus!

11 Where did the Titans Go??? However, in other myths the Titans did not remain imprisoned. In fact, some helped Zeus, and the women were most likely not locked up…so they went on to have children. The mythological record is silent on most of the rest of the Titans, but a later myth said that Kronos himself was eventually released by Zeus, and he was assigned to rule over the Isles of the Blessed, where the spirits of heroes went after death.

12 Read how man was created in Greek Mythology So, we have Zeus in place on Mt. Olympus. ….but what about man? How were they created?

13 Prometheus and Epimetheus Read Prometheus and Epimetheus in groups of Four To summarize, create a thirty second version of this tale. It can be done in any way you would like. Decide which moments are most Important to tell.

14 Bios – Feb 11th Who did the bios for Ares and Uranus? Are there any more bios to be handed in? (This is for a grade.)

15 Do Now – You have fifteen minutes Get into the groups assigned to you yesterday. Find a way of presenting Prometheus and Epimetheus in 30 – 45 seconds. You may do this by – Having one person in the group do a fast telling of the story. (A rap, a song, Or just shorten it to 30 seconds) Present through frozen pictures with someone saying one word per picture or narrating. Acting out a quick scene. Do it as a commercial.

16 Why in a theatrical way?? Why tell a myth in a theatrical way??

17 PEOPLE JUST DON’T RESPECT ME!!! Quote by Zeus (sort of) Remember…Zeus was not happy that man was not fully worshipping him and doing foolish things. 1. He was upset that they did not want to sacrifice a portion of their food to him. (Prometheus tricked him by giving him bones and not meat)

18 You gave them FIRE!? How dare you!!! - Zeus 2. He was upset Prometheus had given them fire. (or had given it back to them)

19 Typical Woman Ruining Everything!! 3. He was upset Pandora opened up the box and let all evil out into the world. (Then again, he created Pandora to be that way)

20 …I’m taking revenge to a whole new level! - Zeus He was clearly mad with Prometheus, and bound him up for 1,000 years. Every night Prometheus’ liver was eaten up by an eagle. ….but Zeus was still upset.

21 The Great Flood mythology/videos/zeus-and-the-great- flood?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false mythology/videos/zeus-and-the-great- flood?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false EXIT TICKET – Looking at the fact that these are just myths, why do you think Greek society at that time needed characters like Zeus to look up to?

22 Read how humans were formed in Japan

23 What does this say?? Since Ancient Greeks worshipped Zeus, what does this story possibly say about the culture of that time? How does this inform our own culture in modern day??

24 Take a Buzz feed Quiz It’s important to know what mythological creature you are.

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