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Vocabulary Volunteers Horizon Permitted

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1 Vocabulary Volunteers Horizon Permitted
People who offer to do something for no pay The place where the sky appears to meet the land allowed Shout together as a class ( We love turtles!!!!)

2 Conclusions/Writer’s Craft
Page What does Nadia mean by thinking Judge, jury, and defending attorney after Margaret announces that she will keep a live-pipped turtle? How does the author let the readers know that Nadia is jealous of Margaret? Nadia is meaning that Margaret is bossy when she says this. The author lets the readers know about Nadia’s jealousy by having Dad ask Margaret what will happen to the baby turtle, and then has Nadia think, he could have asked me.

3 Vocabulary Registers Sequel Subtle Creates an impression
Continuation of a story; the next episode Not obvious; hard to detect

4 Inferences/Writer’s Craft
Page Why does Nadia point out that Margaret doesn’t make ruggelach like her real grandmother, Bubbe? What detail does the author include to let readers know that Nadia isn’t thrilled about going on the turtle walks? Nadia points out that Margaret doesn’t make ruggelach like her real grandmother to show she thinks Margaret cannot take her place. The detail the author includes to show readers Nadia isn’t thrilled is she starts to say, “That Ginger hates being on a leash,” which would be an excuse not to go.

5 Inferences/Writer’s Craft
Substitute Licensed Why does it bother Nadia that Dad wants to be listed on Margaret’s permit? What details does the author include to help readers understand that Nadia feels left out on a the turtle walk? Take the place of Given an official document granting a special right It bothers Nadia that Dad wants to be on the permit because she feels Margaret and the turtles are taking the people she loves away from her. Details the author includes to show Nadia feels left out are she hangs back, which suggests she is angry and feels left out.

6 Details/Inferences Intermediate
Page What events does the author reveal in the dialogue between Nadia and Ethan? Why does this news upset Nadia so much? In between The events the author reveals in the dialogue between Nadia and Ethan are that Ethan knows Nadia’s mother, and Margaret got Nadia’s mother the job in New York. This news upsets Nadia so much because she feels Ethan should have told her earlier what he knows about her.

7 Writer’s Craft/Judgments
Opportunities Pages in the first full paragraph on 332, why do you think the author has Nadia repeat the phrase, No one seemed to think that it would matter to me? Do you think Nadia is right to be upset with Ethan? Why or why not? Chances to do something The author has Nadia repeat this phrase to show how upset she really is. I do not think Nadia has the right to be upset with Ethan because he was not withholding information on purpose.

8 Inference Page Why does Nadia decide not to tell her father and Margaret why she is angry? Nadia decides not to tell her father and Margaret why she is angry because she is upset with them for withholding information from her, and wants to do the same to them.

9 Fantasy and Realism Page 337 Has the author created a realistic picture of a young person who is angry? Why or why not? The author has created a realistic picture of a person who is angry because Nadia sulks, argues with her dad, and won’t answer the phone, just as people do in real life.

10 Details Hover Page What does Nadia know about the turtles that Dad does not know? To remain close by Nadia knows the turtles will not survive the storm without help, which her father is not aware of.

11 Cause & Effect/Judgments
Page Why is the storm so dangerous for the turtles? Is it important that Nadia and Dad are listening carefully to each other now? Why or why not? The storm is so dangerous for the turtles because they have been blown away from their feeding grounds and will starve. It is important that Dad and Nadia are listening to each other now because it shows they want to communicate.

12 Conclusions Page 342 What does Nadia realize about herself and her father from thinking about the turtles? Nadia realizes they all have been stranded in a new place and will need help getting settled.

13 Compare/contrast Page 344 What comparison does Nadia make on this page between loggerhead turtles and herself? The comparison Nadia makes between herself and the loggerhead turtles is they both commute.

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