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Cannexus 12 Tami Anderson Knowledge defines all we currently know and understand; Imagination points to all we might yet discover and create. ~ Albert.

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1 Cannexus 12 Tami Anderson Knowledge defines all we currently know and understand; Imagination points to all we might yet discover and create. ~ Albert Einstein

2 Affect: when something produces a changed result in something or someone else Effect:when one thing is the result of something else happening Are we causing the change or waiting for the result


4 Freedom Identity Adventure Mentors Lifestyle Money Self worth Growth Friends Learning Importance Purpose Direction Status Excitement Travel Retirement Challenge Stimulation Flexibility Helpfulness Promotions Education Diversity Meaning Value Respect Appreciation Values Creativity Social Improvement Comforts Recreation Security Ethics Independence Fun Safety Autonomy Power Health care Benefits Structure Car Variety Humor Prestige Responsibility Compassion Belonging Esteem Love it!

5 Need an income The job itself Fulfill other needs Job / Career Industry Chose and match all three Company

6 Internal Causes:  Life happens  Opportunity knocks  Other personal External Causes:  The job  The company  The people

7  Aware  Acknowledge  Accept  Action ◦ Internal ◦ Build new ◦ Come back in

8 Organization Employer Employee Company, Personal & Employee Needs Personal Needs Finances Product/ Service

9  Employer + Employee = Organization  We help employees  We can help employers and organizations  Create healthy and happy workplaces  Common purpose

10  Removing the victim ◦ Triangulating ◦ Internal Strength  Creating new tools ◦ Awareness / Knowledge ◦ Choice ◦ Acceptance ◦ Honesty ◦ Boundaries ◦ The big picture

11 We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it (And, neither do ‘they’)

12 Conscience / Remove self / Boundaries / Self Care / Courage / Freedom / Independence RescuerPersecutor Victim Assertive / Fair Compassionate / Helpful

13 When we remove the external, we are left with just ourselves  Internal source  To thine own self be true  Becoming a pearl This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou 'canst not then be false to any man ~W Shakespeare

14 Employee ControlsEmployee needs to know  Own thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions  Attitude and behavior  Treat other people ◦ Customers & Coworkers  Ability  Productivity  We don’t control ◦ How others feel, think, act or react  Employers are people  Default position  In the middle  Manager ≠ Leader  Leaders are not all managers

15  The most important gift of all  We choose to work - do not have to  Job/career, industry, company - choose wisely  Our attitude - minute by minute; day by day  Fit in the organization  Pride in our work  What is for our best  How to leave a job

16  My #1 job – life as life is ◦ Acceptance is the answer to all my problems ◦ Person, place, thing or situation  Actions and reactions have a direct effect + or –  Stress and difficulties are normal  I can never change the past  The control I do have

17  About who I am  Past and present  From the toes  My feelings and thoughts ◦ Positive and negative  My behavior from my thoughts and feelings  What I want and need

18  I control what I say by what I think  Clear  Direct  Honest  Respectful  What I say ◦ vs How I say it

19  We teach people how to treat us  Definition ◦ Keep me whole ◦ Flexible – change in size, severity, length  Pain is the touchstone to change! ◦ Pain causes conflicts, problems, behaviors ◦ We all have pain – kind and amount varies ◦ Can be buried and unknown – even generational  Who’s right?  Yours, mine & ours  Bubbles  If nothing changes; nothing changes To avoid pain at all costs forces us to reject half the lessons life can teach.~ Jan Pishok

20 Human ConditionSpirit Condition Beyond our control  Disease, health, mental health  Pain and suffering  Past Experiences  External things – weather, economy, accidents  Other people (all of them) Within our control  Thinking – self & Others  Behavior - actions and reactions  Our power and strength  Resilience  Flexibility  Compassion  Understanding We give away our power ; then we are angry at those who take it

21 Cause Someone criticizes work Manager adds on workload People gossiping about me Someone shouts at me Feelings Anger = hurt or maybe shame Frustrated = fear or shame Hurt Afraid, hurt Instinct Strike back Gossip Fume, resent Avoid, gossip, confront Shut down, worry, fight Choice Discuss, get clarity, ?? Say what can do or when Chat with, win over, ignore Walk away, discuss

22 Passive I’m sorry Maybe I did do it I’ll do what you want I made you upset Do nothing Cry Aggressive It’s your fault You’re responsible Not my job-forget it! You made me upset Stomp or throw Yell or shout Assertive Let’s discuss I’ll check it out I can do this one part I can see you’re upset Stay calm till solution Set time to discuss

23  Beg ◦ Please…  Barter ◦ If you do this, I’ll do…  Bamboozle ◦ Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah  Bully ◦ Push, pull, manipulate, lie  Whatever!

24  Life is fluid yet at moments we stop  You are here xon your journey ◦ Where will you be a moment from now?  Just for today (re-start your day at any moment)  This too shall pass  Work is an extension of us; not a definition

25 We are an integral part of a whole We create our life – and it’s a lot of work Attitude of Gratitude Give back Move through with dignity and respect The Biggest Picture Dig deep to discover your pearl

26 Thank you for sharing these moments of your life with us. Enjoy the rest of the conference! (Special thanks to Amber Ali Photography for many of the photos)

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