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The Uglies By: Scott Westerfeld

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1 The Uglies By: Scott Westerfeld
By: Kayla Cornett & Lindsay Thomas

2 Uglyville Uglyville is one of the places where The Uglies takes place, the Uglies live in Uglyville. When you’re born if you are ugly the first place you live is Uglyville. Uglyville is not the prettiest place , it is very gloomy and not a large amount of sunshine shines there. People hate living in Uglyville because everyone who lives there is “ugly.” If you live in Uglyville, you cannot go any place else but there. This is because you are known as ugly.

3 New Pretty Town Pretty town is a very happy place, in pretty town there is a lot of parties. Also, the sun is always shining down on Pretty Town. In Pretty Town, all of the pretties live there, no Uglies are aloud in Pretty Town. Only the pretties are aloud in this town. For you to become a pretty you have to get the surgery to become pretty.

4 The Ruins The ruins is a place where people go who’s operations got messed up. The Ruins looks deserted because there are so little people who's operations got messed up. The Ruins is a sad place because the people who were ruined are not aloud to have fun or go anywhere. They can never have a operation again so everyone is upset.

5 Special Circumstances
Special circumstances is a place where some of the elders work. The elders that work there are the most mean and unhappy people. The people who work there are a strange kind of pretty. They’re pretty is a harsh and strong pretty almost as if it is fake.

6 Shay Shay is an ugly, who lives in Uglyville. Shay hates society because everyone is judged by what they look like, and everyone is separated from each other. Shay met Tally in New Pretty Town when they were sneaking around. Tally and Shay are now good friends. Shay has the same birthday as Tally. Shay does not agree with the operation to become a pretty. Shay runs away to go live with David in the smokes before the operation date, because she was convinced she did not want the surgery.

7 Tally Tally is 15 years old, has brown hair, she is very skinny, and she is tall. Tally lives in Uglyville because she's an ugly. Tally loves playing pranks on new Uglies. Tally is a very sneaky girl, she sneaks into different cities and she doesn’t get caught. Tally usually can get herself out of anything. Tally has a mother and a father who are Pretties. Tally is the main protagonist of the story. Tally is nervous but excited to get her surgery at age 16. Tally isn’t sure what she wants, either to be ugly or pretty.

8 Peris Peris is perfect because he had his surgery. He is tall, has a perfect smile, and blonde hair. Peris is a jerk to Tally his best friend because he thinks he’s cooler than her. Peris was Tally’s best friend, until Peris got the surgery at age 16. Tally makes sacrifices for Peris to go to New Pretty Town & escape from Uglyville. Peris wants Tally to be a good girl and not crash Pretties parties. Peris wants Tally to be pretty.

9 David David has been Shay’s good friend for awhile now and Tally and David just became good friends. David ran away to go to the smokes, and now lives in the smokes. David is an ugly because he ran away to the day of his operation. Dr. Cable still has hasn’t caught him in the act. David and Shay have a very close relationship, but Shay likes him more than a friend. The smokes are in the wild, and are very far from New Pretty Town and Uglyville.

10 Dr. Cable Dr. Cable is a harsh looking pretty and has devil eyes. Dr. Cable can be mean when she doesn’t get the answer she wants to hear. She uses her devil eyes to tell her the secrets of Shay’s leaving to the Smokes. She is the head of Special Circumstances, and deals with the uglies who run away. Some uglies do not want the operation so they decide to run away to the smokes.

11 The Rising Action In the rising action, Tally goes to New Pretty Town and sees her best friend Peris. On her way back to Uglyville, she meets a new friend named Shay, Shay was an ugly just like Tally. They soon discovered they liked to pull pranks on other people, and they also both like to go on adventure. But, at times they didn’t agree on things, such as becoming an pretty. Shay was sure on staying ugly forever. She was against the operation, on the other hand Tally wasn’t sure what she wanted. The 2 uglies discovered they were the same age, and had the same birthday. It was just a couple of weeks away from there 16th birthdays. A couple of weeks before there operation, they had a big argument, Tally and Shay ignored each other for a week. The week before there operation, Shay came to Tally's dorm in Uglyville to ask her if she would run away to the smokes with her to meet David. Tally immediately says no! Shay wanted to go anyway, so she left to run away from the smokes. The next few days Tally was very upset that Shay ran away to the smokes, Tally was excited to turn pretty at the same time. Tally didn’t know what was going to happen she was confused, excited, and upset.

12 Climax In the Climax, Tally's birthday came fast. Tally was finally 16, and it was the day of her operation already! The shuttle came to Uglyville to come pick up Tally to go to operation. As the shuttle drove her to the operation, it seemed like it was taking forever until she finally arrived at the place where the operations take place. She had to wait awhile in the waiting room for some reason that she didn’t know. All of a sudden a doctor came in the waiting room and said “come with me!” she took Tally to another shuttle to go to another place to get her operation, she was extremely confused. She had no clue what was happening, and where she was going.

13 The Falling Action In the falling action, Tally finally got off the other shuttle from the operation house. Tally got escorted by a doctor to the operation room, she waited in the room and it felt as long as several hours. Finally the pretty doctor came in the room, her name was Dr. Cable. Dr. Cable is the head of Special Circumstances. Tally was confused on what she does as a doctor and why she was in the room, she said she was wondering where she was and she wanted the truth. Tally said she didn’t know where Shay was and why she wasn’t ready for her operation because Tally knew it was her birthday. Dr. Cable didn’t like that answer, and was angry because she wanted to know immediately where Shay was, Dr. Cable told Tally that she couldn’t get her operation until she told her where she was. Tally continued to promise that she didn’t know where she was, but she still didn’t believe her. She knew where Shay was, but she promised she wouldn’t tell anyone where she was going or what she was doing. Dr. Cable was very upset with Tally, so she told Tally that she must go back to Uglyville. When she got back she ended up being there for awhile, 4 days. After Tally was stuck in Uglyville for a little awhile, she finally decided to tell Dr. Cable where Shay was, she told her that Shay escaped to go to the smokes. After Dr. Cable heard that, she was shocked and immediately told Tally that she cannot turn pretty and has to live in Uglyville forever if she doesn’t go to the smokes and get Tally for her operation. Tally agreed, and had to get a supply package to go to the smokes for her long journey. Tally road on a hover board for her long trip to the smokes. Tally traveled for 3 days and barely had any sleep.

14 Conflicts Man Vs. Society
When Tally went to New Pretty Town in the beginning of the book to see Peris, she got in some trouble with the community of New Pretty Town. When Tally was there to see Peris, she got caught being there. This was a problem because if you’re an ugly, you’re not aloud in the town with the pretties. Man Vs. Man Tally and Shay got in an argument because they were arguing about the operation. Tally and Shay do not agree with each other on the operation. Shay doesn’t agree with getting the operation and Tally does. Shay thinks that the operation turns you into someone you’re not, like becoming someone who isn’t you. Shay feels that if you get the surgery, your not an actual type of pretty, you’re a fake pretty. Man Vs. Fate Tally has to make up her mind, when she still doesn’t know what she wants to do. Tally has to decide whether she wants to run away to the smokes and stay ugly for ever. Or, get the operation and become pretty, and live in New Pretty Town.

15 The Resolution The resolution of the Uglies is that shay and Tally reunited as best friends. Tally and David become in love with each other. At the end of Uglies Tally decides she wants to stay in the smoke and live with David whom was born and raised outside of the city. She throws the tracking device given to her by Dr. Cable into a fire, trying to destroy it. The device sends a signal to Dr. Cable and the specials come and take all the smokies, except for David and Tally, and destroy the smoke. Tally and David go to the city and brake into the Specials building in hopes of saving their friends and David's parents. They find Shay has already been turned pretty and David's father Az is dead. They escape with the remaining smokies and go to the Rusty Ruins. Maddy (David's mom) has come up with a cure for the lesions that make pretties happy and compliant, but she wont give the cure to Shay without her consent. Tally gives her own consent to take the cure and confesses to giving away the smoke. She and shay then go to the city where tally gives herself up to be pretty.

16 The Theme The theme of The Uglies is “Everyone has there imperfections, and no one is perfect.” Also, that everyone should follow there heart. This book has shown that you don’t have do follow what everyone else is doing and do what you want in life. Shay and Tally follow there hearts when they don’t get the operation, and stay themselves forever, not a fake person, but there true real version of them. The too Uglies stay in the smokes forever showing that everyone has there imperfections and no one is perfect.

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