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Expanding West.

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1 Expanding West

2 F.O.A. (Bellwork)

3 Essential Questions What is Westward Expansion? What role did Tennessee play in it? (8.3 spi 6)

4 Today Finish Reader’s Theater Video on Westward expansion Notes

5 What’s happening?

6 Question What’s manifest destiny?

7 Questions What is westward expansion?
How did populations change as Americans expanded to the West? What were some of the consequences of westward expansion?

8 What Started It All

9 Fur traders and trappers who moved west were known as mountain men
In the early 1800s, beaver furs were highly sought after; used in making hats Whole population killed off in the east Trappers began to move west in order to find more Fur traders and trappers who moved west were known as mountain men Adopted Native American clothing and living

10 Bringing furs out of the mountains to buyers in the east was expensive
As a result, many fur companies moved west to save money Brought more people to the West; eventually began moving into Oregon Territory

11 The Oregon Trail 2,000 mile trail from the Midwest to Oregon & California Expensive journey; many dangers Food shortages Weather and landforms Native attacks The Santa Fe Trail was similar and ended in present day NM

12 Question What reasons can you think of that would explain why so many Americans would journey west? Why would they face so many threats and dangers?

13 The Mormons Officially belonged to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Led by Joseph Smith & Brigham Young Seeking religious freedom in Utah

14 Who can translate this expression?
F.O.A. (Bellwork) Who can translate this expression?

15 What’s happening in this photo?
F.O.A. (Bellwork) What’s happening in this photo?

16 EQs Who is Sam Houston? (8.4 spi 9)
What were the causes and effects of America’s war with Mexico? (8.4 spi 9)

17 Today KWL on Texas Alamo videos Notes on Texas Revolution Assignment

18 KWL

19 Everything’s Bigger in. . .

20 Texas Originally, the areas of TX and Mexico belonged to Spain
1821 – Mexico becomes independent and sets up a representative government The new government hired empresarios (agents) to bring people to TX

21 In exchange for free land, TX settlers had to obey Mexican laws
Often didn’t happen; slavery is one example General Santa Anna takes over Mexico Wants to squash the unrest in TX

22 In 1836, TX declares independence from Mexico
Created a constitution like that of the U.S. These actions really upset Santa Anna and he begins getting the Mexican army ready to attack

23 The Alamo Small TX volunteer army fights for nearly two weeks against larger Mexican army All the defenders of the Alamo die “Remember the Alamo!” becomes the war cry of the TX military

24 A New Nation Fighting ends at the Battle of San Jacinto
Sam Houston, a TN native, is its first president Davy Crockett Many Americans wanted to annex TX as a state, but not Andrew Jackson New Mexican government would not recognize the TX nation

25 Homework Read pages Answer 1-3 all parts on page 353.

26 F.O.A. (Bellwork) Define manifest destiny

27 Essential Question What were the causes and effects of America’s war with Mexico? (8.4 spi 9)

28 Today BrainPop on Mexican-American War Notes on Mexican American War

29 KWL

30 Acquiring New Lands By the 1840s, many Americans believed it was their manifest destiny (obvious fate) to control all the territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific Most wanted to annex OR and TX

31 In 1844, Democrat James K. Polk of TN becomes president
Narrowly defeats Whig candidate Henry Clay Immediately sets out to gain Oregon U.S. & Britain agree on the 49th Parallel for border

32 America takes TX in 1845; Mexico upset because they see it as being “stolen”
Couldn’t get too upset though, because Mexico still had large amounts of land to govern including California

33 What Was California Like?
Mexico got rid of the old mission system in its borders Mexico’s government began giving massive amounts of lands to its wealthiest settlers Vaqueros – Mexican “cowboys” Herded animals and taught American settlers their lifestyle

34 Californios Early settlers of CA territory; felt isolated from Mexican government because of the distance between them “Anglos” from America move in; begin calling for CA to become independent

35 Mexican-American War America tries to buy Mexican lands of NM and CA for $30 million Doesn’t work; Polk sends military to the border to secure it Gen. Zachary Taylor invades Mexico; Polk tells Congress that Mexico invaded America

36 Over 200,000 volunteer to fight for the U.S.
Launch attacks in Mexico, NM, and CA Anglos in CA declare independence “Bear Flag Revolt” Ends with American army claiming CA

37 End of the War Mexico City – Final battle
Result – Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Also known as the “Mexican Cession” U.S. gets land; gives Mexico $15 million

38 Homework Read pages and answer 1-4 all parts on page 364.

39 Americans wanted a southern railroad in all U.S. territory
Gadsden Purchase – Mexico gave U.S. southern parts of modern-day AZ and NM for $10 million

40 Culture Clash As more Americans began to move into old Mexican lands, they began to clash with Mexican settlers Land rights Water rights

41 Expensive Nuggets

42 The California Gold Rush
For years, the Oregon Trail had been bringing settlers to OR and CA In 1839, Mexico gives John Sutter permission to start a colony in CA

43 1848 – Gold is discovered on Sutter’s land
Wants to keep it a secret, but can’t President Polk doesn’t help 1849 – More than 80,000 miners reach CA looking for gold; nicknamed “forty-niners”

44 Results Mining towns began to spring up in CA
San Francisco is where most miners went; its population increases from 800 to 25,000 in just two years Incoming miners began to prospect for gold; “staking a claim”

45 Life As a Miner Mining was hard work and very rarely did people get rich Placer mining Some stopped mining for gold and opened other businesses Restaurants Laundromats Hotels

46 Immigration Not all miners were American; many came from Europe, South America, and Asia 24,000 Chinese in just four years Immigrants and Californios were often treated unfairly by American settlers

47 Impact on California Due to the population explosion over gold, CA is eligible for statehood just two years after becoming a U.S. territory (1850) Many Californians begin ranching and farming instead of mining; HARD work

48 Westward Expansion CAUSES EFFECTS “Manifest Destiny”
America acquires new lands in the west New trails are discovered to the west Gold is discovered in CA EFFECTS Native Americans forced off their lands Americans travel west for new land U.S. stretches all the way to the Pacific Ocean CA experiences a population boom

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