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English Language Teaching Institute IASE, Bikaner presents E-Contents for class X First Flight.

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1 English Language Teaching Institute IASE, Bikaner presents E-Contents for class X First Flight

2 Our request Dear All We have used data from different sources like Google, guides and NCERT books. We are not aware about the copyright related to the materials, we have used. If anyone has problem with this material please do inform us, so that we can edit it. Thanking you ELTI team


4 John Allyn Berryman (October 25, 1914 – January 7, 1972) was an American poet and scholar, born in McAlester, Oklahoma. He was a major figure in American poetry in the second half of the 20th century and was considered a key figure in the Confessional school of poetry. His best-known work is The Dream Songs.McAlesterOklahomaConfessionalThe Dream Songs About the poet

5 About the Poem A boy loses a ball. He is very upset. A ball doesn’t cost much, nor is it difficult to buy another ball. Why then is the boy so upset? Read the poem to see what the poet thinks has been lost, and what the boy has to learn from the experience of losing something

6 Glossary O there are other balls: The words suggest that the loss is not important enough to worry about shaking grief: sadness which greatly affects the boy rigid: stiff (to) intrude on: here, to enter a situation where one is not welcome a dime: ten cents (U.S.) desperate: hopeless epistemology of loss: understanding the nature of loss — what it means to lose something epistemology: The Greek word episteme means ‘knowledge’ (it comes from a word meaning ‘to understand, to know’). Epistemology is the study of the nature of knowledge itself.

7 Poem What is the boy now, who has lost his ball, What, what is he to do? I saw it go Merrily bouncing, down the street, and then Merrily over — there it is in the water! No use to say ‘O there are other balls’: An ultimate shaking grief fixes the boy As he stands rigid, trembling, staring down All his young days into the harbour where His ball went. I would not intrude on him; A dime, another ball, is worthless. Now He senses first responsibility In a world of possessions. People will take Balls, balls will be lost always, little boy. And no one buys a ball back. Money is external. He is learning, well behind his desperate eyes, The epistemology of loss, how to stand up Knowing what every man must one day know And most know many days, how to stand up.

8 Main idea of the poem  The ball in the poem represents so many different things to different people. To everyone, though, it is something that has been lost. It could be something abstract or something concrete that was lost. It could be a feeling that you have gone astray or the death of a loved one  The little boy has lost his ball…and so what he can buy many new balls nut he has a very deep emotional attachment and memories associated with that ball so he regrets over the loss of the ball.

9  The poet is indirectly trying to tell us the we should learn how to cope up with the loss…and money is external i.e. we cant buy memories with money…  We all should learn our responsibility and learn to cope up with the loss…

10 Comprehension Questions Q1) What message does John Berryman want to convey through this poem? Ans1) The message that the poet wants to convey is the importance of loss and responsibility in life. We should not forget the importance of possessions. Q2) How does the boy feel at the loss of his ball? Ans2) The boy very much troubled at the loss of his ball. His ball falls in water. He is much upset as he has a long association with the ball. Q3) “Money is external’ What does the poet mean by this expression taken from the ball? Ans3) He makes the boy understand about his responsibility as the loss is immaterial. He can purchase another ball. He explained that the world is full of possessions and money is external item

11 Prepared by Rajendra Prasad Lecturer in English GSSS, Suratgarh (Sri Ganganagar) Mob: 9929842897 Poonam Yadav Senior Teacher of English GGSSS, LBD, Raghunathsar Kuan, Bikaner Mob: 01512231253

12 Academic Support Ram Gopal Sharma Chief Resource Person ELTI, IASE, Bikaner Edited by Rameshwar Lal Basera Reader, ELTI, IASE, Bikaner Issued by CM Gangwal Director ELTI, IASE, Bikaner Facilitated by Yashoda Khatri Resource Person, ELTI, IASE, Bikaner

13 Also visit us eltirajasthan eltirajasthan @eltirajasthan

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