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High Resolution Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring Rohrback Cosasco Systems, Inc.

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1 High Resolution Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring Rohrback Cosasco Systems, Inc.

2 Project  Field: Major Offshore Development  Five remote wellhead platforms, a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, and riser utility platform (RUP)  Production: 190,000 bpd of oil and 510,000 bpd total fluids

3 Background  Problem: Corrosion and Erosion caused by corrosive factors (i.e chemical) and erosive factors (i.e. sand) in oil and produced liquids  Solution: Continuous, on-line corrosion/erosion monitoring system including transmitters, probes, coupons, access & retrieval equipment, communication equipment, corrosion server and software

4 System Configuration  Online System consists of 142 monitoring points –A combination of 95 Quicksand™ and Microcor ® Transmitters with corrosion probes/biological probes –47 Coupons (weight-loss) monitoring points, including coupon holders  Cosasco ® Access System containing RSL Retrievers, access fitting assemblies, and service valve kits.  ICMS3™, data retrieval and management system, corrosion server and software

5 With Quicksand Transmitters in exactly the same configuration as a Microcor Transmitter, a comprehensive corrosion/erosion monitoring solution is established.

6 Advantages of Continuous, On-line Corrosion/Erosion System  High resolution monitoring  Rapid response  Immediate alerts to process upsets  Real-time data  A single cable can connect up to 32 transmitters with a single cable run  Integrated corrosion/erosion system measures rates from both corrosive and erosive factors  Delivery of information enables corrosion/erosion rates to be integrated and used as process parameters

7 Sand Erosion  The probability of sand erosion has increased with advances in horizontal well drilling  Velocities can exceed over 100 ft/sec causing an increase in the occurrence of sand erosion  Sand at high velocities produces a “sandpaper” effect, scraping away layers of protective coatings and metal

8  Elbows and bends are more vulnerable  Former methods of erosion monitoring (i.e. coupons, ultrasonics) were inadequate because of the lack of distinction between erosion and erosion-corrosion

9 Quicksand™  High sensitivity transmitters and sand probes for real time monitoring  Seamlessly integrates with Microcor online and data-logging system  Two probe types  Cylindrical – suitable for severe flow or high temperature applications  Angled – exposed to the flow at a 45° angle

10  S4500 Probe  Rugged, all welded cylindrical element  Specially designed element support shield, suitable for severe flow or high temperature applications  S4700 Probe  45° element simulates change in direction in pipe  Maximum temperature is 400°F  Recommended for flow rates less than 25 ft/sec

11 Quicksand™ offers real time detection of sand erosion Erosion Rate (MPY) Detection Time (Minutes) Detection Time Vs. Erosion Rate

12 Actual Data Showing a Corrosion Upset

13 How the Quicksand System Works A sand probe is positioned middle-of-the-line where velocity of flowing sand is greatest

14 Summary  RCS provides a comprehensive erosion/corrosion monitoring system using the latest technology  Advantages of Erosion/Corrosion Monitoring System  Real time data and immediate alerts to process upsets so that proper action can be taken to prevent further damage  Measures rates from both erosive and corrosive factors  Rugged design allows for use in severe flow and high temperature environments  Rapid detection of low erosion/corrosion in systems with little or no corrosion allowance  Saves you money by saving you time

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