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Paschal Mystery.

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1 Paschal Mystery

2 Last Supper What are the events of the Paschal Mystery?
The Last Supper Jesus arrested in the Garden Jesus’ Trial Crucifixion and Death Jesus’ Resurrection

3 Last Supper What is the reflection of the Last Supper to Jesus’ apostles? Sacrifice through blood Sacrifice within their and our own lives, to follow Jesus’ life

4 Last Supper In the passage of the 1 Corinthians, what was the focus of Paul? Why was he upset with the people of Corinth? Therefore, where does Paul seem to stress our relationship with Jesus?

5 Last Supper Paul was upset with the people of Corinth because they had a lack of respect for the Eucharist There were abusing the sacrament and its ritual, becoming drunk and full from the body and blood

6 Last Supper Therefore, Paul and the Synoptic Gospels, focus on the reverence and respect of Jesus’ gift For them, the relationship and connection to Jesus lays in the participation and understanding of the Eucharist and early rituals Through this, we become closer to God in acting out the Last Supper, which Jesus gave us

7 Last Supper Read Luke 22: 14-20
In line 16, Jesus clearly states to his apostles that this will be the last time they share a meal, but more importantly, the last time they will be all together In line 19, Jesus states that the apostles and followers are to “do this” in remembrance of Jesus

8 Last Supper What are the apostles called “to do”?
Why? Therefore, why are we called “to do” this as well? We are called to remember Jesus through his sacrifice, the establishment of the “new covenant in my blood”

9 Last Supper What is the old covenant? What is the new covenant?
The old relationship with God and the Israelites What is the new covenant? It is the creation of a new relationship with God and through the blood and life of Jesus, it is sealed Therefore, when we and the early followers, share in the Body and Blood of Christ, we celebrate and renew this covenant

10 Last Supper Now with this understanding and these examples, why would this, the participation and remembrance of the Eucharist, be so important to early followers of Jesus? Because it is the last act preformed by Jesus before his arrest Jesus tells the apostles that through this meal, a new covenant is sealed, sealed through his blood Therefore, in our performing and participation in this ritual, we are remembering Jesus, and more than that, we are making Him present

11 Last Supper Now that we understand the focus and emphasis of the Synoptic Gospels, we must look at the Gospel of John John’s Gospel does not focus on the institution of the Eucharist as much, but instead, focuses on the role of discipleship and service

12 Last Supper Read John: 13: 1-20
What is the image that stands out the most to you and why? Why is it significant that Jesus, the Son of God, would be at the feet of his apostles? What is the message John is trying to get across to his followers? John is telling his audience that the path to follow and imitate Jesus is serving others It is responding to our call of discipleship and service to others

13 Last Supper John is telling his audience that the path to follow and imitate Jesus is serving others It is responding to our call of discipleship and service to others By Jesus washing the apostles feet and kneeling before them, he is showing that no one is above anyone

14 Last Supper Even the Son of God is at the service of the apostles
Therefore, the apostles are called to do the same Read line 14-17 Jesus has given the apostles a model to follow, stating that all are called to serve each other

15 Last Supper In being followers of Jesus, we are also called to serve our brothers and sisters It is through this discipleship that we imitate and maintain a relationship with Jesus Just as Jesus was humble and showed humility to the apostles, we must be the same way in our actions an deeds Jesus is essentially saying that the Master is actually the servant

16 Last Supper However, this call of discipleship and service is not easy to follow We see this in John 13: 5-10 What is the response of Peter? Peter is shocked at Jesus’ actions and doesn’t understand why He is at their feet, washing them This duty was reserved for the servants of the household Cleaning the feet of men, who traveled on dirt roads, in sandals

17 Last Supper Through this, Jesus tells Peter he cannot fully understand Jesus’ actions, but in time he will The washing of the feet is to symbolize our call to live an active life in the name of Christ, but to also cleanse the apostles of sin in returning to a clean relationship with God

18 Homework Please outline and explain the differences of the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John, in relation to their emphasis during the Last Supper With this understanding, why is it important that we and the Church “remember” both in our lives?

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