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Review Stress Response Life- stressor Perceive as a threat ALARM—Hippocampus (leads to an emotion) SEAT OF EMOTIONS- Limbic System (…physical response)

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2 Review Stress Response Life- stressor Perceive as a threat ALARM—Hippocampus (leads to an emotion) SEAT OF EMOTIONS- Limbic System (…physical response) RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM– (mind-body link) SUPERVISOR- Hypothalamus (endocrine and autonomic) Endocrine—Hormones (cortisol and vasopressin) Autonomic- Sympathetic =ON, Parasympathetic =OFF

3 Hot Reactors People who react to stress with an all-out physiological reaction. This type of person tends to: Become angry easily Be anxious or depressed Urinate frequently Nausea and vomiting Experience gastrointestinal problems

4 Psychosomatic Disease Not “all in the mind” involves both mind and the body. Psychosomatic disease may be: Psychogenic Somatogenic At least 75%, if not more, of doctor visits are believed to have a stress component

5 Psychogenic-A physical disease caused by emotional stress without a microorganism involved. The mind changes the body’s physiology so that body part breaks down. Ulcers Asthma Somatogenic-A disease that results from the mind increasing the body’s susceptibility to: Disease causing organisms (germs) Natural degenerative processes Cancer Arthritis

6 Stress and Immunology Stress can decrease your white blood cell count which will lead to poor health. Immunological system includes the following white blood cell groups which identify and destroy foreign substances: Phagocytes- destroyers Lymphocytes T cells B cells


8 Stress and Serum Cholesterol Significantly increases during stress. Accumulates on the walls of your blood vessels blocking the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart and brain. Studies show that one’s perception of a stressful situation can increase serum cholesterol levels. Final Exams Tax Accountants (April 15 th )

9 Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Excessive pressure of blood against the walls of arteries Ruptured arteries to the heart can result in a Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) Ruptured arteries to the brain can cause a cerebral hemorrhage (Stroke) 41% of Americans age 20-74 are Hypertensive 16% of Americans age 20-24 are Hypertensive Most don’t know it because it occurs without S/S.

10 Hypertension: 20% of America has hypertension Systolic- force against the arterial walls when the heart contracts and blood is pumped out. Diastolic- force against the arterial walls when the heart is relaxed. Normal: 120/80 High: 140/90 High blood pressure

11 Hypertension: Causes High sodium intake Kidney disease Cushing's syndrome Oral contraceptives Narrow heart/blood vessels Smoking Sedentariness Obesity Stress Personality traits 10% Known 90% Speculation- essential hypertension

12 Hypertension: Personality Traits Upset by criticism Upset by imperfection Pent up anger, bitterness Low self-confidence

13 Migraine Headaches Constriction and dilation of the carotid arteries on one side of the head. Prodrome- “preattack” or constriction phase of a migraine headache.

14 Coronary Heart Disease Heart attacks kill more Americans than any other single cause of death. (Myocardial Infarction) Major risk factors associated with CHD: High serum cholesterol Hypertension Smoking Obesity Stress and a Type A behavior linked to CHD Aggressive Competitive Time urgent Multitasking

15 Coronary Heart Disease Other Risks Genetics Sedentariness High fat intake Personality traits: anger / hostile / resentful / bitter Occupation: the more stressful the job, the more prevalent is heart disease Day of the week Monday vs. Friday

16 Prevention of CHD Reduce Fat Intake Move Daily Stop Smoking Life style (Stress Management) “Heart Transplant” Forgive others Forgive yourself “Mend fences” in relationships

17 Life may begin at forty, but heart disease can begin at four.



20 Stress Flow Chart…. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9. 10.

21 If four jumbo jets crashed every day of the year in America, how anxious would you be to get on a plane?

22 That’s how many people die of cancer every day in America…it’s the second leading cause of death, behind heart disease. (1500 people)

23 Cancer Definition: Unbridled multiplication of cells that leads to tumors, organ damage, and eventual death. Metastisis: 4-part cycle of malignant tumor Shed Spread Colonize Grow

24 Cancer The marvel of your immune system is its ability to distinguish between what’s ‘you’ and belongs from what’s ‘new’ and doesn’t belong. Antigen Any ‘new’ substance that triggers your immune response Cancer Fighters Interpheron, Interlucken 2, Lymphotoxin, T-Lymphocytes

25 Cancer Chronic stress may disable the immune system in some people with some types of tumors (Not stating stress causes cancer!)

26 Seven Danger Signs of Cancer Sores that don’t heal Lump or thickening Unusual bleeding / discharge Persistent cough / hoarseness Persistent indigestion Change in wart or mole Change in normal bowel / bladder habits

27 Characteristics Inability to forgive Use of self-pity Difficulty developing / maintaining personal relationships Poor self-image of people prone to cancer

28 Bernie Seigal cancer surgeon “Importance of Perception”

29 Reducing Cancer Risk Dietary Intake (35% of cancers) Lower fat intake to 20% Increase fiber, whole grains Increase fruits, vegetables Moderate alcohol consumption Avoid salt and nitrate cured foods Avoid smoked foods Stress Management Maintain healthy coping techniques Limit unnecessary stressors Strengthen relationships Exercise Down time Stop smoking (30% of cancers)


31 Reduced or Fat Free Alternatives Fruit Vegetables Skim milk Nonfat sour cream Fat free cream cheese Fat free mayonnaise Water based soup Rice Tomato based sauces Turkey Cereal/oatmeal/cream of wheat Tuna Pretzels Low fat cottage cheese Low fat yogurt Graham crackers Baked fish Chicken (skinless and baked) Low fat bisquick Low fat muffin mix Noodles Bread Potatoes

32 Top Five Nutritious Fruits Watermelon Vitamin C, carotenoids, good fiber, low in calories Papaya Vitamin C, carotenoids, lots of potassium and fiber Orange Vitamin C, folate, lots of fiber Grapefruit Vitamin C, cholesterol lowering, pectin Apricots Beta-carotene, potassium and fiber

33 Top Five Vegetables Spinach Beta-carotene, vitamin C, folate, iron potassium, calcium Sweet Potatoes Potassium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber Collard greens Beta-carotene, cancer prevention power, vitamin C, folate, calcium, fiber Carrots Beta-carotene and fiber Sweet Red Pepper Vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber

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