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高一人教新课标必修一 Unit 1 Friendship Warming up.

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1 高一人教新课标必修一 Unit 1 Friendship Warming up

2 What’s the song about? Friendship.

3 Discuss the following questions:
1. Do you think friendship is important in your life? Why do you think so? 2.Do you have friends?

4 What do you think a good friend should be like
What do you think a good friend should be like? List the good qualities a good friend should have.

5 I think a friend should be … A good friend is someone who …
brave kind honest patient responsible friends generous helpful humorous hard-working clever

6 Guess the meaning honest The little boy in the story The Emperor’s New Clothes was honest, because he told the truth that the emperor had no clothes on.

7 brave Mulan was brave. Though she was a girl, she joined the army and fought against the enemy.

8 Quill 导盲犬小Q loyal The dog in the movie Quill was loyal to his master, because he helped and supported his master.

9 Arfanti was very wise and he often helped the poor.

10 The qualities of a person who
cannot be a friend of others: selfish (自私的),  dishonest,    impatient,  narrow-minded bad-tempered,  mean (吝啬的),   noisy, lazy, gossipy (爱说闲话的)…

11 Think about what is friendship?
faithful / friendly/ fair … reliable / respectful / responsible interesting… everlasting / equal /encouraging… nice…

12 D S H I P different / devoted… sharing / sincere… helpful / honest… incredible / independent… polite / patient / punctual…

13 Describe one of your friends
His/Her name is … He/She is … years old. He/She likes … and dislikes … He/She is very kind/friendly/…

14 To have a good friend, you need to be a good friend.

15 Do the survey on P1 by yourself
Do the survey on P1 by yourself. Then add up your score and see how many points you get.

16 4-7 points: You are not a good friend. You either ignore your friend’s needs or just do what he/she wants you to do. You should think about what a good friend needs to do. Think more about this.

17 become too important, or you fail to show enough concern for
8-12 points: You are a good friend but you sometimes let your friendship become too important, or you fail to show enough concern for your friend’s needs and feelings. Try to strike a balance between your friend’s needs and your own responsibilities.

18 13+ points: You are an excellent friend who recognizes that to be a good friend you need to balance your needs and those of your friends. Well done!

19 Match the words upset to become quiet after nervous activity ignore
calm … down have got to be concerned about walk the dog loose to become quiet after nervous activity to be worried about unhappy and worried to take no notice of have to do free, not tied up to take a dog for a walk

20 Language Points add v. 加, 做加法; 增添
If you add five and/to five, you get ten. Please add more sugar to my coffee. 请在我的咖啡中再加点糖。 His schooling added up to no more than two years. 他受的学校教育加起来还不到两年。 近义词: increase put together 反义词: subtract 减去, 减

21 Add up add up to added to add to add up: 把……加起来 add up to: 总共是, 总计是
add A to B: 增加, 添加A到B中 _______ all the numbers and you will see how much you owe me. 2) All the numbers __________ exactly 900. 3) The bad weather only _________ our difficulties. 4) Don’t ____ fuel ____ the flames. Add up add up to added to add to

22 A A 5) We have planted flowers and green trees around the buildings,
which ____ the beauty of the city. A. adds to B. add up C. add up to D. are added to 6) The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather_____ the helplessness of the crew at sea. (2003上海) A. added to B. resulted from C. turned out D. made up A A

23 7) There have been several new
events ____ to the program for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. (06北京) add     B. to add    C. adding   D. added  D

24 2. …you had to pay to get it repaired.
get sth. done=have sth. done 请人做某事 (非亲自动手) 上周我去城里剪头发了。 Last week I went to the town to get/have my hair cut. 爸爸明天要去检查身体。 Tomorrow Daddy will have/ get himself examined.

25 3.Your friend comes to school very upset.
upset (vt. & vi.) 打翻; 使不安; 使心烦 (upset-upset / upsetting) A strong wind upset the house. Don’t upset yourself. adj. 不安的; 心烦意乱的 He was upset at not being invited. Hearing the news, he feels upset. upset 做形容词时, 通常不置于名词之前。

26 nervous anxious upset upsets upset
disturbed /sick vt. vi 使不安, 使心烦, 打乱, 打翻 区别: nervous (rather afraid) :在事情发展过程中有 一种害怕的感觉  紧张 anxious (worried): 由于害怕某种事情会发生而感到焦急 upset (rather unhappy):由于某事的发生而感到心烦意乱 1) I’m always ________ when I have to make a speech. 2) Your mother will be ________ until she hears you’re safe. 3) She was very _______ when the dog died. 4) The news quite __________ him. 5) If the rain keeps falling, it will _______ our whole plan. nervous anxious upset upsets upset

27 4. ignore vt. 不理睬; 忽视 be ignored 不知道, 没意识到 I said hello to her, but she ignored me completely. I can’t ignore his rudeness any longer. You can’t ignore the fact that many criminals never go to prison. He ________ the doctor’s advice and goes on smoking. I _____________ that the boss could be so strict. ignores was ignored

28 n. ignorance 无知, 愚昧, 不学无术 His ignorance is surprising. I was in complete ignorance of his intentions. adj. ignorant 无知识的, 不知道的, 愚昧的, 幼稚的 be ignorant of 对……无知, 不知道

29 ignore something 和 be ignorant of sth的区别
If you ignore sth, you know about it but pay no attention. e.g. He knew there was a speed limit, but he ignored it and drove very fast. 他知道有车速限制,但却置之不理,把车开得飞快。 If you are ignorant of sth, you don’t know about it. e.g. Most passengers were totally ignorant of the safety procedures. 大多数旅客根本不知道安全措施。

30 5. calm ① vi. (人等)变平静; (风等) 变宁息 这个激动的女孩子很快变得平静了。 The excited girl quickly calmed down. ② vt. 使平静, 使镇定下来 当朋友生气时, 你应劝劝他。 When your friend is angry, you should calm him down.

31 calm adj. (天气)平静的, 无风的; (海洋)
静的, 无风浪的; (人) 镇定的, 沉着的 今晚海上风平浪静。 The sea is calm tonight. 镇定的说话声 a calm voice

32 calm:  quiet:  silent:  still:  没有干扰的安静; 无动静 镇定的 静止不动 寂静; 沉默不语

33 用quiet, calm, silent, still 填空
1) Let’s go and _____ your angry brother down. 2) They moved to the countryside and lived a ________ life. 3) I prefer ______ reading to reading aloud. 4) You should keep _____ while I take a photo of you. calm quiet silent still

34 6. have got to = have to 不得不; 必须(客观) haven’t got to/don’t have to Without machines, all the work had to be done by hand. 否定: haven’t got to/don’t have to must: 必须 (主观) You must come back before 9 o’clock.

35 7. concern vt. 使担忧, 涉及, 关系到 That doesn’t concern us. What concerns me is our lack of preparation. n. 利害关系; 担心; 关注 I have no concern with the accident.

36 be concerned about/for 为……担心; 关注
His mother is always concerned about his future and his happiness. 他的妈妈常为他的前途和幸福担心。 be concerned with 与……有关系;参与 He seemed to be concerned with the case. be involved in 他看起来和这个案子有关系。

37 We are all concerned about / for
her safety. More than one person has been concerned with this matter. as/so far as sb. is concerned =in one’s opinion 就某人而言, 在某人看来 As far as I am concerned, the whole idea is crazy.

38 8. loose adj. 1) 松开的, 自由的, 无束缚的 get/be loose 未拴住的, 松开的 I have one hand loose but the other is tied. 我的一只手没捆着, 另一只手却被捆绑着。 This dog must not be left loose. 这只狗一定得拴住。 2) 松的, 松动的, 不紧的, 宽松的 a loose button 快掉的扣子 the loose soil 疏松的土壤 a loose sweater 宽松的套衫

39 9. cheat v. 欺骗; 骗取; 作弊 cheat sb. (out) of sth. 骗取某人的某物 cheat sb. into doing … 骗某人做…… cheat at … 作弊; 作假 It was foolish of him ___________ ___________. (被骗了钱) He was cheated ____________. (吸烟) It is wrong _______________________. (考试作弊) to be cheated of his money into smoking to cheat in an examination

40 He always cheats at cards but he
seldom wins. 他打牌总作弊, 但很少赢。 He was caught cheating in the exam. 他考试作弊时被当场抓获。 The old lady was so honest that the cheat easily cheated her (out) of her gold ring. 老太太那么诚实, 骗子很容易的骗走 了她的金戒指。

41 10. should have done 本来应该做某事
(而实际没做, 含有责备的意味) should not have done 本来不该做某事 (而实际已做) He looks upset. I _________________ _______________. (本不该告诉他这个坏消息) You are late. You ________________ _________________. (早五分钟来) shouldn’t have told him the bad news should have come five minutes earlier

42 Phrases add up get the points/scores calm down have got to
be concerned about end-of-term exam no longer/not any longer get along with be / get tired of 把……加起来 得分 平静下来 不得不 对……担心;关心 期末考试 不再…… 与……相处 对……厌烦

43 Exercise 1. It is rude to point your fingers ____ others.
A. to B. at C. out D. For 2. The clock points ____ 12, and I felt very hungry. A. to B. out C. in D. at B A

44 3. You _____ your homework yesterday.
A. will have handed in B. should have handed in C. must handed in D. would handed in 4. You shouldn’t keep ____ when your teacher asks you a question. A. still B. silent C. quiet D. calm B B

45 5. He added some sugar _____ the milk.
A. to B. at C. out D. for 6. You had better have the second-hand car get ____ before you sell it. A. repaired B. repair C. in repair D. repairing A A

46 Enjoy some proverbs Life without friend is death.
Without a friend, the world is wilderness. It is good to have friends in trouble.

47 A friend in need is a friend indeed.
A faithful friend is hard to find. A man without a friend is only half a man.

48 A life without a friend is a life without a sun. Do you like friends?
Do you have good friends? How many kinds of friends are there in your opinion? What kind of friends do you prefer? Can you describe one of your friends to us?

49 Friends care Friends share We need friends Everywhere! Friends
by Jill Eggleston Friends care Friends share We need friends Everywhere!

50 Nothing in the world is better and
more pleasing than friendship. Without it, the world would lose the sun. 世界上没有比友谊更好, 更令人愉快的 东西了, 没有友谊, 世界仿佛失去了太阳。

51 Homework 1. Write a short passage about your best friend.
2. Review the language points. 3. Prepare for the reading. (Read the text and the new words.)


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