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I see flowers and grass, People talking to me. I smell flowers in the air, I feel happy in my tree. I see guns and bullets, Airforce in the sky. I smell.

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Presentation on theme: "I see flowers and grass, People talking to me. I smell flowers in the air, I feel happy in my tree. I see guns and bullets, Airforce in the sky. I smell."— Presentation transcript:

1 I see flowers and grass, People talking to me. I smell flowers in the air, I feel happy in my tree. I see guns and bullets, Airforce in the sky. I smell gas and blood, Sad, Dad’s lost his eye. I see a wasteland, People crying in pain. Smell lots of gunpowder, Furious...this war is insane. I see poppies everywhere, I hear people talking. Smell the fresh poppies, Glad to see people walking. By Adam Hamilton P7

2 Bright green grass and a yellow sun, Birds whistling, bees buzzing. Fresh air, natures breeze, Happy thoughts and exciting things. People dying, planes flying, People shouting, gun shots shooting. Gun powder flowing, smells of gas, Scared...frightened. Bodies decomposing, blood streaming, Cheering for the winners, footsteps walking, Bodies lying, still.’s over. Blood red poppies, bright green grass, People laughing, people crying. Lovely flowers, cool fresh air, Happy at one thing...sad at another. By Courtney Gillespie P7

3 The big blue sky, looking at me, Birds flying through the air. Freshly cut grass, Feel the wind, hitting me softly. People, everywhere, with weapons, Loud bangs, in my ears. Gun powder and gas in the air. Smashed to pieces, we all are. I can see death, all over, Screaming of the wounded men. the air, Feeling upset. All I see now are poppies, Hear laughter, dogs barking. Smell the grass, Feel happy the war is over. By Lewis Ketchen P7

4 Cut green grass, Birds tweeting, Fresh air, Delighted and safe. Soldiers fighting, Guns shooting, Gun powder, Scared, terrified. Dead bodies, Foot steps, Bodies decomposing, Upset, scared. Farm animals moving, Birds singing, Farm smells, Weird...happy...sad. By Leah Russell P6

5 A field of green grass, Bumble bees buzzing, Freshly cut grass, Comforted, in a calm place. Blitz flying through the air, Gun shots, bombs going off, Gun powder and gas, Terrified, feeling scared. Pools of blood, bodies and guns, Squelching in the mud, Dead bodies...disgusting, Horrified at this sight. Trees standing tall and proud, Children laughing, Flowers growing, Mixed feelings. By Terri Williamson P7

6 Green grass, beautiful butterflies, Birds singing, bees buzzing, Fresh air, cut grass, Happy, excited. Soldiers, trenches, Gun shots, bombs, Gun powder, gas, Uncomfortable, scared. Dead bodies, weapons lying around, People struggling to breath, Bodies... Horrible, terrified. Blood red poppies, Birds starting to sing, Fresh air, flowers, Mixed emotions. Nicole McGinty P6

7 Lovely, green grass, Birds singing, Fresh air, Feeling great. People dying, People shouting, Gun powder, everywhere, Uncomfortable. Some crawling, Some crying, Dead bodies, Terrible. Poppies growing, River flowing, Fresh air, Wonderful to see. By Kayla Bidgood P7

8 Smooth, green grass, Humming bees, Fresh, Glorious. Hurricane deadly skies, Enemies near by, Gun powder, Gutrenching. Mangled people, Moans from the injured, Nothing, Horrible. Blood red poppies, Whistling wind, Fresh animal smells, Mixed emotions. By Lewys Gilbert P7

9 Wonderful grass, Blackbirds singing, Brilliant flowers, Calm and collected. Guns and bombs, People crying, Gun powder, Sad about it all. Terrible... Quiet... Dead bodies decompose, Angry yet sad. Ruby red poppies, Blackbirds singing again, Smell baked bread, Not happy, not sad. By Megan Crooks P7

10 Lots of grass, Bumble bees, Fresh air, Out of this world. Bombs and guns, Bullets, Gun powder, Scared and unhappy. Dead bodies, Silence, Dead bodies, Not very happy. Beautiful red poppies, Bumble bees, Fresh air, Happy and sad. By Jamie Gibney P7

11 Bright green, butterflies, Birds singing, bees buzzing, Fresh pollen, Relaxed. People hurt, Swords swishing, Mud, gun powder, Sad, angry. Baddies, guns, Cheers, crying hoorah, Bodies decomposing, Terrified. Bright blush red poppies, Birds starting to sing, Pollen on the move, Mixed feelings. By Teagan Lees P6

12 Fresh green grass, butterflies and bees, Birds singing, children playing, Smell fresh air and flowers too, Happiness in the air, happy. Trenches, mud everywhere, Gun shots and bombs, Gun powder fills the air, Terrified and sad. Bodies and skeletons, guns all around, Silence... Dead bodies decomposing, Happy but upset. Rosy red poppies fill the green grass, Birds are singing, babies are crying, Cows and other animals, Happy and sad. By Dean Potter P6

13 Big, long grass, People laughing, Fresh air, Free to play. Deep trenches, Bombs landing, Gun powder, Terrifying. Bodies decomposing, People crying, Gun powder, Upset and sad. Blood shot poppies, Birds singing, Fresh air, Mixed emotions. By Kelsey Galvin P7

14 Bright red poppies, bright green grass, Birds singing, Cut grass, flowers, fresh air, Happy, joyful. Gun shots, army bombs, Shouting, screaming, Gas, gun powder, Shocking, upset. Dead bodies, blood puddles, People moving, Bodies decomposing, Sad, upset. Bright ruby poppies, Birds singing, Farm animals, Happy...sad. By Zoe Robertson P6

15 Bees flying, ladybirds crawling, Birds singing, people laughing, Cut green grass, Happy, joyful. Guns, grenades, people in pain, Loud bangs, Gun powder, muck. Horrified, upset. Guns all over, dead bodies, Moaning, crying, Dead bodies, decompose. Glad it’s over. Blood red poppies, Birds singing, Cut green grass, More than one feeling. By Gareth Shaw P6

16 Bright green grass, Birds singing, bumble bees, Cut grass and flowers, Joyful and amazing. Soldiers shooting, Gun shots, screaming, Gun powder, dirty mud, Scared, terrified. Bodies, rosy red blood, Silence, mumbling, Dried up bodies, Really upset. Lovely poppies, Nothing but silence, The farm again, Upset. By Holly Ketchen P6

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