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The Road to Revolution Chapter 9. Differences Arise Some settlers established their own : – Newspapers – schools Some settlers: – Kept their own customs.

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1 The Road to Revolution Chapter 9

2 Differences Arise Some settlers established their own : – Newspapers – schools Some settlers: – Kept their own customs – Did not become Catholic

3 States Rights Mexico’s Constitution of 1824 – Established states rights – Placed the province of Texas in the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas Nationalist concerns increased hostilities

4 Edwards Brothers In 1825 Haden Edwards received a very large land grant in eastern Texas-near Nacogodoches. Required to honor previous land grants-but many did not have proof. After a bogus election the Governor reversed the election decision and took away the land grant. Edwards negotiated a treaty with the Cherokees.

5 Fredonian Rebellion Occured near Nacogdoches in 1826. Edwards and followers formed the Fredonian Republic. Stephen Austin’s milita joined the Mexican government’s troops to defeat the Fredonians.

6 An Attempt to Purchase Texas Mexican officials feared that the settlers had secret ties with the U.S. In 1826 U.S. president John Quincy Adams sent Joel Poinsett to Mexico with an offer buy all or part of Texas.

7 The Mier y Teran Report An increasing number of settlers from the U.S. the Fredonian Rebellion, and the offer to buy Texas fueled concerns of the Mexican nationalists. Mexico sent Manuel Meir y Teran, a commander in the Mexican army, to investigate the conditions in Texas.

8 Mier y Teran Report Teran reported that the Anglo settlers outnumbered the Mexican settlers 10 to 1. Noted that the United States influence was growing in Texas. Mexican President Vicente Guerrero responded by attempting to make Texas less attractive for future colonists.

9 The Law of April 6, 1830 Purpose was to control Texas colonists. Outlawed immigration from the U.S. to Texas and canceled all empresarial grants that had not been fulfilled. The United State could no longer colonize any Mexican border state This law also included other provisions designed to slow Anglo American immigration: – Slaves could no longer be brought in work the fields – New forts and presidios were built to stop illegal immigration – A customs duty was placed on all goods entering Texas from the U.S.

10 The Law of April 6, 1830 The government encouraged Mexican and European settlers to relocate to Texas-the law of April 6, 1830 even provided land and money for these settlers. This law upset and alarmed Anglo Texans. The law also raised questions within the Mexican government. Increased the tensions between Texas and the Mexican government.

11 Bitter Division The Law of April 6, 1830 marked a turning point in the relationship between the Texas colonists and the Mexican Government. Mexican troops were sent to Texas to collect customs duties. – Texans were upset at the presence of military force and the new taxes!

12 Santa Anna President Bustamante was ignoring the Constitution of 1824. – This upset many Anglo-Americans and Mexicans living in Texas. Santa Anna claimed he was not a centralist. He staged a revolution to oust President Bustamante. Stephen F. Austin helped to convince the Mexican government that the Texans were in favor of Santa Anna. Santa Anna lied and was actually a centralist. – He wanted all power centralized in himself, not in states’ rights.

13 Turtle Bayou Resolutions Settlers sent John Austin to Brazoria to bring back a cannon. Turtle Bayou Resolutions – Colonists pledged their loyalty to Mexico and Santa Anna. – Remember: Santa Anna was a centralist posing as a nationalist!

14 Battle of Velasco John Austin has the cannon and he’s on his way back to Brazoria. – He and his men sail down the Brazos River toward the Gulf of Mexico. They arrive in Velasco. – Colonel Urgartechea refuses to let the men pass through Velasco with the cannon. – Fighting breaks out! – First time Mexican and Texan troops fire at one another.

15 Convention of 1832 Texans met in San Felipe de Austin and drafted a set of resolutions. Texans pledge their support for the Constitution of 1824. Called for a repeal of the Law of April 6, 1830 and the customs duty. – Repeal: to take away Wanted to allow U.S. immigration to Texas. Wanted the Mexican government to divide the state of Coahuila y Tejas and grant Texas statehood. Established a plan to create a militia. Donate government lands for public schools.

16 Convention of 1833 Same proposals at the Convention of 1832 EXCEPT they drafted a new Constitution. – Mexican state of Texas! To the Mexican government, this looked like an act of defiance!

17 SFA is in Mexico SFA leaves for Mexico to take the new resolutions to the Mexican government. 1833 – impatient SFA wrote a letter to his fellow Texans. – The letter suggested the Texans establish a new state government. – New state government would make Texas separate from Coahuila but still a part of Mexico. SFA meets with Santa Anna – Santa Anna repealed the immigration law prohibiting immigrants from the U.S. – Promised fair taxes on goods imported from the U.S. – Rejected separate statehood for Texas.

18 SFA Arrested! Austin’s letter to the Texans was intercepted. He was accused of treason. He was imprisoned in Mexico City for a year and never received a trial.

19 Conflict Escalates Texans soon found out that Santa Anna was a centralist and not a nationalist. He had a new constitution written that placed all the power in his hands! To squash any rebellion that might take place in Texas, Santa Anna sent General Cos to watch over Texas.

20 Battle of Gonzales General Urgartechea hears there is a 6 pound cannon in the town of Gonzales. Texans refused to return the cannon. When the Mexican army arrived, the Texans fired on the Mexicans forcing them to retreat to San Antonio. This battle showed that the Texans were willing to use military force if necessary. The Battle of Gonzales is the battle that began the revolution!

21 Siege of Bexar (San Antonio) Texans capture the city of San Antonio from General Cos. Texans believed the crisis was over. Santa Anna had other ideas!

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