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Sonata2300 by Tetrad Ultrasound.

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1 Sonata2300 by Tetrad Ultrasound

2 Main Features Superb image quality and Doppler performance in the same class as midrange and some high end systems Highest performance system on the market in its class and price range Precision continuous dynamic focusing. Level of accuracy only found in high-end expensive systems Multipurpose imaging system addressing all popular modalities (Abdominal, OB/GYN, Vascular, Cardiac, Surgical, etc.) Unique high frequency imaging capabilities not found on even high-end systems (up to 20MHz upper band edge, and 15MHz center frequency) All probes support multi-frequency operation Extensive measurement and calculation packages for all modalities

3 Main Features (continued)
Advanced patient management capabilities Sophisticated report generation, including HTML formatting for web viewing Vast array of customization features, including designing your own measurements and calculations Windows 2000 based for unlimited application flexibility and application support Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Highest performance ergonomic probes in the industry, also made in the U.S.A. Probes and cables are lighter than most competitive probes to address repetitive motion injury concerns

4 Main Features (continued)
Elegant system appearance and design, usually expected only in higher cost products. Ideal ergonomic system size that preserves the ability to expand and upgrade system Advanced state-of-the-art imaging technologies: Tetrad Vector Core (TVC) high precision focussing module utilizing Tetrad’s Vector Modulator ASICs Tetrad Very High Dynamic Range Front End FlexiCore digital controller with very high density field programmable logic allows Tetrad to completely reconfigure many of the system building blocks in software. This allows for extreme versatility and protects against obsolescence Tetrad Advanced Tissue Discriminator (TADT) for high performance Color Doppler

5 Modes of Operation 2D Black and White Dual 2D Black and White
Color Doppler (Velocity, Variance and Power modes) Color Angio Doppler M-Mode with variable scroll speed Duplex Operation (2D B&W + PW Spectral Doppler), simultaneous operation available + variable scroll speed Triplex Operation (2D B&W + Color Doppler + PW Spectral Doppler) Support for curved, tightly curved, and linear probes (does not support phased arrays)


7 Serviceability No imaging system is easier to service than the Sonata
All electronics are contained in a mid-tower sized box that can be removed from system in less than 5 minutes Circuit boards can be easily removed from box for replacement, almost as easily as replacing a board in a PC Extensive set of diagnostic tools to allow troubleshooting of system. These tools will continue to grow and advance PC-based architecture and Windows-based operation allow for unlimited future options for remote diagnostics and software maintenance


9 Probes One of the greatest strengths of the Sonata is its collection of current and future probes Tetrad is one of the premier manufactures of high quality probes in the world. Our probes are used by many of the largest ultrasound manufacturers Tetrad manufactures over 30 different probe models and we have made the most popular of these models available for the Sonata Our probes have demonstrated their quality and durability in tough applications such as surgery

10 Sampling of Probe Models
Large curved array probes for abdominal applications: CLA 3.5 MHz / 65R / 128 CLA 3.2 MHz / 40R / 128 Linear array probes for vascular and small parts applications: LA 5.0 MHz / 40 mm /128 LA 7.5 MHz / 40 mm / 128 LA 12.5 MHz / 25 mm / 128 Tightly curved array probes for endocavity applications: ECA 7.0 MHz / 11 mm / 128 ECA 5.6 MHz / 8 mm / 128

11 Sampling of Probe Models (continued)
Micro-convex array probes for cardiac applications (can also be used for abdominal applications): CLA 3.2 MHz / 20 mm / 128 Micro-convex array probes for pediatric, neurology, and veterinary applications: CLA 6.0 MHz / 13 mm / 128 Other future probes: Surgical probes for open and laparoscopic surgery Very high frequency probes (15 MHz) 1.5D probes Catheter-borne transducers

12 Standard Probes Surgical Probes

13 General System Capabilities
Frame rates up to 40 frames per second Field of view (FOV) up to 25 cm Dynamic range up to 150 dB (including transmitter contribution) Center frequency range from 2.5 MHz to 15 MHz (band edge from 1.5 MHz to 20 MHz) - Widest range in industry Dual image display for comparative studies and biplane volume measurements All probes support multi-frequency operation

14 Large Curved Array Probes
Several models available covering operation at frequencies between 2.5 and 5.0 MHz Ergonomic light weight probes and cables for comfort and safety of user Field of view (FOV) up to 25 cm Support for all imaging modes and functions Multi-frequency operation



17 Color Doppler High performance Color Doppler system with high sensitivity and excellent tissue discrimination Programmable color maps Flexibility to choose between high frame rate and high resolution High performance digital filters that minimize flash and wall motion artifacts Support for velocity, variance, power, and color angio modes


19 PW Doppler High sensitivity PW Doppler Wide range of velocities (PRFs)
Wide range of wall filters Adjustable gate size from 1 to 8 mm Duplex (simultaneous) 2D and Doppler. User can select simultaneous operation or switch between the modes User can calibrate Doppler angle to obtain true velocity scales Baseline shift and invert functions Variable scroll speed


21 Triplex Operation Simultaneous display of 2D, Color, and PW Doppler
User can choose to operate 2D/Color and PW simultaneously to guide Doppler gate placement and then switch to either of the two modes for best performance


23 Cine Loop Stores up to 256 frames of B&W or Color images, depending on available PC memory Intuitive controls that appear as soon as an image is frozen Play forward or backward or between two preset frames Cine loops can be saved and retrieved as part of patient record


25 Linear Array Probes High performance (fine pitch) arrays covering center frequencies from 4.0 MHz to 15.0 MHz Support for all imaging modes and functions Steerable Color ROI and PW Doppler line Multi-frequency operation Following slides demonstrate 2D, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Duplex and Triplex operation

26 B&W Color Duplex Triplex

27 High Frequency Probes Superb image quality with high frequency linear arrays Multi-frequency capability allows for even higher frequency operation (see sample image with 9 MHz probe shifted up to 12 MHz) Even higher frequency probes (up to 15 MHz) are on the way


29 Endocavity Probes Several models to support both vaginal and rectal applications Wide angle of 150 degrees or higher Support for all operating modes Multi-frequency operation


31 Convex Array Cardiac Probes
Ergonomic design for good access High performance capability at reasonable cost Variable sector angle to maximize frame rate Support for PW and all Color Doppler operations M-Mode with variable scroll speed Support for EKG gating capability with optional EKG module

32 B&W M-Mode Color

33 Common Controls Multi-focal zones up to 6 zones, each separately optimized with its own depth-dependent center frequency. This provides best balance between penetration and resolution Very wide dynamic range control Variable edge enhancement control Variable gray scale curves with customization capabilities Selectable color palettes for 2D imaging Variable persistence Three selections of probe center frequency (multi-frequency) for wide-ranging control of penetration and resolution

34 Mulifocus Control Dynamic Range Edge Enhance Gray Map

35 Persistence Multi-Frequency Colorization

36 Image Size and Orientation
Variable field of view (FOV) up to 25 cm Image orientation control, both horizontal and vertical Image zoom up to 3X

37 Orientation Field of View Zoom

38 Annotation and Body Marks
Full image annotation capabilities including: Text entry and editing Pre-programmed vocabulary (user definable) Arrows and pointers Last entry delete or delete all Wide selection of body marks that cover most possible applications and orientations

39 Annotation Body Marks

40 Basic Caliper Measurements
Distance Area by ellipse Area by trace Curve length Volume (requires two images) Angles

41 Basic Measurements

42 OB Calculation Package
Completely customizable using system utilities menus, including custom charts and tables User selectable default tables (Campbell, Hadlock, Merz, Jeanty, etc.) Calculation of Estimated Gestational Age (EGA), and estimated Delivery Date (EDD) according to Last Menstrual Age Calculation of Estimated Fetal Weight (EFW) Calculation of growth parameter ratios Graphic display of statistical growth charts, indicating today’s measurements

43 OB Calculation Package (continued)
Comprehensive and informative worksheets summarize all measurements made Structure evaluation form gives user ability to complete a comprehensive report. User can modify individual entries or “speed set” a group of entries to “Normal” Examples of measurements: CRL, BPD, FL, OFD, HC, ATD, APD, AC, BD, MAD, GSD, TL, HL, UL, plus any other parameters the user wishes to program

44 OB Calc Package

45 OB Worksheet

46 OB Structural Evaluation

47 Cardiac Calculation Package
Completely customizable using system utilities menus, including custom measured parameters and complex equations Separate measurements for B-Mode, M-Mode, and Doppler Volume calculations using selectable methods such as biplane, bullet, cubed, modified Simpson method, etc. Numerous standard “Studies” and “Measurements” A comprehensive set of B-mode measurements leading to standard parameters such as cardiac index, cardiac output, LV end-diastolic and LV end-systolic volumes, ejection fraction, stroke index, stroke volume, fractional shortening, IVS/LVPW ratio, etc.

48 Cardiac Calculation Package (continued)
M-Mode measurements and calculations include similar measurements to B-Mode plus additional measurements such as heart rate, Left atrium to aortic ratio, etc. Comprehensive set of Doppler measurements including aortic valve pressure gradient, aortic pressure half time, aortic valve area, cardiac output, mitral valve area, left ventricular outflow tract pressure gradient, plus many more calculations Detailed worksheet summarizing all studies and calculations for B-Mode, M-Mode, and Doppler

49 Cardiac Calc Package

50 Gynecology and Urology Packages
Simple area and volume measurements of relevant organs Additional parameters and measurements can be customized using system utilities

51 GYN Calc Package

52 Vascular Calculation Package
Completely customizable using system utilities menus, including custom measured parameters and complex equations Automatic mean and peak velocity traces Angle measurement capability for velocity calculations Multiple studies including RT CCA, RT ECA, RT ICA, RT VTB, LT CCA, LT ECA, LT ICA, LT VTB, plus any custom studies programmed by user Measurements include PSV, EDV, velocity ratios, vessel diameters, vessel areas, rise times, etc.

53 Vascular Calculation Package (continued)
Calculations of Heart Rate, Time Avg Mean Velocity (TAM), Time Avg Max Velocity (TAMX), Pulsatility Index (PI), Resistive Index (RI), S/D Ratio (PSV/EDV), PSV_ICA / PSV_CCA, Velocity Ratio (Velocity 1/Velocity 2), % Stenosis by Diameter, % Stenosis by Area, etc. Comprehensive worksheet summarizing measurements and calculations made

54 Patient Information Management
Intuitive patient information entry screen Digital archive management of patient information: Search by patient ID, name, or exam date All examination data for the patient can be saved and retrieved, including images, measurements, charts, and cine loops

55 Patient Information Patient Database

56 Report Generator A state-of-the-art report generator combines all the data collected for a patient in one concise and well organized report Report includes all measurements and calculations performed on patient Report generator allows user to organize images in any order. Image page can be edited, reorganized, and even deleted. Any report image can be zoomed to full screen for quick review Report includes any applicable charts generated by calculation package User can enter her/his own text to add to report Report can be saved or printed on any Windows compatible printer One click converts report to popular HTML format for viewing by any web browser

57 Calculation Report Calculation Report Image Report Charts

58 Customization Extremely flexible system utilities allow user to customize many aspects of system operation Multiple users, each with own settings, can be created and each account is password protected Custom vocabularies can be entered and they can vary by application Unsurpassed customization capability of calculation packages: Custom charts and tables can be added to OB package Custom measurements can be added to any package Even complex mathematical equations can be programmed by user for the ultimate in customization flexibility

59 Custom Vocabularies System Configuration Customized Calculations

60 Current and Future Options
A wide range of probes for niche applications Harmonic imaging DICOM EKG module Free-Hand 3D 3D with probe position sensing CD Writer

61 Other Future Additions
1.5D probes for ultimate control of elevation focussing Synthetic aperture hardware for very large apertures Large element count arrays (192 and 256) Stress echo package for cardiac applications

62 Thank you for your interest in the

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